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About 6-7 years ago I was living in Maryland with my grandparents. They had this huge old estate home with white clapboard siding, dark shutters, and it was two stories high and had about 8 rooms. At the time my aunt and her three young kids were living there as well.

In my room I had my own bathroom so, because it was kind of squeezed in there, it made this hallway between my bedroom and the actual bedroom door. This one night I was lying in bed attempting to fall sleep but really just tossing and turning and when I turned towards the bathroom and bedroom hallway I saw the black shape of head and shoulders sticking out from the wall.

At the time I didn't know this was a shadow man and I'd never even heard of them but what made mine different from the ones I've read about is that he had an oval shaped white face with only black holes for eyes and a mouth. If you've ever seen that anime movie 'Spirited Away' the shadow I saw looked exactly like the character 'No-Face' from that movie. I know a lot of people will think I'm making this up or pretending that I saw No-Face but I swear that's what he looked like. Anyway, as soon as it realized I'd seen it, it ducked really fast and just sort of morphed into the wall and disappeared and I mean fast.

I've never seen anything else in my life move that fast not even a cockroach or any kind of animal. And also the mass of the shadow is hard to explain because, although I somehow knew it wasn't solid, the black was SO black, darker than the night of my dark bedroom around me. I was kind of in shock so I kept staring at the spot and I saw it dart out and then back in really fast one more time and then it stopped for the rest of the night.

But what really drove it home for me was the next day while I was babysitting my aunt's kids. I told the youngest one, a boy, to go in his closet and pick something to wear and he started crying saying he didn't want to go in there because that's where the 'white man' is... So I made him explain to me what he was talking about and he described the exact thing that I had seen the night before. He especially mentioned the white face/black eye holes thing...

I would also experience random blackouts and unexplained knocking frequently while home alone in that house.

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LightBringer (1 stories) (20 posts)
8 years ago (2015-08-05)
this is scary, I have seen something like this some weeks ago, I woke up by seeing a figure trying to get into my room through the window next to my bed, it had hair down to its shoulders and had I white face, but the thing with its face was that it had no face it was just a white/blank spot, it had no shape!
Anyway it felt me staring at it so it turned its face towards me, and we looked at each other, until I knew what I was looking at so I just ran out from my room and stood there for a minute, I walked into my room... And it was gone! Look it up on my profile if you want!
Sam222 (8 stories) (461 posts)
8 years ago (2015-05-14)
Well if it's white, I wouldn't consider it a shadow. A "white-shadow" maybe? 😁 but anyway, this is defiantly weird and scary. Thanks for sharing your experience. 😊 keep us updated if you see him again.
Tweed (30 stories) (2381 posts)
8 years ago (2015-05-13)
Hi Feminist and welcome to YGS!

I really enjoyed reading your encounter and I wonder if your restless night had anything to do with his presence. Were you afraid or calm when you saw him?
Isn't it funny to think that, if you'd not seen him, what your aunt's boy told you might have gone in one ear and straight out the other.

I seem to be the only person to have not seen Spirited Away. (All my friends love it) So I ran a search for 'No Face' and he looked quite different to what I imagined. Which leads me to wonder if who you saw was actually a heavy metal music fan. No Face reminds me very much of the attire fashioned by the 'black metal' music genre popular in Norway.
He also reminds me of a Japanese Kabuki theater performer.
Also a mime artist wearing make up similar to French mime artist Marcel Marceau.

Well all of that is nowhere near Maryland! But I'm wondering if any of these descriptions 'click' into place with you. Could there be anything in the house which would be connected to such a person who lived such a life as any of these descriptions?

Or he could be some other entity and not human at all.

If the knocking on the walls is him it really sounds to me like he's asking for help. Given that he made a swift exit when you saw him, he may be shy. He definitely sounds passive, non threatening and polite.
Do you know what your aunt's boy saw him doing specifically?

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