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Battlefield Ghost - Vicksburg


Wednesday, August 3, 2016. 1:40PM

The Siege of Vicksburg Battlefield

I decided to drive to Huntsville, Alabama for a weekend with some good friends. After arriving in Vicksburg, Mississippi and checking in at my hotel, I decided to on a tour of the Battlefield. I paid my $12.00 and drove through the gates. On either side of me were statues, plaques and engraved stones with names, dates, ranks and other important data. I was behind Union lines. It felt so strange to be there on an actual Civil War Battlefield. I didn't know what to expect.

It was a hot, clear Summer day. As I was drove slowly through the park, I would sometimes park, get out and take pictures of the area I was in. One area stated that I was in a place commanded by troops from Illinois. I came to a Civil War canon. I decided to get out of the car and get some photos of it. It was just outside a thicket of trees and brush aiming towards enemy lines. After turning on m camera, I looked up at the thicket of trees... And froze! There, just to my right few yards away was a Union Soldier. He was wearing blue and carried a rifle... And I could see right through him! He took a step and vanished! He did not seem to be aware of me. I am pretty sure it was a residual ghost. As I rounded a turn I saw hundreds of graves of the men who had fought and died there. As the afternoon dragged on, I decided to head back to my hotel but as I drove on, I got the feeling of being lost. I finally headed for the gate and headed for the hotel. I dictated all the facts into my iPhone because I couldn't get online last night.

This is the first battlefield ghost I have ever seen as well as my first residual ghost.

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twelveam (74 posts)
6 years ago (2016-11-20)
WOW Ghoster2K! INCREDIBLE! I was in a similar situation back in May of 2014. My mother and I went on a 3 day camping trip to the U.P. Of Michigan copper harbor area. We walked through a old army fort (I can't remember which fort it was at the moment) but we were there alone and my mother who is a psychic/medium saw the spirit of a young soldier come out of the blacksmith shed and disappear behind a tree! I WISH at that moment I was able to see that soldier spirit as well, but she was the only one looking in that direction. I was EXTREMELY EXCITED for what just happened even though I wasn't able to see it myself. Being there alone, just the 2 of us and that happening gave me the chills!

You were able to witness a great thing by seeing an apparition dating back to that era! Blessings to you, and I hope you get another chance to have another incredible experience!

DirtCreature (guest)
6 years ago (2016-11-19)
That is an amazing experience. Thank you for sharing, Ghoster. It's like a one in a lifetime chance to have that happen and witness the apparition whether residual or "intelligent".

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