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Family Ghosts And Other Odd Occurences


Myself and my family have had some odd experiences over the course of my life and I thought it would be interesting to share them with you guys.

The first that I can remember is when my grandmother passed away, around the time that I would have been about three or four years old. She was diabetic, had contracted gangrene and refused to have her foot amputated, so she was basically dying slowly in the house she shared with my grandfather. Her means of communicating with him and their children while they were in the other parts of the house were by either yelling their names or jingling a little bell she kept by her bed. On the night my grandmother passed away, almost all nine of the children had an experience of her communicating with them... And none of them were in my grandparent's home.

My mother was in our kitchen, a hundred miles away, pouring a glass of tea when she heard her mother calling her name. My aunt, who was several hundred miles away, was in mass when a visiting pastor asked her if someone she knew might have been very ill... Because there was a woman (who matched my grandmother's description) standing beside her during offering. Bear in mind that he had never met either of them before. My uncle and his wife were in a hotel in another state when he sat up, from a dead sleep, to see my grandmother at the foot of their bed. The rest of the siblings' stories have been lost to me over the years, but I do remember my mother having more to say than just that.

My father passed away in 2009, while I was a freshman in high school. He had been in a car accident and was well aware that he was dying. He ended up passing away on March 9th, about mid-morning. My sister was in her kitchen when she heard him telling her, "It's okay, baby." (My father was always very endearing, calling us "sugar" or "baby.") My younger sister, who lives in the Philippine Islands, woke up at the exact time my father passed, yelling, "Daddy died!" There's absolutely no way she could have known that. I was only a few towns away and didn't even know until later that night.

After he passed, weird things started happening in our homes. My dad have given my older sister a seashell wind chime, which hung in her son's room and began making noise at odd hours, when no one was around to disturb it. And since my nephew was an infant at the time, the possibly of it being him is basically laughable. We would also get this feeling, when walking down the hallway, like we weren't alone. It wasn't ever scary or in any way unsettling...actually, if anything, it was reassuring.

A few years later I started to notice that, while lying on my bed, I would sometimes get a very strong push from under the bed. Almost as if someone was underneath, trying to push me out of my bed. We had recently moved into a new house and my mother told me that she had seen a ball moving across the floor while we were all at school. (I should also add that I kept several boxes under my bed, which was pushed against two connecting walls. There was no opportunity for anyone to actually get under there without making a mess of my room.) I don't think my father was responsible for those two things happening. And the bed thing happened pretty frequently for a while, until a friend of mine was sitting on my bed and it happened to her. She started getting freaked out and asked me what happened, and all I could say was, "I told you so." I also began to ask my dad, as crazy as that sounds, to make it stop. Perhaps that's why it finally did.

Altogether, I was mostly wondering if anyone else had any experience with their family members lingering? Or making sure they said goodbye? I'm sorry for the length of this post; I mostly tried to fit in everything that's happened. Oh, and does anyone else ever get a cold feeling on the back of their neck when turning their back on a dark room? I also have night terrors from time to time, which are quite brutal. Some consist of a ghost standing in a doorway staring at me or outside a window at nighttime, which is my biggest fear. I hate the thought of someone/something being outside my home at night. Anyway, thank you for reading!

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lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-05)
Burrrandii: Cool story; I find it very interesting that your Grandma was able to be at different places at once. I just wonder how the pastor knew that the woman standing beside your aunt wasn't a person on the flesh and bone.

Perhaps your nightmares are just the product of your fears and your Dad may be able to help you on a subconscious level if you ask for his help every night before going to sleep 😐

Thanks for sharing!
Seraphina (7 stories) (147 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-05)
Burrandi, I found your stories interesting and easy to follow. Thanks for sharing them!
lsandhu (2 stories) (360 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-04)
I have had some experiences along the lines you are asking about, although nothing as dramatic as what your family experience. When I was 19, my grandfather had a heart attack. He was resuscitated and taken to hospital where he lingered for a week or so. The night he died, my grandmother and I were both restless. We couldn't sleep and just lay in bed tossing and turning and talking (we shared a room at that time) until the call came from the hospital that he had died. We both felt we had been restless and out of sorts because we somehow knew he was dying. Some years later, my father died. He was living in my grandma's house at the time (she had moved to a care home) and had some shady room-mates living with him. We gave them notice to move and we were concerned they would do some damage to the house before they left, so we took a bunch of photos for insurance purposes. One of the photos shows a strange column of multicolored light standing next to the sofa that was basically my father's death bed. I believe it to be a photo of my father's ghost, spirit, life-force (call it what you will). It's in a box somewhere. I don't want to post it because a) I don't have any technical details to supply with it (I don't recall the type of camera or its settings or the time of day) and b) I don't want to be accused of doctoring it or have people "debunk" it. I believe what I believe about it and that is enough for me. I don't need "proof." I'm sure you feel the same about your experiences. They are personal to you and I appreciate you sharing them. A couple of years ago, a friend was helping us do some improvements (painting and such) to the same house. I happened to mention that my dad had died in the house and he said it was funny because he had just been wondering if someone had died in the house because he sensed a presence who was curious about what we were doing. At that moment we were working on the very spot where the sofa I mentioned earlier sat. This makes me think it was my dad, although it could also have been my grandpa, who was resuscitated from his heart attack in the same room.
Triskaideka (2 stories) (388 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-04)
I think it's quite common for people to sense when loved ones pass. Whether or not you expect it, when the phone rings, they pop into your mind and you think, "Oh no!" and you're not sure why. Or you might even have a vision of them. Or if you're lucky, they'll come by to say goodbye. I think it's sweet that your parents stuck around to visit everyone and say their goodbyes, and that perhaps your father is still there watching out for you.
elfstone810 (227 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-03)
I certainly believe your grandmother said goodbye to her children and that your father still looks after you. That's what daddies do. 😉

I've not personally experienced anything relating to deceased family members, but quite a few of my relatives have. The most striking story was probably that of my oldest sister. She absolutely did not believe in ghosts and wasn't the least bit shy about telling the rest of us that we were crazy, delusional, too old to believe in fairy tales, etc. Then, one night a couple of months after my mom passed away, she looked out her window and my parents were standing in her yard holding hands and looking up at the stars. She said they both looked just like they had when they were alive except they both looked younger than they had been when they died. 😊 ❤
spiritwaiting (42 stories) (843 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-03)
Burrandii, Thats quite a story. Family members coming back to say final goodbyes are common. I have had a Uncle whom passed 18 years ago and hes still around. He comes quite frequently. It can get spooky at times but when it happens for so long some get comfortable with them around. My grandfather said his final goodbyes after he passed, and my father, well not sure if hes gone has come on many occasions when I'm stressed or hurt. So darling you are not alone. And there are a bunch of others on the site whom have had similar occurences.

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