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My brushes with the supernatural have been few and far between. Rather than submit several very brief accounts, here are the best of the rest:

Projection: When I was a small child, probably no older than five, I noticed that I was standing several feet away from myself, watching myself play with Legos. I don't know how long I was standing there, observing, before I realized this was a situation that shouldn't be, and willed myself back into myself. The "reunion" was jarring and I remember feeling queasy. I never mentioned it to anyone and, as far as I remember, nothing like it ever happened again.

The Cemetery: Rockville boasts a small cemetery dating to the turn of the 18th century. The headstones are the Gothic variety, with winged skulls and morbid poetry ("as I am now, so you shall be" etc.) I visited one weekend with my camera - back in the 1980's, when we still used film - and photographed some of the more legible stones. I addressed each headstone before photographing it, explaining that I meant no disrespect and simply wanted to document the craftsmanship of their monument before it weathered beyond legibility.

When I had the film developed, everything before and after the cemetery came out perfectly. All of the headstone pictures were round, white blurs obscuring all but the far corners of the frame, which showed sky, grass, leaves, etc. It's entirely possible that I screwed up the F-stop, though that's a mistake I never otherwise made.

Ghosts: They appear in the most unlikely places, and never for long. I'll be driving or walking and see a pedestrian going about their business. Nothing odd in that, until I realize they're in out of date clothing and not entirely there (i.e. Missing feet or limbs). By the time I think to stare at the location where they'd just been, they're no longer visible. This has happened often enough for me to make a couple of additional observations: with few exceptions, women's clothing is detailed, while men's is not. Possibly because men aren't as fastidious about their fashion?

And there you have it.

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SomeCallMeTim (4 stories) (13 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-14)
Thanks for your input, everyone.

I tried projection once as an adult, but I believe what I witnessed was a lucid dream. As instructed, I concentrated my core into the third, psychic, eye that we're supposed to have in the center of our foreheads, and willed myself out of myself. What I "saw" was like a plane ride on fast-forward, with cities, towns, rivers, etc. Zipping past below me. I willed myself slower and found myself hovering over that most mundane of edifices, a large suburban shopping mall. The sun was just setting and a handful of employees were exiting the back doors into the parking lot.

I believe this was a lucid dream, as it was after 9:00 p.m. In Connecticut in mid-winter, meaning that, even on the West Coast, it would have been after 6:00 and the twilight I "saw" would have ended long before. I never repeated the experiment, as I worried that, if I really was out of my body, I was leaving an unprotected vessel at the mercy of whatever might want to take it for a spin.
skylark574 (2 stories) (11 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-11)
My father had once something like that happen to him. He was laying on bed with his phone in hand. In a second, he found himself standing near the bed post. He saw himself busy with the phone on bed. But, here comes the nasty part, he had no idea what to do, he just stood there numb and then, he was back.
shelbyloree (5 stories) (285 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-09)
I had something similar to your out of body experience - when I was about 7, my parents took us to Ripleys Believe It Or Not in Dallas. We walked by this very ornate Arabesque building and I suddenly had a shift in consciousness or something, not sure what to call it. As we walked by, I wasn't 'me' anymore, but thought myself a man walking in a long white dress through mountains of sand.

Then I snapped out of it and realized I was a very small girl, quickly becoming lost in a huge crowd of people. Panicked and found my mom. It didn't happen again, I assume it was a momentary past life flashback or something, but it scared me how the world just melted away for a second there.

I don't think we are as hard fast in our bodies as we assume we are, and maybe it takes practice to keep ourselves grounded. Little kids are still learning how to stay in the body and in the present maybe, and your sudden realization that oh, I shouldn't be looking at myself, popped you back in to where you were supposed to be.

The movie 'What The Bleep Do We Know' goes into this -being in two or more places at the same time- experience at the quantum level. Scientists have witnessed the same thing in two different places, although they're still hashing out how and why I think. Crazy movie, very informative.
Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-09)
Greetings, Tim:

Interesting detail about the clothing. (Can't upvote Miracles at the moment, so I'm just flat out agreeing with her.)

I am pretty fastidious about my clothing and personal style, but usually it's only while I'm getting dressed or if I'm entering an important environment; for the rest of the day, I don't think about my clothes much. I have been accused of being a Clothes Horse by my wife, and I do have over 80 neckties (been a while since I counted), but my brain focuses on other preoccupations and obligations throughout the day. These phantom pedestrians are acting just as they did in life; I honestly wish I could see them to compare notes with you.

Good Call, Tim.

Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
8 years ago (2016-09-08)
SomeCallMeTim - I like your theory about the clothing. I guess I've never given it a thought but that makes sense to me.

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