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Old Woman Ghost That Protected Me


This happened to me when I was little (3-4 years) and I swear on my life this is true.

When I was little I used to see this ghost in my room. She was an old woman and she always stood in my corner at night. All you could see of her was her head and shoulders. When my mom was putting me to sleep she would watch us and smile. After my mom left the room that's when things got started. At first she just stood there and smiled at me. Not in a creepy way but in a gentle kind way like how a mother smiles at her baby. She always made me feel safe.

After awhile she started to talk to me. She would repeatedly tell me she was there to protect me every night. The scary thing is she said she was protecting me from demons who were trying to get me for something I did in my past life. I'M NOT MAKING THIS UP. Just thinking about makes me shiver. But when I was little and hearing this I felt safe and she made me feel calm.

Soon after she started telling me other things. She would tell me how ghosts can die too. And about the after life. This is the interesting part. She said that people become ghosts and when their time comes they vanish hence dying or most common they vanish into a bright doorway and never come back, and lastly their spiritual energy becomes apart of another being (reincarnation). Of course at that age I didn't understand what she was talking about and she would tell me as I got older I would understand.

Awhile after she appeared, she started becoming paranoid like telling me she was protecting me. When this happened small shadows of people were holding hands and dancing at the tops of my walls. (I had a nightlight.) They were small figures that moved around in circles parallel to the floor. They would dance for hours. The woman said as I got older I would be able to protect myself and she would have to go as her time was going to come soon. For a long time I didn't see her and the figures disappeared after awhile.

A long time later I woke up late at night. I was wide awake and I noticed my room was really bright. I looked around me and all my blankets were rolled up and put around me in a circle. This is the scariest thing that's ever happened to me! At the end of my bed a tall blueish/greenish figure was at the end of my bed reaching for me. I turned to my side and kicked him. When my heel touched him I felt him turn. He felt warm and like a soft energy like when you quickly put your hand through fire. As soon as I kicked him I heard a very soft thud as he stepped back. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him walk toward my window and though the wall and window not moving to go through just walking.

As he passed the window the curtains blew around as if there were heavy wind despite my windows be closed. The room dimmed after he left. When I got the courage to turn back (I was facing the wall) I turned on the lights and in my carpet there was a footprint where he had walked (there were no toes it just came to a point) and the curtains where still moving.

In the morning my heel felt tingly and the blankets were still rolled up. I checked the window and they were closed and locked. The footprint was barley visible. I wanted to tell my mom but I knew she wouldn't believe it plus I dint even know how to explain it. After that I didn't see the woman or the shadow figures for a long time.

Fast forward about a year, I'm about 5 at the time and I'm in my basement. I get the same feeling I get when the woman was around so I look around and notice a nail on the wall. It is spinning slowly and coming out. It stops and the shadow moves and gets longer. I look over and she's looking at me with a happy expression. There's a white light behind her and she said, "It's my time. My time is here" and she vanishes. I remember feeling sad.

Since then I've seen very little ghost activity. The only one after that was in second grade I saw a pale man with a long coat and hat tap the person sitting next to me on the shoulder. She turned around and freaked out, asking who did that. Nobody saw anything and she said the person's finger was cold.

I also swear my house is haunted. All my friends ask who they see walking past me or who they are hearing when it's just me and them. Especially when we video chat, I don't see or hear anything. My dog will also perk her ears up and look at places in the house as if somebody was there.

I am not making this up. If you choose not to believe this it's up to you. Also I'm adopted and don't have contact with my birth family to see if this ghost is a relative. She's not a relative of my adopted family, I've seen all the pictures and we don't have many dead relatives.

I've tried searching the web to find the blue ghost or find if anybody has had the same experience as me. I did tell my mom about the experience years later and she didn't believe me. Also we're not that religious of a family but I firmly believe in the supernatural. I've told my friends about this and even some my most skeptic friends believe me.

If any of you had an experience like this please share. Also if you know what ghost/spirit I saw, tell me I need to know. Like I said earlier I am not making any of this up.

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WiniPu4 (207 posts)
6 years ago (2015-08-02)
It is just my "impression", but I think perhaps the protective female was from a former life since she did mention that.
You are apparently sensitive to these things and will have to make an effort to learn about them since there is nobody in your immediate family who experiences these things.
When I was your age, I started becoming more aware of these things and recalled incidents from much earlier; much like you are now doing. I started praying for protection and guidance, which seemed to help a great deal. Just know that we all have guardian angels, guides (or whatever you wish to call them) connected to or "assigned" to each of us. So if you ask, you will receive. But it takes time, effort, and patience to develop your own spiritual path. Please don't let curiosity get the best of you; in other words, don't mess with things that are beyond your expertise like Ouija boards or similar things that cannot be undone. Seeking out like-minded others and sharing your experiences in order to learn (like this forum) is the best way toward understanding your abilities and to start shaping your spiritual path. I wish you the best in this journey. It can be an exciting and positive one if you make the right choices. I enjoyed your story very much and thank you for sharing it.

Blessings and Light,
valkricry (47 stories) (3179 posts) mod
6 years ago (2015-07-30)
Jake, I'm a bit confused. You saw the blue-green figure when you were 3 or 4 years old? How ever, you didn't yell for your parents? But, took note of the foot print in the carpet, and even checked the window to be sure it was closed and locked? Very, very unusual behavior for someone that young.
LightBringer (1 stories) (20 posts)
6 years ago (2015-07-30)
this is by far the most interesting thing I have ever read on this page, this greenish thing, you said it was warm, not to scare you... But they say that when its warm it's a demon!
But it feels like this greenish thing is more satisfying, than evil, but that's just my feeling!

A couple of weeks ago I woke up by seeing a figure with long hair trying to get into my room through the window, crawling through the glass!
It felt me staring at it and turned its head slowly towards me, we looked at each other for about 20 seconds, before I realised what I had infront of me and I ran out from my room, later it was gone 😨

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