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Accidently Conjured A Spirit


Up to this point in my life I don't really remember seeing or sensing any thing paranormal.

So...When I was 14 I decided to get a library card for something to do during the summer. I am an only child, few friends and just generally would rather stay in and read.

I did the usual young teen stories, in particular the ones based on a mystery or ghost or some other creepy vibe.

Lately I had gotten into the habit of going upstairs to the adult floor. Those dark and shadowy aisles gave me a sense of comfort, I loved how the old books smelled and how the pages had yellowed. Sometimes I felt I was stepping into a time forgotten, surrounded by books that got pushed to the older part of the library when new, current and "fashionable" books arrived. At any reason I loved the older section.

One day I happened onto a section of books categorized as paranormal and occult. Hmm. Interesting me thinks. I checked a couple ghost stories out, went home and plunged right in. I soon realized I much preferred my parents be home when I was reading. Some scary stuff there for a 14 year old know nothing. I devoured all the "haunt"books in about a month.

So just casually one afternoon I went to my favorite section to see what I might have missed. No new books...except...wait, here's a new one. Aleister Crowley. So away I went with this book. Just thumbing through I saw some spells and such and was completely intrigued.

Back at home, I tore into the book. Actually I tore through the spells/chants for bringing the dead back to living, or talking to them or something. I was 14! I wanted to know about this magic stuff. Well,, it didn't take long.

At night I would wake up and hear what sounded like a room full of people just murmuring on. I couldn't make out one word that was being spoken. I started having a problem going to sleep. I was kind of freaked out. But I kept on reading.

Pretty soon my parents were noticing odd happenings. My mom worked very early mornings, she would be the only one up. Her morning routine was that she would bring her days clothes in the bathroom with her so that after showering they were right there. One particular morning she came around the corner to find pink kleenex wadded up on top of her clothes, folded on the counter. Nobody was awake but her.

Now this is about the craziest part of what happened. Our carpet was a greenish color, Sort of a flat carpet. Gradually over time I would notice these half moon shapes stained into the carpet. They would be in one area then the next day be somewhere else. Then we became aware of it in the living room. The dark stain SPELLED MY NAME. It was WEIRD. At that point my parents asked me to please stop reading those books. I did but odd things would still happen.

I wonder if I conjured some presence by reading out loud the invocations in the Crowley book.

There are a lot of other happenings if you would like me to post them.

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RedWolf (31 stories) (1292 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-14)

I think you should do Rooks cleansing/sheilding ASAP. If your mother is willing she should help so that it is done properly.

Not that you can't do it yourself but teens have a habit of taking shortcuts.

Enlightened1959 (8 stories) (118 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-12)
Hi Liv,

Yes! Please post them! And yes, you could have been conjuring things up... You may conjure something up that would be close to impossible to get rid of!

Thank you for sharing and I'm looking forward to more of your posts.
Argette (guest)
8 years ago (2016-11-11)
I would, too. It's never happened to me, although I have had my share of odd experiences.
DirtCreature (guest)
8 years ago (2016-11-11)
This story would be an example of why people (like Rook and all the awesome mods) have stressed in the past to not treat this stuff like a toy. When we are teenagers or just skeptical about this kind of stuff whether a ouija board or magic books, we can end up messing with stuff that we shouldn't. Waking up entities or things we shouldn't!

Thank you for sharing your story liv sunset:) I'd definitely like to hear your other experiences.

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