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This story starts when I was 5, I can remember most of it however some of it comes from my parents. My family was fairly poor because my dad worked in the oil field. Most days we'd go without supper, but we didn't mind. My dad could rarely ever keep a job so we had to move a lot. About every year or so, we'd have to pack up and leave and it was very difficult for me and my family. But one time, we moved into this trailer house in Clyde, and from the moment we got in that house something was off. We all knew it, my parents even were a little concerned. Anyway, there was just a feeling of heaviness in that house.

One day something finally happened, and it was pretty subtle, just a closed door opening, my parents and sister shrugged it off, but me and my brother were a little more suspicious of it. Something was up. It kept happening but it just got worse and worse, the door would slam against the wall. My mom got to the point where she tested it. One day we had unplugged the phone from the hook and put it in the closet, and somehow it rang. We didn't check to see who it was.

It got so bad that one night I heard my parents yelling at each other and the next morning, I asked them what they were yelling about. Apparently, something slapped my dad on the back hard. I could see a red hand print. It was bad. From that point on everybody was pretty jumpy at the slightest thing. And this was where my sister had a dream that haunts her today. It wasn't of much, but she sure couldn't sleep after. In the dream, was just a girl, with no face, just standing still, not moving at all with flies buzzing around her face. She didn't sleep right for a month and would sometimes randomly cry in the car just thinking about it.

We finally decided to move out of the house and we couldn't be more relieved, although that was my first supernatural encounter I doubt it will be my last. Later on, my uncle moved next door to the house, and mind you, it was vacant at this time. He was under the window of the house and he was getting wood, or some important material, and when he looked up, staring back at him, was a little girl. He'd heard our stories and when he saw her he didn't stick around to see who it was. He left quickly, and no one ever went back in that house.

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