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Paranormal Encounters In Gettysburg Part 2


During our second night in Gettysburg, I met with my brother and sister and together we strolled through the fields to occupy some time before another tour. Our second tour lasted for about three hours, in which we were informed of a few encounters past tourists claimed they allegedly experienced. One included a cocky tourist who spent a night at the renowned Farnsworth House and was confronted by the spirits of two Confederate soldiers he at first mistook for reenactors playing a practical joke.

We met another tourist visiting from Niagara Falls, New York and we began conversing about cultural differences as well as debunking amusing Canadian stereotypes. Particularly the excessive use of the expression "eh" and the mispronunciation of about (aboot). The tourist began taking pictures as we wandered around the fields. The shots on her digital camera depicted the image of what appeared to be four distorted orbs arranged in sort of a diamond shape.

Of course, being incredibly superstitious at the time, I immediately interpreted these images as the result of paranormal activity. Residual energy from spirits of those long since departed. The sight of orbs is reportedly a common occurrence among paranormal enthusiasts who explore such historic landmarks. To this day, I still feel an outstanding sense of awe when reminiscing about these events.

Are these orbs truly the leftover energy from the tens of thousands of unfortunate souls, who even to this day, have yet to find peace? Or are they completely natural occurrences which can be explained using logic and rational thought?

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Lenape_Woman68 (1 stories) (2 posts)
2 years ago (2022-02-09)
I think the orbs are the spirits of the soldiers who died there so long ago. I've read that some believe that because they died so suddenly/violently, the soldiers don't realize that they are dead.
Rajine (14 stories) (797 posts)
2 years ago (2021-12-23)
Hi GingerRead

I'd like to believe that orbs are residual spirits maybe trying to communicate with us or get out attention to help them move on, I really do believe that there's so much more that we don't fully understand.

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