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I was working in Toowoomba for a period of time staying in a townhouse apartment provided by my employer. There were two bedrooms on the upstairs level separated by the bathroom. The rest of the living areas were located downstairs.

My family would travel to see me on the weekends. I took the second bedroom which had a double bed and a single bed in it. My two young children, then aged five and three, would sleep in the bedroom I was in and my husband would sleep in the first bedroom with the single beds in it. It was like this because I felt so uneasy about the first bedroom and its location to the top of the stairs. I was worried the kids might sleep walk and fall down them.

A few days after moving in I started to feel as though someone was watching me, always standing behind me. This happened during the day as well as at night. I felt especially unsettled at the top of the stairs near the first bedroom doorway and always tried to look straight ahead when walking past it if the door was open. Other times I would close the door because I'm a chicken.

There were many mornings when my husband looked as though he hadn't slept at all (he is not a believer) and said that all night he could hear deep breathing, like someone was sleeping in the bed next to him. At that point I hadn't told him about feeling afraid in the unit or my feelings of being watched.

At night when I was in the unit alone I felt especially afraid to the point where I wouldn't watch TV or have any other noises going so I could listen to hear if anything was coming. I also started to sleep with the lights on in the hallway and bathroom.

One morning when I was heading off to work I was walking down the stairs. I got to the middle landing and went to step off with my right foot when it felt like someone grabbed it, pulling me off balance. I fell the remaining eight stairs landing hard on the concrete floor at the bottom. I lay there terrified for about half an hour before I could get up. Nothing else happened during that time.

During the next family visit my husband complained the breathing was getting louder and seemed to be coming from the bed he was sleeping in so we all moved into the second bedroom. I had to stay there for another month before my contract ended and I was afraid to go back there at night, to the point where I would work back late and leave the lights on in the unit for when I returned after dark.

When my contract ended and I checked out, I told the apartment manager my story and asked if anyone had ever made complaint about the noises / feeling uneasy in the unit or if anyone had ever passed away there. The manager had only recently started working there and so wasn't aware of anything. She said I should have asked to be moved to another unit. Had I have known they would have been open to it I would have!

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