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My Sleepless Nights


For the past 2 months my family and I have been experiencing some strange incidents at night. Mainly it has been affecting me. I happen to be a big fan of Ghost Adventures and watch it it enough to know when something isn't right and the experiences are definitely otherworldly.

It all started on October 26th 9:32 p.m. My little sister had just went to sleep and my cat was sitting on my lap on the couch. My parents and I were watching TV just as we do every night, when out of nowhere and over the sound of Family Guy, we all hear something open our cabinets in the kitchen. So I, being the closest, went to go see what it was. As I walked into the kitchen all the cabinet doors slammed shut. I didn't stay to find out what it was. That night I was so traumatized I couldn't sleep.

The next encounter took place on October 30th. I had seen a shadow walk across the kitchen's entryway. When I asked my parents about it they had just gotten home from a friend's house. I left it alone.

The paranormal activity died down for a few weeks. I was relaxed in my bed on December 19th. I was wide awake and doing the usual toss and turn to get comfortable. I go to reach for my glass of water on my nightstand when I see this faceless child sitting in what was similar to the fetal position. It had short hair similar to that of a boy and it was facing me. Then it was gone. So I followed my first instinct, I got up and tried to rule out what it could have possibly been... Nothing was there, no one was up. Just nothingness. So I got in bed, rolled over and faced the wall, pulled the blanket over my face and awaited morning.

The next night as I was laying down, my dad came in my room freaking out. I asked what was wrong and instead of answering my question he asked me, "Are you OK?" in a panicking state. I said, "Yeah, why?"

He said, "I seen an orb come in here and I had to check on you."

As soon as he said that, I knew I wasn't sleeping again that night either.

A couple of nights passed with no paranormal activity.

December 27th, I was asleep when suddenly I feel someone nudging and shaking me to wake me up. I look over, thinking it was my sister with a nightmare, to see the faceless boy again. It again disappeared and I got up to check on my sister, who was dead asleep. I stayed awake in the living room watching TV.

December 28th, again last night I saw the faceless boy on my night stand. This time I screamed and my mom and dad came to my room. I was hysterically crying and in fear. I didn't sleep at all. I don't understand why but every time I see him I become more and more afraid.

I've done some research and in that I found that child-like apparitions are closely related to encounters of the Demonic type.

We are all questioning what we should do.

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valkricry (47 stories) (3190 posts) mod
8 years ago (2014-01-16)
jazzdecker, first let me assure you that child apparitions are not always of the demonic type. Being 'faceless' can also be caused by not having enough energy to manifest features. Did you notice any other details? Such as manner of dress, odors?
How long has your family lived in that house? You might want to do some research on it. If you have lived there fairly long (over a year) is there anything 'new', like bought at a second hand store, brought into the home that coincides with the start of the activity?
Forgive the next question; but have you or anyone in the home used a Ouija board?
From what you wrote, I assume the rest of your family have experienced some things also, which in a way is good. They don't think you're daft. As a family you might consider having the house blessed according to your faith. When you have answered my questions, we might be able to better advise you.

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