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Blocking Ghosts?


This story is really just a long question. I am 50 years of age and grew up knowing ghosts were real. My mother often saw ghosts and did not believe that she should hide this from her children. However I have only seen ghosts a couple of times and it is always when I am caught off guard, as in turning to quickly or moving fast as in a car and catching something as I pass.

As a young child (7 or 8) I had an episode of sleep paralysis (which is inherited but I was adopted so it did not come from my mom who raised me), complete with evil hallucination standing by my bed. I worked around that from that night until forever by having insomnia. But since that night it is only by accident that I see ghosts. Is it possible to block out ghost encounters and can I unblock them?

The first time I saw a ghost by accident. I was 15 and sitting in the living room watch TV with my friends, behind me was the open doorway to my parents' bedroom. As I was sitting there, into my peripheral vision moves a white gown that was shaped like a person which then disappeared into the wall. Almost the instant she vanished my mom was behind me and said "What did you need?" I just shook my head and she said "I heard you yell mom" I shook my head again and she said "You saw the ghost didn't you?" I just nodded. Mom said "Yea I have seen her a few times too." and she went back to bed.

The second time I was at about 17 years of age and we were driving past a row of houses. As we passed one house I happened to look over into the backyard of a house and sitting in a chair with a small table covered in a doily was a woman in a long black dress that covered to her wrists and had a high neckline with sunbonnet to match. A thought flashed they must be taking old time photos but there was not a photographer. I asked mom, who was driving, if she saw that lady and she said no but asked me to describe the lady, which I did.

A few days later we had gone out to visit my grandma (mom's mom) and on her wall in a small frame no bigger than a 3x5 card was the lady I saw in the yard of the house. I told mom "That's the lady I saw." Turned out the picture was of my great grandmother.

I have not seen a ghost since, I have heard them but have not seen them. Is there a way to unblock?

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sds (14 stories) (1434 posts)
7 years ago (2015-09-25)
Hi DollyM, I agree with Val. As we grow in age, our sensitivity comes down. That is the reason why we don't experience or sense the presence of spirits or paranormal. Keep yourself open and definitely you will experience or sense or feel the presence.

Regards and respects to you.

valkricry (47 stories) (3190 posts) mod
7 years ago (2015-09-20)
If you can hear them, then you aren't 'blocked'. It's possible the ones you've encountered just don't have the energy to manifest. It's equally possible that you've seen them and not known they were a spirit. Some seem every bit as solid as you or I.
Then there is this theory, that with many of us, our abilities lessen as we age. Something to do with our own energies being weaker then they were. So opening your chakras isn't a bad idea. Boost your inner energy level, you know?
There's many who only perceive spirits auditorily. My guess is making sound is easier than manifesting. So, I wouldn't worry about it. Relax. You'll see when it happens.
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
7 years ago (2015-09-18)
haha No worries Miracles, I've got to shove offline in a moment but I'll be reading that link of yours next I'm on. Sounds interesting! Hope it holds some explanation as to how nonbelievers seem to go through life never experiencing a damn thing, oh how this plagues me! 😆
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4998 posts) mod
7 years ago (2015-09-18)
Tweed - I don't mean to contradict you, but it's going to sound that way LOL I have a story on here that I'd intended to share with Dolly. It's loosely about me doing that very same thing, unintentionally, but it happened anyway. Oh, link LOL

Anyway, Dolly, I do believe you can either consciously or subconsciously close yourself off. I can only speak from personal experience, complete guesses and conjectures, but I (opinion only) think that if someone unconsciously blocks, something caused it to happen. Thanks for sharing this with us and hopefully you'll get additional advice, thoughts, etc from our members 😊
Tweed (29 stories) (2362 posts)
7 years ago (2015-09-18)
Hi there Dolly,

I was raised like you, with an open dialogue about ghosts. Our Mothers sound pretty similar in their open minded attitude.

As for unblocking umm, I'm just guessing here, but I'd say you're not 'blocked' at all. In cases of mediums, or just otherwise sensitive people, a lot of these folk try to 'block' out what they're experiencing, early in their life. But, from what I've read, it NEVER works too well. They never can 'block' completely. Sure you can shield yourself for protection (and that's always a good idea) but blocking it out completely, I haven't heard of it. That doesn't mean its not possible, just that I haven't heard of it!
Going by how hard people find it to block out these things, I'd hazard a guess you're not 'blocked' to begin with.

That said, there are mediation techniques you can use to open yourself up to seeing ghosts, becoming more sensitive.
It's also possible the ghosts you've seen to date have been 'solid' as in completely 'there' visually and viewable to anybody, even someone who doesn't believe in them. This might explain why you haven't seen any in a while. Nothing much has changed within you except your willingness to see them now.

I don't know many meditation techniques to becoming more sensitive to ghosts. But working on your chakras is a great place to start. 😊

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