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Small Family Big Trouble


It all began when I was about 9 or 10 years old. We were a family of 5 and I was the youngest of 2 siblings. The oldest was my sister who was 4 years my senior. At the time my sister was big into witchcraft, Ouija boards and stuff of that nature and since I was younger she would drag me into a lot of it. I believe what happened next is because of my sister's past times.

Now to help understand I will quickly paint a picture of our house. It was one level and the front door went to the living room which connected to my bedroom and the kitchen. The kitchen connected with a hallway which I called the hallway from hell and in the hallway were doors to my sister's room, the bathroom, and my parents' bedroom at the end. Finally my brother's room was on the right side of the hall.

It all started with lights turning themselves on and off, being accompanied by a typical "everything's alright" parent answer. Then came hearing footsteps up and down the hallway at night when everyone was asleep. Not long after doors started opening and closing with such force we could not simply blame it on the wind when finally it started to elevate.

One night I was in my bedroom with the door closed when I heard what sounded like glass breaking. Half expecting my sister and her friends being rowdy I open the door to find my sister asleep on the couch with the TV on and lights off. The TV was so quiet I couldn't hear it so I eliminated that as the suspect and turned around to go back into my room when I heard rustling. I turned again to see what generated the noise to find my sister sitting upright now and staring at me with complete white eyes. Creeped out, I tried to make conversation only to get no reply at which point I turned and went back into my room and tried to play it down.

Then the sleepwalking, or so I thought, started. Now all of what I'm about to say is all other people's accounts of what happened but are all verified with one another. It began with me going to my parents' room and just standing beside the bed and staring at them for hours not saying a word or responding to them. Not every night, maybe twice a week, and it went on for weeks and weeks. Then one night I awoke to a chilling scream. I was in my sister's room in the middle of the night and it was my sister screaming. I had stabbed her in the back of her shoulder with a dart.

My family moved shortly after into a new house. Now, many years later when I visit my family on holidays, the hauntings in our old place seem to get brought up everytime I'm back. Was not until my first trip back home that we talked about what happened and were able to verify that the hauntings were legit and that we all had experiences of our own.

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wadewilson2772 (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-20)
Thank you for your comments Lynev we are all glad that it ended there and didn't follow anybody away from that house. To answer your question BrokenTree it was something she practiced with her friends without anyones knowledge. I agree with you on withcraft and would advise against anyone practicing it and she has long since stopped. Again thank you for your comments
WiniPu4 (207 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-19)

It sounds like you may have been taken over by something as you slept. Good that your family chose to move & thank God nobody was seriously injured or worse. If your family is bringing it up whenever they see you, it seems they might have had good reason to be concerned about your safety as well as their own. I'm sure they are glad it's over.

BrokenTree (76 posts)
9 years ago (2015-05-13)
So your sister was 13 or 14 and practicing witchcraft? Did she have a teacher or even parental approval/supervision? Does she still practice witchcraft? Witchcraft is not a game nor is it something to make you look cool and different from the other kids. It's apparent to me where the "haunting" came from and I am amazed that it didn't move with you. I hope that your sister learned something from this.

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