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Shadowman In My Apartment 2


A few weeks ago I posted a story on the spirit or whatever in my apartment. Http://

Since then there's been a fair amount of activity, but nothing threatening. I actually have a question. We have a receiver hooked up to our TV, with speakers and all. It has a separate power button, and we often forget to turn it off. A few times, we've come out at night to find that there's a lot of static, vague voices, etc. Usually it's silent if the TV isn't on. So I was trying to figure out a way to debunk it; is it a cell phone, electrical interference, etc. Any ideas? I'm not particularly good at electrical engineering, but I can follow instructions, and my stepfather is a radio engineer so might be able to get equipment, but he'll laugh at me if I ask him to help.

There's other stuff happening, but nothing really definitive. A lot of footsteps, once so clear and close you could hear the sound of bare feet lifting off linoleum. Mostly just a lot of unexplained noises. There is a feeling of being watched, especially in the bedroom.

I do feel like whatever it is is getting bolder (sorry about the grammar, or lack of it). A couple of times I've heard it walk into the bedroom and stand beside the bed. The floor creaked really loudly. I tried to get the floor to creak like that, and couldn't, even jumping up and down on it. Sometimes it will feel like all the air gets sucked out of the bedroom really fast and your ears will pop. I've decided the layout of the apartment is just bad for air and energy flow.

My boyfriend says if I'm scared maybe we should bring someone in, but I only get scared at night when I'm in bed. And I think it's more about me than what's happening. Plus, I worry that this building is so old and has had so many people in and out of it that bringing people in will stir things up. Not necessarily spirits, but the energy of the building. I grew up in a house like that.

So any advice is appreciated.


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