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This happened at my old apartments in Athens, Ohio. Actually several of my occurrences happened there in my life. This one wasn't as big of a deal as some, but it really stuck with me.

Ok, so I was with my boyfriend (at the time) Mike and his sister and some other people that also lived at the apartments. We were hanging on Mike's porch and it was dark out. For some reason, which is lost to me, I got into an argument with them and got angry and walked away. I headed towards the back of the apartments (the apartments were surrounded by woods on three sides) where my best friend Andi lived. I knew she was asleep at the time and her parents were very strict so I just sat down near her apartment at the parking lot.

I was sitting on the curb with my head down on my knees and I may or may not have been crying, I am not sure. I was only about 14 at the time maybe 15, so I was an emotional teen. I was secretly hoping that Mike would come and make me feel better, even though I was angry with all of them. I sat like that for about five minutes or so when I heard the sound of flip flops approaching me. My boyfriend was actually the only one wearing them at the time, so I smiled to myself and waited until I could see them in my view (while still having my arms and head on my knees I could see the ground in front of me). I saw a pair of feet stop, (I don't recall if I recognized them or not) so I looked up and...nothing. Nothing at all.

My smile quickly faded as I looked around and that's when I spotted a grayish-like shape flee behind one of the cars on the other end of the parking lot to my left (about 5 cars from me, it was a small parking lot) and it looked to be crouching. I smiled again a bit relieved thinking that someone was playing with me to try and scare me or what-not. Though how they got over there so fast and silently is beyond me. I looked under the car to try and spot their feet but couldn't see anything so I tried to turn events around and scare them so I ran over on the other side of the cars, but didn't find anything!

At this point I got rather scared and took off back towards Mike's place, and what do you know? Everyone was there, still in the same positions as I left them. I was still mad but didn't want to be alone so I swallowed my pride. When I told them about it they didn't really take it seriously just said it was weird. Well it was enough to spook me and stay in my mind rather clearly almost a decade later!

And as I wrote this, I just made a connection. When I was about 7 or 8, living in a different town entirely, I was taking a bath with the door open because I didn't like to be alone. The tub was facing the door. I was just sitting there playing when I saw (now that I recall) the same grayish like crouching shape fly by the door. I just sat there and stared awhile thinking it could have been my dog, although it was bigger than my dog.

I was a bit scared because before then I overheard my mom and our pastor talking in the living room and our pastor said that there were 9 demons living with us. And my mom has seen things before, like a woman in white walking by the window slowly (although she would have to be at least 12 feet tall because our house was built on a hill and the back window was really high up).

I have also been told by another pastor that my room was the most peaceful room in the entire apartment (it was a four bedroom apartment) I had my radio on the christian station every night, and stayed in room all day reading books while my family was downstairs at each others' throats all day. Nothing has ever tried to harm me (though I have heard knocking on my bedroom door) but I know that there was a lot of strife in my house and that it may have brought things into the house and I simply witnessed them.

Sorry for getting carried away, my mind likes to make connections and I have to get it all out! Thanks for reading and please feel free to express any and all opinions that you may have!

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Amp21190 (3 stories) (12 posts)
8 years ago (2014-06-29)
yeah that teacher sounded like a whack job. I have always been told and firmly believe that to truly believe in the Lord you need to develop a relationship with him and that means talking to him like you would talk to your father, or best friend, and that doesn't always end in Jesus name amen, you know? I mean when I pray I say thank you Lord, Amen. But simply for closure.
And yes upon hearing about the 9 demons it was rather scary, but once again things mostly happened to all my family and not me, I seemed to have been carrying a lot of light with me.
I was actually thinking about posting up about the clown but I need to talk with my sister and parents to get some more detail. Clowns have freaked me out ever since I watched "It" as a young child.
paramorphine (5 posts)
8 years ago (2014-06-28)
One would have been bad enough, but nine?!? I would have been constantly terrified if I'd been living in that house.

You should write another post about the clown doll! (What is it with clowns, or dolls for that matter haha?)

And yes the prayer thing is most definitely a weird one, I'd never heard it before or since. The woman who said that was actually a teacher at the local 'secular' school, so I guess the church leaders thought that would automatically make her certified to be a good Sunday school teacher. Every kid (and a few parents) who'd encountered her thought she was a bit nuts and she didn't last too long. (Her last name was Fair-Parker and we called her Mrs. UNfair BARKer behind her back, which we thought was hilarious.) Even as young and otherwise quite impressionable children, my siblings and I dismissed everything she 'taught' us. She also told us that if we didn't say the Lord's prayer every day we wouldn't get into heaven 🤔
Amp21190 (3 stories) (12 posts)
8 years ago (2014-06-28)
Hi paramorphonine!
Thanks for commenting, my family and I are pentecostal, well I am more so, my family seems to be backsliding by the day and are unusually angry a lot.
Thats interesting about the prayer thing, I never heard that before!
Yeah I asked my mom and she said the pastor said she felt them amd there were 9. She tried blessing the house but I think my family kept bringing them in. My sister even claimed she had a possessed clown doll that told her to kill my parents until my parents made her destroy it.
Weve had a lot of things happen to us in several of our homes we never stayed put for longer than 3 years.
paramorphine (5 posts)
8 years ago (2014-06-28)
Creepy! The fact that you actually saw a pair of feet is especially odd.

I also overheard a conversation between my mother and a friend where the latter said they had seen an angel around their child, while my mom said she had seen 'the opposite'. Things like that really stick with you and can be kind of traumatizing! Just out of curiosity, what denomination were your parents? It seems weird to me that a pastor would tell someone they had demons living with them - though I had a Sunday School teacher at a non-denominational (albeit pretty vanilla) church tell us that if we didn't say 'in Jesus' name' at the end of a prayer, the prayer would go to Satan; so you never know what you're going to get from anyone! Did you ever ask your mom why the pastor thought that?

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