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This is one of the two experiences that I have had, this one being my first when I was fairly young.

I don't remember how old I was exactly but I remember the experiences so vividly. The first house that I remember living in was in Auckland, New Zealand. I would have a few days a week where I could not fall asleep at all, I would hide under my blankets all night as I was so sure that I could hear someone walking in our kitchen or lounge room. I would either call out to my parents to come and comfort me or run as fast as I could to their room to leap onto their bed. This was always after a long thought process about whether I was brave enough to risk the very short journey to my parents' room.

The nights my mum would come to my room she would always reassure me that it was only the floors cooling down as they were wooden. I came to accept that and trust my mum.

The other nights where I was feeling brave though, I would sprint around the corner to my parents and hide in between them both. But every night I would do this I would stare at their open door and see a dark shadow watching, never moving just watching. The shadow was definitely a male figure and about a medium height. I never felt threatened but I was very young and was obviously very frightened.

Years later I still remember this so clearly, not only just seeing the shadow figure but how I felt. As I grew up I was always so interested in paranormal experiences and have defiantly believed.

After moving from this house I never had that same experience again. Any thoughts? Could it have been my young imaginative mind?


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xlauraloux (20 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-04)
Sorry for not replying, I haven't been on for a while.

I'm sorry your parents do not believe you, my parents told me it was my imagination and ghosts was not real when I used to tell them, but later years my dad advised that was only to comfort me when I was younger so I would be able to sleep. Thing is how can you sleep when you see it there? Anyways Dad told me of his experiences also so now I know it wasn't my imagination.

Anyways... The fact you didn't feel threatened and it never moved could mean it could possibly be a relative watching over your family or someone who lived in the house before, having a walk around then getting to the bedroom and standing there thinking why are these people in my bedroom? Or possibly a little lonely but not one to intrude but guess we will never know but glad you shared your experience thanks for posting
jba (2 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-19)
Yea I doubted the imagination factor purely because of how frequently I would see this.

I have never looked into the history of the house, I haven't lived there in years and really wouldn't know where to start.
I do know that behind the house there is a massive creek that I used to play in. I guess it is possible that something is there.

I have told my parents. I used to tell them when I was younger I have also bought it up recently to them. But my parents are not believers and just think that I am making it up. Even now they still think its a made up story. Years later!
xlauraloux (20 posts)
9 years ago (2015-11-05)
I used to do the same thing run in my parents bedroom or call them in what I used to see is a boy though, as children we are more sensitive to seeing things and a lot of people loose that ability once they get older so if you saw it more than once I highly doubt that it was just your imagination.

Did you ever look into the history of the house at all? Or ask your parents now your older?

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