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The Black Man In Acacia Tree


Way back 1996, I'm just 7 that year. We're living in small house in Baliuag, Bulacan. We're just simple and happy family way back then until something happened.

One afternoon my mother and I walking at basketball court. That time I felt something weird because the court was surrounded by many Acacia tree. My mother and I was curious while staring at the trees because it has long, black and like a tamarind fruit on it. Of course as a child I want to get closer and get some unknown fruit for me to play it. My mom decided to took many as she and gave it to me but I was not satisfied that's why my mom pick up a stone and immediately throw it on the Acacia tree. I was happy because many fruit fall from the tree. After that, we went home and start playing my new toys (the acacia fruits).

"AAAHHHHHH!" A loud voice wake me from a sleep. It was my mother shouting! "AHHHH! I don't want to be with you just let me go!" mom shouted.

I don't know what's happening because my dad won't allow me to enter in their room. I tried to back in bed but I still hear the voice of my mom shouting. While I'm in the sala of our house my uncle arrived, "Where is your mom?" he asked me. I just pointed my finger in room.

He run as fast as he can to reach the room. The room of the door was accidentally unlocked and I get inside silently. I saw my uncle kneel down beside the bed and my was holding the right hand of my mom. Out of nowhere I hear a voice, "sumama ka sakin" (come with me) I thought I'm just the who hear the voice but my uncle response "iwanan mo ang katawan ng babaeng ito" (leave the body of this girl). And the voice spoke again with strong voice, "ang babaeng ito ay aking sapagkat kinuha nya ang kayaman ko" (this girl is mine, because she took from me my treasure).

After hearing that, three of awake in the room was shock because my mom lying in the bed was gone and that was the time my dad notice that I was there. They searched the room and they found may mom in the living room standing and talking to somebody. While staring at my mother I've notice that there's a shadow, it was a shadow of a big guy. The shadow created of the light coming from the bulb outside the house. And for the second time, I heard the voice of the Man saying, "mamili ka? Ang anak mo o ikaw?" (you choose your son or you).

After hearing that voice, I don't know what happen. I just woke up in hospital wearing a white shirt and my mother was in another bed. My dad inform me that me and my mom were sleeping for almost 4 days and every night there was a shadow of a man outside the window of our room. And the scary thing is were in the 7 floor and there's nothing outside the window that someone could stand on.

Until now I don't know where was that shadow came from. But now, I am happy and I don't want to see that shadow again.

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sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
6 years ago (2015-11-07)
Hey Terrence it's a nice story... I have one doubt how you came to know that it is a ghost from acacia tree... I mean did you tried any medium?
Agua (4 stories) (61 posts)
6 years ago (2015-11-03)
I'm not really understanding what happened here due to the language barrier, but I gleaned enough of it to tell it was horrifying. Thanks for Sharing.

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