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I stayed at my girlfriend's house last weekend (Friday 11th April - Monday 14th April) and a few interesting things happened. (Note: you can read my stories "Cat Got Your Tongue?" and "Bang, Bang, Who's Banging On The Wall?" for more happenings in her house.)

Firstly, my girlfriend's Metallica CD was on her desk, when she was sure she'd left it with her other CDs beneath her TV. She was confused, and asked me if I knew about it moving, to which I assured her I had no idea. I tried telling her she'd probably forgotten she'd moved it, but she was insistent that she'd left it with the others, and I'd never call her a liar about something like this, so of course I believed her.

Secondly, I was getting a shower on Friday night, and whilst I was in the cubicle with the door shut and my back turned to it, I heard the toilet flush over the sound of the fast running water. My eyes widened and my breathing quickened, and I began to panic. I feared turning around. I already fear showers because when the glass of the door steams up, I become paranoid that a face will appear behind it.

I stayed where I was, and once the sound of the toilet left, I realised I could still hear something over the top of the water running. Slowly, I lifted a hand and shut off the water, but still didn't turn around. The sound of the fan on the wall next to the toilet could be heard, then, clear as anything. The fan has a pull switch and it clears steam from the air, and since it was late when I showered, I deliberately didn't turn the fan on, instead choosing to open a window. I was really scared then, and I stepped out of the shower and hurriedly wrapped myself in a towel before opening the door, calling out my girlfriend's name but trying to be quiet about it since her parents were in bed upstairs. She didn't respond (I later found her asleep on the sofa, that's why) and I didn't want to run through her house dripping wet, so I got dried and dressed as fast as I could before going to the living room to tell her what had happened.

The next thing happened when we both decided to get showers on Sunday night. Jess went first after letting her cat in, who had food and then went to sit on the table on his blanket. He didn't settle, and stood hunched on the table with the hairs on his body upright as he stared into the living room, unmoving. I honestly thought he was about to start hissing, but after a minute or so he seemed to calm down a bit, so I went and sat on the closed toilet lid in the bathroom. As well as leaving the door slightly ajar, I also opened a window again, and Jess began to shower.

Something thumped against the closed bathroom door, then a second later Leo (her cat) walked in, something we both never expected him to do. He turned, saw/heard the shower, and shot out again, but stayed by the back door. I got up and left the bathroom momentarily to let him out, then returned to the seat. I remarked that something seemed to have unnerved him, to which Jess agreed.

It was my turn after, but reassured Jess I'd be fine on my own (mostly because I'm shy and self-conscious about my body, but also because I wanted to feel brave) and so she went to the living room to sit with her dog while I took my shower. I used the toilet beforehand, and as I was sat down, the doorknob twisted for a split second like someone had gone to turn it but stopped. The sound was so clear. I stood for a moment or two in front of the door (which is directly in front of the toilet) listening for the sound of footsteps or any sort of movement, and I heard the faint sounds of something on the tiles, so I put it down to Jess and thought nothing more of it. I decided I'd ask her once I was done.

I got in the shower cubicle and began to shower, and to my knowledge, nothing else happened. I dried and dressed without a problem, combing my hair in front of the mirror before grabbing my bag and walking through to the living room, turning out the bathroom light on my way. Off-handedly, I asked Jess why she'd gone to the door but then left again, and she perked up at the question.

"I heard it too, and Jax's head shot up and he looked! I heard it and thought you'd come out and walk into here. I had my head down, and I felt someone looming over me. I thought it was you, but then I heard the toilet flush and thought 'shiat, it's not her then' and I didn't want to look up."

At this, my heart began to beat faster and I realised how scary the whole thing actually was in hindsight. At the time it had been nothing, but now it was definitely...something.

Lastly, we later decided to have a ghost hunt, of sorts. We sat with Jess's EMF meter app on her iPhone (Google search 'iPhone EMF meter' and it's the first result, it's a very reliable tool and we've tested it numerous times to check it works and it does) and began speaking, saying things like "if you're here, let us know" and the only things we heard at first were a few bangs that we could easily put down to just natural sounds of the house. We had the door between the living room and kitchen shut, and all the lights in the living room off.

After a while, I held the phone with the app open up to my face, only an inch or so away from it. I could see the numbers, and they read somewhere around 50-55, I think? "Prove that you're here," I said. "I'll only get scared if these numbers suddenly shoot up to a hundred."

I kid you not, a second after I said those words, the numbers on the meter sped up to around 160, and fear-induced tears filled my eyes just as fast. I refuse to put that down to simple coincidence, and so does she, because a few minutes after, she announced that her ear had "gone dead." She explained that she heard a high-pitched sound in her right ear, and a second later it went muffled, like it does when your ear needs to be popped. I was confused as to how it had happened, and she revealed that her Dad had been experiencing the same thing for the past week.

Strange, right? We managed to get screenshots of the odd EMF readings, so if you'd like to see those, I'll get Jess to upload them somewhere and link you all to them, probably in a comment below. Thank you for reading, and I look forward to seeing what you guys make of these happenings.

Speak to you soon!


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lanapoll96 (6 stories) (10 posts)
9 years ago (2014-07-03)

I'm really sorry the link no longer works, you guys! It was a temporary thing, I think. I have no idea, I'd never used the site before, and I no longer have the images. HOWEVER, we recently did a whole new "investigation" of sorts at Jess's house with new EMF readings that are really, really interesting, so I'll post that story ASAP and make sure the link to those is permanent this time. Again, really sorry. Xx
ishan (1 stories) (36 posts)
9 years ago (2014-06-07)
Hi Lana.
Apparantly the link you provided is not working. Can you please check it out?
And regarding your experience, it really is a spooky story. I mean I've read many stories in here but this seriously gave me chills especially the EMF part. Maybe because my home had a story too but that was experienced by my mum. And I think I'll post it soon.

God bless and tc.
lanapoll96 (6 stories) (10 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-27)

Thanks for commenting, lovely! I hear you, that scares me too. Apparently teenagers (some say specifically teenage girls?) are highly susceptible to it!

Here's a link to the screenshots of the EMF readings:
Hahiha (28 posts)
9 years ago (2014-04-24)
I'd love to see those pictures soon, I loved your story. Something that scares me is that I've heard teenagers have the most paranormal experiences so my age makes me scared.

Over and out,

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