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A Samaritan From The Other Side


Hey everyone. This incident happened to my family. Not sure if we can call it paranormal. It was in year 1987 at Yadgir in Karnataka. While I was part of the incident I was too young to remember. My mother narrated the incidents when I was older.

The temple of Lord Malhari (an incarnation of Lord Shiva) in Mailapur village in Yadgir also known locally as Lord Mallayya is our Kuldevata (clan deity). It so happened that my grandfather passed away when my father was young, so no one from our family had visited the temple for decades as it was far from our home town. Once my father got settled he decided to take that pilgrimage.

So we started from Mumbai by bus as there were few travelling options then. By the time we reached the place it was quite late. It was a very remote area. We enquired with the conductor, he informed us that there are no lodging facilities available, but the temple priest provides lodging if requested. When he announced the stop and we got down we found that Mailapur was a small village with some 30-40 houses. The temple was at about 2 Km from the village on a hill. It was past 10 PM at night and there was no one at the bus stop. The conductor pointed us the way to the temple. Seeing no other option we decided to walk to the temple.

We were 5 members; my parents, my grandmother, my brother who was 2 years old and I was 4 years old. My father was worried as it was an unknown place and he was alone with 2 ladies and infants with him. Still without showing it on his face he asked us to start walking. It was dirt path through the fields with no lights. My mother was scared and was desperately praying god to take us safely. After walking sometime we came to a fork in the path my father stopped to decide which path to take when we saw a man in white kurta and pajama (local attire) emerge from one of adjoining fields. He came towards us after a cursory glance without saying anything took the bag from my mother picked me up and spoke to us in Marathi "Came to visit the Lord. Come with me".

They just followed him. Only my grandmother seemed suspicious. She kept telling my father let the bag go at least get the kid from him. But my father asked her to keep quite. When we reached the foothill he called the priest by his name "Narsaiyya, come down". And before my father can even thank him he put the luggage and me down and walked back into the nearby fields.

We saw a man coming down. He was the priest from the temple. He enquired how we came here this late? We told him about what happened as we climbed the hill. He was surprised and said he did not hear anyone's call. His name was indeed Narsaiyya. But he was out for nature's call and came down to enquire after see us standing. He took us to his house near the temple.

Next day after the pooja he called my father aside. He told him that after hearing last nights incident from us he was curious as there were no Marathi people around. He had sent him son to check in the village if there was some guest visiting who spoke Marathi, but found no one.

My dad later told my mother about it. We still think about the mysterious man (or whatever it was) who came to our rescue that day. My mother told me that they all followed him. It did not occur to them to check who the man was? How he knew where we wanted to go? How he was speaking in Marathi (our mother tongue) in a Kannada speaking area?

It was after the incident they wondered how it happened. She had clear recollection of the incident before and after they met the man, only the details of the journey with the man were hazy. She did not recall any fear or negativity from him, only an uneasy feeling which can be attributed to the surroundings.

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CrimsonTopaz (1 stories) (239 posts)
1 year ago (2023-01-30)
NacPat88, you were very lucky the man appeared and helped you and your family to your destination. Good read, thanks for sharing.
nacpat88 (3 stories) (10 posts)
1 year ago (2023-01-30)
[at] Rajine,

Yes it was probably my grandpa. Joined us for the pilgrimage he couldn't complete when alive.

[at] Pelatiah

When the incident happened none of my parents realized what was happening was not normal. It was after the priest spoke with my father later that he came to know that they have been a part of an extraordinary event. So they were not afraid of it only mystified a bit.
But since as I mentioned we were helped by the entity. It may be a good spirit, my own grandpa or the Lord Malhari himself who came to our rescue. We will be always be thankful for it.
Pelatiah (4 stories) (75 posts)
1 year ago (2023-01-26)
Or an angel. It's certainly a great recollection. How did it leave your parents feeling later?
Rajine (14 stories) (827 posts)
1 year ago (2023-01-26)
Hi nacpat88

I feel that perhaps it could have been your late grandfather looking out for everyone even from the other side.

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