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Did I See Guardian Angel Or Shadow Man


I was hoping someone can help me, I have always felt presences around me and seen things from the corner of my eye on a number of occasions, had unexplained noises and movements, have strong premonitions and gut instincts about things, to the point I predicted my own grandfathers death a few moments before he dropped dead in front of me and tried to stop it when I was about 10. I have been told I have a guardian angel, a man who is with me all the time by several mediums who have met me on different occasions. Also, whenever young children stay at my house they talk about "the man" that comes into their room. Even my 6 year old niece tells me about talking to the man that sits on her bed regularly.

I have had episodes of sleep paralysis before were I have felt something holding me down. Most of this activity has happened during times when I have been unhappy or going through turmoil, and I tend to suffer from depression from time to time. But I have never seen anything in my room or "shadow people" in my bedroom like most reports.

I hadn't seen or felt anything for a while. However the other night I was driving around 11pm dropping a friend home to her house. I turned at a cross roads and to the right of where I was going there was a man stood in the middle of the road. I couldn't make out any features and it was dark but he had bright white eyes. He just stood there and stared and didn't move. I was overcome with a fear and couldn't believe what I saw, I thought it might have been a youth with a hoodie or a burglar with a mask, but it was just dark clothes and maybe a mask but white glowing eyes was all I could see. He made no attempts to get out of sight. It was scary, I don't remember him wearing a hat though. Can anyone tell me what they think this might be? And mean? He didn't look like a shadow, it was solid and very human like but something really eerie about him that felt unnatural. I drove the other way fast, the passenger in my car didn't see him when I asked her but it might have been because she was on the other side of the car or just not looking as I had to look down the road to check for traffic and that's why I saw him.

Could this be my guardian angel? Or a shadow person?

Also I can't work out if this presence helps me as its only around if I am going through a tough time, but worried as some articles I have read suggest that these beings actually cause mental health problems and suck your energy? I have never felt scared or in danger by the presences before, so I am just a bit confused and would like some help. I am quite happy in my life right and as I said not seen/felt anything for a while now so I am confused by seeing this. My friend who was in the car with me is going through a rough time and is a very troubled girl generally, has anyone ever heard of seeing something of someone else's?

Sorry for all the questions.

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valkricry (47 stories) (3234 posts) mod
9 years ago (2014-05-19)
Viclou, about how far away from your car would you say this being was? Was he under a street light or only in your car beams? I understand he was in the middle of the road, but at 11 o'clock at night there had to be a source of light for you to see him. The glowing eyes may have been a trick of said lighting. Around here the kids are very fond of these 'fantasy' contact lenses that can make their eyes look like anything from being rings of fire to just about any color of the rainbow. My point is, he may not have been paranormal at all but very human with evil intentions; hence your deep feeling of fear. Personally, I see someone just standing in the road at night, it gives me the heebies. 😉 Whomever or whatever he was, this was definitely NOT your guardian angel. It sounds to me as if the articles or yourself have confused guardian angels with fallen angels. Guardians do not harm but only protect. Unless you see this being again, I wouldn't worry.
BadJuuJuu (guest)
9 years ago (2014-05-19)
Alot of people who believe in angels, especially guardian angels, describe feeling peace, love, that sort of thing around angels. Fear doesn't seem to be associated with angelic entities. If you felt fear, then it probably wasn't what people describe as a guardian angel.
It sounds like you are more aware of paranormal matters than most. It's possible that the entity was drawn to your friend's emotional state, but it's also possible that it had nothing to do with either of you. Sometimes the living just cross paths with the paranormal, and it means no more than bumping into someone on the street. Someone that is sensitive is naturally going to notice the paranormal more often, but those sightings aren't always significant.
Unless either of you notice this particular entity again, it's probably just a one time sighting with no great significance. It really sounds like you just passed through his neighborhood so to speak.

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