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It Might Have Been A Mistake


My name is Ricardo and I'm 23. I'm from a small town in Oregon. All my life I have believed in ghosts and paranormal activity. I have experienced a few encounters but none like this.

I live in a duplex apt that's next to an abandoned home. Many times I hear strange noises throughout the night, whether it's ruffling in the closet or footsteps in the kitchen.

One night I was outside smoking a cigarette with my friend Robert and we were talking about breaking into the house and doing EVP's inside. We ended up doing it a few days later and got some weird recordings, a lot of faint whispers and some whistling, but no actual words we could make out. Of course, we were only using headphones to listen, not high tech equipment.

On a Tuesday afternoon 3 days after we did that, I got home from work and my wife was out grocery shopping so I jumped in the shower really quick. About 3 minutes into the shower I heard the front door open and close. My wife came to the bathroom door to ask what I wanted for dinner. I said anything would be ok and she said she'll be in the kitchen if I needed her.

I got out and dressed, went to the kitchen but she wasn't there. She opened the front door and asked if I can help unload. I told her I thought she was done since she said she was starting dinner. She said how can she start if she just got home and what was I talking about? I explained the conversation we had and she was shocked. She said she wasn't even home. Since than more weird things are happening and there is a lot of negativity around the house.

I am not sure why the house next door is abandoned or if it truly is haunted. But from my experience I think it is and now I think the EVP was a bad idea.

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sds (14 stories) (1436 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-17)
Hi Shadowinthenight, welcome to YGS. I go with Val in this matter. Try to eliminate any rational explanation before branding your experience to paranormal. I want to ask you, did you get anything from out of the EVP session. Can you upload the recordings, if it is possible.

As suggested by Val, if you feel that there is negativity around the house, have it cleansed. Please do respond and if needed, an excellent cleansing method is available in this site, designed by one of the experienced posters, Rookdygin.

Try to find out the history of the home next door and enquire your neighbours about their experiences, if any. Keep us posted of any developments.

Regards and respects to you.

valkricry (48 stories) (3256 posts) mod
10 years ago (2014-01-16)
Shadowinthenight, is possible something followed you home. I suggest doing some research on the house next door. Also try keeping a journal of these "weird" happenings, they might aid you in uncovering any patterns or clues.
Did you hear the rustling in the closet or footsteps prior to visiting that house? It's possible that you're hearing sounds from another apartment. Try your best at debunking any happenings you feel you are experiencing before labeling them 'paranormal'. Please don't misunderstand me, I'm not trying to discount your story at all, it's just quite often the weirdness has a mundane explanation, and we need to look for these.
The thing that happened with your wife is a head scratcher for sure. Perhaps as a precaution you should have your apartment blessed or cleansed.

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