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The Woman Who Sang, The Man, And The Boy Who Played


Back when I was 15, I lived in Malaysia. The place where my family and I lived in was next to a graveyard, spooky isn't it? Well, there has been talks about banana trees on where spirits such as the banshee (pontianak) and toyol (a small devil who steals) lives. We had a banana tree on our backyard.

After we moved into the house, for a month straight I'd always wake up at 3:01am-3:02am every night and hear a woman sing. Her voice is soft and beautiful, it actually makes me go back to sleep peacefully. I used to have nightmares and the sounds of her voice soothes my mind, preventing any horrible dreams.

And plus, before the house was blessed with the Imam, I had the worst night experienced. I was home alone in the same house and a storm was brewing in. I sat in my room, using my laptop to play games and the house lost electricity. The alarm of the house came on and the doors started banging loudly. I called my family to come home quick as I was crying and scared. They eventually rushed back home and checked the cameras for any intruders, not one single trace was found of anyone who broke in the house.

I'm sorry to share a lot of stories but I had one more. My little brother whose age was 3 back in the day used to crawl into the pantry of the kitchen alone, laughing and playing. He told us that he had a friend. One day, after I was done with my games, the house was too quiet. I asked my mom and sister where my little brother is and they told me they didn't know. I checked the front door and it was open. My stomach felt sick and I ran outside. I saw my little brother in the deep end of the pool on the bottom. I dived and rescued him. We brought him to the hospital and asked him why he jumped in. He told us his friend pushed him in. There was no one there and I expect that his friend was the same friend who plays with him in the kitchen.

All three of these stories happened on the same year, in the same house.

The question is, who was the woman who was singing? Who is she? I want to know what type of spirit or whom the spirit is. All I know is a woman who sings are spirits or ghosts who are known as pontianaks. Who was banging the doors of my home and triggered the alarm? Who pushed my brother into the pool? Can someone please answer these questions for me. I am 20 now and still curious of what happened.

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Sam222 (8 stories) (461 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-19)
It sounds spooky for someone to sing at three a clock in the morning, but the way you describe it sounds pretty pieceful. Do you remember what it is that she sang?
Whatever it is that pushed your brother into the pool was probably something very bad pretending to be his friend. Your brothers pretty lucky, if you hadn't seen that the door was open it probably would have been to late. But good thing you saved him. 😊
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-17)
First Banshee's are not evil... They 'sing' or by Irish Tradition cry as a warning that someone is going to die. Nothing evil about them... They are mearly Harbengers.

As far as the noises, banging doors and alarm sounds may have been a poltergiest that was feeding off of your adolesent energy. As for your younger brother getting pushed into the pool... Maybe his friend was your poltergiest OR another spirit that had been attracted to the energy in your household.


kathleen16 (1 stories) (7 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-17)
greetings from Sabah.
We are well-known for banshee (s), scary thing it is. One of my family members have the same experience like yours, often in the middle of the night, they would hear a woman singing, that does freaked them out a bit knowing that no houses nearby. Anyway, one of the ways to put it all to an end is by having an expert (tok guru), or you could cut down the banana tree. I'm sorry, I don't know much about banshee and why they are doing what they do to people, but I do know that they are evil.

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