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Doppelganger: Part 2


This is another experience that I had with doppelgangers.

Back in 2012 when I was working for an American life insurance company located in Muntinlupa City, Philippines, My co-workers and I, we're just a month or two in the company so we're newbies, experienced this strange phenomena while taking a break.

Typically when you're working in a BPO industry and you're in the Philippines, you work at night. My friends and I decided to go downstairs and take a smoke to relieve stress. Although I don't smoke, most of my friends do so I have no choice but to be a second hand smoker. One of my friends, Niño, has still work to do so he decided to catch up.

So we went down to take a break. They smoked cigs and we talked about a movie soon to hit the theaters and this creepy and familiar moment happened.

Niño passed by us. To our surprise, he finished his work really fast and we expected him to join us. He was like brisk walking and we called him like two or three times just to tell him we're there. He didn't even bother which is unusual since he's a very friendly person. After calling him and he was like a free throw line away from us, he looked back and answered "Punta lang ako 7-Eleven, gutom na ako. Una na kayo, wait niyo nalang ako sa taas." (I'll just go to 7-Eleven because I'm hungry. Go ahead and just wait for me upstairs.) The 7-Eleven convenience store is a block away from the office. We noticed that his face was kind of sad and we thought there was a problem.

We headed back upstairs and by the time we reached our floor, when the elevator door opened, to our surprise, Niño was there. We freaked out. We even pulled a joke that did he use teleportation to make his way back but he's dead serious that he just finished his work and about to take a break. Goosebumps came over when he also mentioned that he's about to go to 7-Eleven to buy food.

We told him about what happened and he couldn't believe it. We were spooked and even told our other co-workers about it. Some of them had experiences with that as well and even told us that the doppelganger just "welcomed" us to the company. Niño decided not to go downstairs that time as he lost his hunger.

The doppelganger that we saw downstairs was also wearing the same clothes Niño has. The same experience that I had when I was still in college which I also shared in this website which has yet to be posted as of this time.

Most of us left the company after a year or two and when my friends and I meet up, we still talk about it.

This is just one of my many experiences that I would like to share.

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Venom_Snake (2 stories) (3 posts)
6 years ago (2016-11-01)


Astral projection would make sense. OBE can occur but we heard stories about the doppelganger from old employees working there.

LOL on it felt bad and decided to get food.

I thought so too but Nino and Kuja J are doing well. I had the opportunity to visit our campus last week and met Kuya J. It turns out Joseph is his real name. He told me stories related to my first post and "it" still plays around the auditorium.
Mhannerism (2 stories) (82 posts)
6 years ago (2016-04-26)
Hello, Venom_Snake

I think that the Niño you "saw" was an astral projection. At the time when you "saw" him walking, the real him must be feeling really hungry at the same time and can't stop thinking about going to 7-11 after he finish his work so he subconsciously astral project. (Does this make any sense?)


The doppelganger felt bad towards Niño so he/she decided to grab the food for him instead. 😆 😆

I always thought that seeing doppelgangers indicates bad omen. But I guess, nothing bad happened to your co-worker and Kuya J (from the previous post) right? Thank you for sharing! It slightly changed my views about doppelganger. ^^

Mhanne ❤

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