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Friend Or Foe?


I'll start off with telling you about my great grandmother. We all called her Nana Betty and she lived in a small bungalow. Four years ago in winter she fell ill and was rushed to hospital. Sadly she passed away, but not peacefully.

My family and I were determined to bring justice and soon we won a case in court. We found out that a dyslexic nurse had given my great grandmother the wrong drugs. It was a strong dose of morphine I think, and my great grandmother died from this. She was unnecessarily killed. It was an awful time and we were all grieving. I would regularly visit the old bungalow and sit for hours on the floor by her chair, just talking to her. I had the feeling she was there.

One year ago my aunty moved in to the bungalow and settled there. It was nice to know that the dear old bungalow hadn't been abandoned for good. I regularly go over and stay the night with her because she had lost her job and was quite lonely.

A couple of months ago she told me about her sleep paralysis. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's sort of where your body is asleep but your mind is awake, so essentially, you are paralysed. Your mind creates hallucinations, some nice, some horrific. Some people call it lucid dreaming when it's nice but I don't see why anyone would risk paralysing themselves just for hallucinations which might end up bad. Unfortunately for my aunty her sleep paralysis was awful and she told me about how the devil would come into her room and rock the bed, chanting every night.

That night I chose to stay with her because she was scared to be alone. I always sleep with her in her big king sized bed so it was nice and roomy. I slept like a baby but in the morning my aunty had a story or two to tell me.

She told me that she had sleep paralysis again. She said she saw the devil come into the room and lean over me. Then he walked over to the corner of the room and opened the attic door and climbed in. That's when her body woke up and she sat bolt right up. Then she heard loud quick footsteps across the ceiling in the attic. No one ever goes in the attic and the only way up there is through the little door in the corner of the room. The door was open. My aunty closed the door, took some sleeping pills and went to sleep. That morning she told me about how the TV remotes always went missing and her lighter for candles went missing then would make an appearance the next day.

Another time my aunty said she woke up to heat footsteps out in the hall, but they weren't normal footsteps, she claimed. They were very clacking sounding and had a slight scrape. From memory I remember Nana always wore slippers that made a small poof noise as she stepped down and a clap against her heel as she walked. These were definitely not Nana's footsteps.

The one I found most interesting was the story about her bedroom TV remote. My aunty placed the remote on her ready made bed and went to make a cup of tea before bed. When she came back the remote was gone. She checked the floor round the bed, under the rug. She shook out all the bed sheets and even looked under the mattress, the remote was still nowhere to be found. So she went to sleep anyway.

The next morning she said the remote was laid perfectly vertical on the pillow next to her head. My aunty was convinced that it was Nana Betty. It was almost relieving knowing Nana Betty was still there. My aunty was always Nana Betty's favourite and Nana would always say she would watch over my aunty. Strangely enough, every single photo of my aunty, without a doubt, there is a small orb over her right shoulder. Even in my aunty's wedding photos, you can see the orb on her shoulder. We believe it's Nana.

Since then I have also had my own experiences in the bungalow. One time I made a cup of tea and left the teabag so it would be stronger, when I came back the tea bag wasn't in the mug. There was even the small tan drip down the side of the cup where the tea bag had been squeezed against the edge. I looked in the sink and bin but couldn't find the tea bag. I asked my aunty if she had taken it out but she hadn't. She couldn't have seeing as she was sat in the living room the whole time.

It would be so nice to know that Nana Betty was still in the bungalow with us but there is always a small little doubt in my mind that the bad experiences my aunty has had were not Nana. Nana was such a kind gentle woman that she would never want to scare us. Now I'm not saying that it's the devil from my aunty's hallucinations but it worries me that there might be something else there.

I suggested we get the bungalow blessed but my aunty said that wasn't an option because she didn't want Nana Betty to leave. What do you think I should do? Thanks for reading.

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valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
11 years ago (2013-10-13)
mamachong beat me to it, as I was going to suggest the same thing. 😊
mamachong (11 stories) (228 posts)
11 years ago (2013-10-13)
There is a blessing you can do. A member here by the name rookdygin has the recipe on his profile page if you look him up. It is non religious, and only pushes out the negative spirits, not the peaceful ones. You may want to suggest that to your aunt.
Silene02 (guest)
11 years ago (2013-10-13)
I think that thing living in the old bungalow is not your aunt. When things physically disappear and appear again days later, you have paralysis dreams and your house seems haunted but in a more physically way (the attics open door and things appearing or disappearing), that a sign of an entity living there; that's has nothing to do with your gone aunt.

You see, when people are "open" or "open" themselves to the believe of the supernatural, there's no lack of willing entities to start contacting you, follow you or make themselves present in your life.

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