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House Hauntings Part 1


I live in the west side of Singapore and my family has moved a total of 2 times. The first was moving from my grandparents' house to our own in a new estate at the time. I was a baby then so I don't remember the actual move. The second was when I was about 10 years old, we moved from that one to another which was just a few blocks away. We're currently living in this one. In both these houses, there have been weird experiences. There's quite a number so I'll be splitting this story into two parts. In this first part, I'll be talking about our former home.

Before I continue, just so you know, most Singaporeans live in HDB flats so the apartment would usually be single-storey. But for this one, it's a maisonette so it's double-storey with a balcony in the back. Whatever it is, we simply call it our 'house' lol

The balcony faces a children's playground and a racquet court (where people usually play sepak takraw and sometimes badminton). In the corner was some sort of a counter where you have to open its door to get to the rubbish chute inside. But the counter itself was a good place to sit on and I used to climb onto it so I could sit and watch what's happening outside. We lived on the second floor of the flat so the balcony gave a pretty good view of whatever game that's playing on the court. And if you're sitting there, when you look up, you'll see the master bedroom window. Whoever's in that room can pop their head out and look down on you. Without fail, every time I sat there watching a game, I'd feel like someone's watching me from that bedroom window. But if I looked up, nothing's there. I'd look down again and the feeling would creep back in almost immediately. We also had a casual dining table set up in the balcony temporarily once and each time we sat there for dinner, I always felt the same sensation of someone watching from that window.

I only told this to my sister years after we've moved out of that house. Her experience is that she was passing through the balcony to get to the kitchen from the TV area when she smelled something horrible like rotting and she cried out about it to my mom. My mom (who has already passed away now) quickly passed off the smell as a strange scent from a newly bought loaf of bread (lol). My sister who was probably 5 years old at the time just accepted that. But she experienced that awful smell again some time later and my mom would keep telling her that it's just the bread. Since I didn't know about these happenings until years later, I never got a chance to ask my mom before she passed. But I suspect that she already knew what that smell was.

If it's not the balcony giving off weird vibes, it's the staircase. As mentioned before, our home was a maisonette. When you enter from the front door, there's a small living area on the right, a TV area straight ahead and a dining room on the left which led to the kitchen and balcony. The staircase would be in the middle of the living and TV area, leading up to two bedrooms and the study room. The staircase had a middle landing where it would turn to the left before you'd get to the second floor. And on that middle landing, if you're sitting in the TV area, you can see the feet of whoever's walking up and down the stairs. Possibly up to the knees.

As a kid, I often had to be home alone on weekdays for a few hours at a time because my dad would be at work and my mom would either be fetching my sister from school or attending religious classes. So sometimes, if I were watching TV, I'd see, in the corner of my eyes, something white flapping as if in the wind on that middle stair landing. If you had read my other story (, I commented in a reply to someone that I've seen something like a white dress before. And this fits the description here too. That was what I thought I saw.

Another strange thing about living in that house is that I often would imagine looking at myself from a different perspective. As if I were someone else. Sometimes, I'd just suddenly imagined random situations in my head and the perspective would be very clear, as if I was actually remembering it even though it never happened. Why am I certain that it never happened? Because for example, I'd imagine I was perched on top of my bedroom closet and watching my actual self sleep. I'd imagined other situations before but this particular one was most vivid. I used to think I was that creative to think like that because it's so clear in my head. Today, when I try to imagine the same way, it's fuzzy. I no longer can imagine it as clear as back then. I'm not sure if it's related to whatever entity was in that house but it seemed like it.

Once I dreamt that I was in the study room late at night but the light was on and this lady would be standing near the door looking at me before floating away to leave and disappear. I just got goosebumps remembering this again.

My mom had once told me that when she was in the study room getting ready to pray, she saw me walking past the room to get to the bathroom. Then a minute later, she heard my dad, sis AND me walking up the stairs to where she was. So who was that earlier?

A lot of creepy stuff in that house and I'm glad we've moved out of there. My mom probably had more stories but only told us these, which are scary enough. I remember those days when she would sit in her room reading the Quran every single day and sometimes, it would be me. I'd read it out loud in the TV area so she could hear me as she cooked dinner in the kitchen. Looking back, I think despite what we'd experienced, we weren't harmed because of that.

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aisyah1987 (2 stories) (31 posts)
6 years ago (2017-06-18)
Maisonettes are freaky!

My friend stays in a Maisonette at yishun and it has always given me the creeps!

No doubt it's nice though...
igotnorolemodel (2 stories) (13 posts)
8 years ago (2015-09-21)
Thanks, sheetal!:) I'll try to post the next part real soon.
sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
8 years ago (2015-09-21)
igotnorolemodel... Interesting and scary story... It was nice read... Looking forward to the next part ❤
igotnorolemodel (2 stories) (13 posts)
8 years ago (2015-09-20)
Thanks for reading, lakshiat-rattan:) Yeah just thinking about it again to describe the experiences in this post really creeped me out too.
lakshit-rattan (guest)
8 years ago (2015-09-19)
A very terrifying experience narrated, igotnorolemodel. I was especially scared about the staircase part and your mother's experience which she told you. It gives me the creeps. Anyways, thank you for sharing your experience. 😊 😊

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