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Was It Just A Hallucination?


I've been hard core into anything paranormal/supernatural/different my whole life. Every once in a while something strange will happen to me and I can't explain it. My mother will have... Dreams of events that have yet to happen then suddenly they're happening; I've never turned my nose up at an experience if I couldn't explain it.

Recently I moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend and our friend, it's a nice place, quaint apartment complex near the college but not too many kids live there. I fell in love with it because it's been there for forty years, they've just renamed it three times and updated the complexes as the years move on. A month into living at this new apartment something just didn't feel right, a dark force had been sitting around me whenever I'm in the apartment alone and my roommate finally admitted to feeling as if someone is watching him as he sleeps. Our cat, Elliott, is a fluffy older kitty who only meows when he wants attention or his litter changed, but when we moved into the apartment he started going crazy. He would randomly flip out in the middle of mine and my boyfriend's bedroom before running away and hiding.

My boyfriend tried to convince me it was just my paranoia, which, I guess is why I question myself with this experience-- I get sick, sometimes so sick I end up in a hospital for weeks on end but this time I was having fever dreams and headaches that could make me want to curl into a ball and cry it all away. My boyfriend broke one day and asked my mom for some medicine, my mom has strong prescription pills for a occipital nerve complication. I took them and tried to sleep;I was lying in our bed my brain exploding and my body begging for me to close my eyes and fall asleep. I was so close to caving in when I saw my bedroom door open, but it wasn't open, and I could hear Elliott hissing on the other side. I kept shaking my head, and my boyfriend trying to wake him up to prove that what I was seeing was happening.

There was a tall man in a blue jean jacket with blue jeans and blonde hair. He had his back to me and he stood in our doorway, but again there was no way he could have been because the "open" door was closed. I was silently screaming for my boyfriend to wake up when the man bent over to pick something up, our cat hissed and he was gone.

That was a month a half ago today--I scared my roommate so much with this he threw away his satanic bible, him and my boyfriend saged our apartment and I sit and count every strange thing that happens to me. My boyfriend believes it was a hallucination, I was sleep deprived with medicine I wasn't use to in my system but it was so real. It felt so real.

Was it a hallucination? Or is someone really in my apartment...God, I need help.

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classy_life13 (2 stories) (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-03)
Thank all of you so much, I've constantly just felt like I'm teetering on the edge of insanity because I have no proof if any of the things that have ever happened to me is real or if I'm going insane.
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-02)
I've read both of your stories and I like Manafon's take on things. It doesn't seem like the presence you have experienced means any ill, though it's only human to feel a bit unnerved by something so unusual.

I'd say anything you can do right now to reduce stress in your life - do it:) From working on relationships to finally organizing that closet to taking up some kind of activity that will act as a release for you whether it's something you do by yourself or with others - something physical (jogging, swimming, an aerobics class, a self-defense course) or something more creative or restive (writing, painting, sketching, journaling, an art class, meditation) - or some of both. Stress makes everything worse and weakens the body physically and emotionally.

I'd definitely try a cleansing (there are methods online as well as well-known members here who have posted their own methods) and try to get the whole household involved - if you can't, no worries, do it by yourself for your own peace of mind:-) Some methods are pretty involved, others are quite simple - I'd start with the simple stuff like blessing each room with positive thoughts and burning sage (I have also used a white Saint candle from the grocery store in a pinch... I live next to a mass grave, the need to cleanse tends to pop up now and then). In my opinion, the most important element of any method is how it resonates with you - the more faith you have in it, the stronger it is. I would recommend a follow-up to the cleansing like an oil diffuser or scent machine loaded with sage or lavender oil - to keep you surrounded by that sense of positivity and protection (they're also known to reduce stress).
Bella16 (8 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-20)
This must be terribly scary.
It might have been an hallucination, but maybe you could get a priest to bless your house just for precaution. Then you'd have elliminated all possibilities. Also, praying you give you a lot of relief, too. It might make you feel better, I'd reccomend you to do that.

I hope you get better.
Manafon1 (7 stories) (717 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-19)
Hi classy_life13--What you experienced may have indeed been caused by a lack of sleep and meds. However, because your cat was also reacting to something, I believe what you experienced was a specific type of hallucination. I've mentioned this theory on this site many, many times but it might help to explain it to you in detail to put you at ease. The great psychical researcher and author G.N.M. Tyrell wrote a very important book on the subject of apparitions, which was titled, not surprisingly, "Apparitions". In a nutshell, Tyrell theorizes that an agent, in this case the consciousness of a deceased (or living) person sends a generalized message to the mid-level constituents of the recipients subconscious. Tyrell introduces the concepts of "The Producer" and "The Stage Carpenter", "which may be thought of as psychological constituents of the percipients personality, constituents of it which operate in a quasi-autonomous manner below the level of consciousness."

Without going into exhaustive detail, Tyrell believes that the "agent" in conjunction with those mid-level constituents of the percipients subconscious, create what he describes as an "apparitional drama". In your case this drama was a man standing with his back to you in a doorway that was "open", even though in reality it was closed. In other words you quite possibly experienced a "telepathic apparition."

I read a case study (from 1890) that has some striking parallels with your experience. Two brothers (who lived above and worked in their fathers pharmacy) were sleeping in the same room (they were 19 and 23 respectively) and on two occasions saw an apparition of a man in a nightshirt "open" a door that was in reality shut. On the second occasion, to quote one of the brothers, "The bedroom door was shut all night... And I was lying awake when I saw the door open and someone peep round. I thought it was one of our assistants come for a lark to pull me out of bed (as we do those kinds of tricks sometimes); however, I lay still, and then the door seemed to open wide, so I leaned out of bed to give it a hard push and everything vanished, and I nearly fell out of bed." Like you experienced, the figure and the "open" door were part of the apparitional drama that you and your cat experienced.

In essence, if what you quite possibly saw was a telepathic apparition and you have nothing to fear. You are not in any danger. Hopefully, in time, you can just consider yourself lucky to have experienced the rare occurrence of witnessing a full body apparition! Welcome to YGS by the way!
RANDYM (2 stories) (266 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-19)
Classylife 13

Hello and welcome to YGS

It may have been real but I would be very cautious of labeling something as paranormal while even having a normal sleep. Now when you toss in being sleep deprived and some strong medication on top of it I think for this particular event I would write it off. I know from being a sufferer of sleep paralysis and sometimes very vivid dreams how real something can seem, but I also know my wittle brain can really make things appear real when they are not.

Hope you get better

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