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Feeling Presences Everywhere - Part 1


So this is a continuation from my story Meeting My Great Grandmother I can't see ghosts but I can feel people (presences) and sometimes those people "aren't there".

When I was 16, I started feeling something unusual in my bedroom. I went to talk to my mother and explained to her what I was feeling and she taught me to "fight back" (to imagine myself in a circle of light where no one could enter) and it worked.

At that time, I told my mother what I had felt in my grandmother's house, at my old house, and at that house and she told me it wasn't only product of my imagination because she also felt the same strange things at the exact same spots.

By the time my mother moved out, I was left alone in that flat. It was strange at first but I soon got used to it. After several months, I started sensing a man always in front of my brother's bedroom and in front of the main bathroom. It grew to being something awfully annoying, especially when I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

I told a friend of mine what was happening and she asked me to put some incense around the house, which I did. Didn't help.

At that point I asked my mother and she told me that spirits are still part of people so all I needed was to talk to him. So one night, I sat myself in front of a Buddah statue I have (no, I'm not a religious person but I really needed something to give me courage to do that). I asked for protection and then called him to come... I started feeling him sitting on a bench behind me so I just asked him to go away because he was bothering and kind of making me feel bad. So he did.

I stopped feeling presences for a while. But that was just the time it got worst. By that time, my first friend started seeing ghosts and every time she told me about something I would know it's true because they were all the moments I was with her when I sensed something.

At home, I started sensing a young boy (10ish years old) in front of the bathroom and others in my mother's bedroom. But that kid would follow me until I closed myself in the living room so I started sleeping on the couch.

Some time after that, that friend came by and asked to sleep there because at her place it was even worst. I accepted and told her about what was happening. She told me it was only for 1 night and that she wasn't seeing anyone there.

The night passed without any issues. In the morning, she texted me "help me..." so I rush to the bedroom. She was crying her eyes out so I hugged her. I thought it was because of a break she was going through. I started sensing 3 guys between us and the door so I just held her until they went away. At that moment she calmed herself and she told me what happened.

Apparently, she woke up seeing all 3 of them watching her on her sleep. She was about to call me but than she saw her cousin (who had died a few years ago in a car accident) and she went completely mute and that's when she texted me. Her cousin disappeared the second I went into the room.

Later that day, we were just talking on the table and the Coke can just started moving on its own across the table. She saw the same thing and that was when we had it. She never set foot on that house ever again and a few months later, I moved out.

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RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-13)
When they become a nuisance like where you lived you should do a cleansing/shielding on where you live. A long standing well respected member named Rookdygin has such a method on his profile page.

You can tell them that it is your house and you would like them to leave. Be forceful but also protect yourself, like your mother taught you.

skylark574 (2 stories) (11 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-11)
Your story reminds of what my mother tells me. When I was young, I only wanted to be with my mother. Every other person scared me and I never used to leave my mother's side. But, when I became 4 things changed. My mother says, I started to sense a woman around myself. I would often look up and say words like I was talking to my mother. It got so bad that I stopped calling my mother 'mom' and called that female presence 'mom'. My mother was frightened because she too often felt the same presence. It lasted for an year and half. At end, I was taken to a priest who said it was a good spirit taking care of me. (I was un accepted child, quite a disappointment to my grandparents)
In your case, I seriously don't see why they would linger around and that too so many of them!
Reney175 (2 posts)
8 years ago (2016-09-09)
I have had the same experience of feeling an unseen presence around me. A few years ago, while sitting at my mother's dining room table with some church missionaries... Having a bible study... I felt that an unseen presence was near my mother's bookshelf. I could not concentrate on the bible study because all my concentration went towards that bookshelf and the books on the shelf. I felt like something else was there but unseen. After the bible study was over and I walk the missionaries to the front door... My mom had an open floor plan the dining room was still visable... We heard something fall to the floor. We all looked back and it was one of the books... It fell off the shelf. The books on her shelf were tightly packed together. The missionaries and I got in a circle and prayed for my protection because I was alone when they left. I went upstairs in a darkroom to bed. One missionary talked on the phone with me. Nothing bothered me the entire night. Prayer helps.

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