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An Ancient Creature


It was early morning between 5:30-6:00am. I awoke to a bright sunny end of July day. The sunlight was streaming in through the open curtains.

I had been in a deep sleep as we had only gone to bed a couple of hours before. I had time to open my eyes and catch my bearings. I was laying on my back with my right arm stretched all the way out so it was hanging off the bed. My boyfriend was sound asleep next to me. I hadn't even had time to move, and in that split second I had been awakened.

I was just starting to wonder why I was awake when my body stiffened and every hair on my body stood on end. The only thing I had time to move were my eyes: they were as wide as they could possibly be open. It flew in through the window and, although I could not physically see this creature, it was clear as the day in my mind's eye. It was more grey than black. It was reptilian with a long triangular face, a long, graceful body, black slit eyes, 2 wings, and a forked tail that was about the length of its body. Its wings were not fully outstretched, as it was gliding on whatever current of air it had caught. I can still hear the eerie stillness of its passing.

As it flew in through the window, it lost altitude as it passed over our bed. The very end, tip of its tail brushed my still out-stretched fingertips and continued its flight path until, just as fast as it had appeared, it was gone though the wall of the open closet.

Throughout this whole event, my eyes following it was the only thing I moved. As I lay there in complete shock, I only had time to look over at my boyfriend who woke up to see my still wide open, shocked eyes. He drowsily smiled and asked me what was wrong. Quickly, I recovered, smiled and lied, telling him nothing was wrong. We hadn't known each other very long and I didn't want him to think I was crazy.

What I saw left me feeling startled and amazed. I knew it wasn't interested in us. It wasn't malevolent. It was an ancient power that just happened to cross our paths. I don't know how I knew this, I just did. I may have just written it off as a dream had my boyfriend not awoken & talked to me. I know it's energy woke him as well.

We only stayed in that apartment for another month, leaving at the end of the summer. Nothing else happened. I only told one of my friends. She had grown up in the town where the apartment was and has heard stories of other things happening. The town is really close to American Indian reservations and before it was settled, it had been inhabited by American Indians for thousands of years.

I don't know any of the Native's history or folklore, but years later my family and I went to a hot springs about 10 hours away. The American Indians believed the hot springs were caused by dragon's tears. Hearing this story many years after what I saw made me a believer and I was able to put a name to it. I most definitely saw a dragon.

I have seen pictures that were similar to what I saw, but people always liken them as demonic. I always had a hard time labeling what I saw as demonic because its energy was anything but.

Thank you for reading! I'm curious if anyone knows any American Indian legends involving dragons or have any similar experiences. This happened in Northwest Montana.

Cheers! KBS

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Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-21)
Wow what an experience, you're so lucky, thanks so much for sharing! So happy you didn't jump to the 'evil' conclusion and accepted it for what you felt in that moment!
Sam222 (8 stories) (461 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-19)
That creature you saw sounds quite unusual, odd. I thought abput this creature and I can't think of aything the description would resemble. Though I'm sure there is one. I'm part Sioux Indian but I don't really know much about the Indian stuff. If I find anything I'll let you know.

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