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The Spirit Of An Overdosed Man


I have another story to share just before New Year. It was a summer night during August around evening time. I came back home and my sister was watching television with Henrique on her lap.

I went in the kitchen and prepared for dinner as usual. Oh, by the way my sister cooks as her job and so I will do the cooking just to let her rest at home. I bought some vegetarian curry from an Indian restaurant take-out and cooked some udon noodles to make our favorite dish, Curry Udon. To balance up I also prepared a Tomato Sauced Crab (No, we are not rich, my sister brought the crab back from the restaurant where she worked, the owner somehow gave it to her).

Well, basically we were celebrating since we did not have crabs in a long while. We planned to call some friends in, but for only 1 crab? No.

We laughed and chit-chatted, and realized that we have not had dinner with each other for a long time. That moment I smelt an aroma of the cachaça, a Brazilian beverage made of distilled sugar cane juice. No, we did not drink that night because I have to ride my sister to work the next morning (5am! No way will I drink). I thought that smell of cachaça was from our neighbor, and did not care much about it.

My sister was fast asleep after a shower. I stayed up and did some work. That night I have receive a call from one of my friend asking me if I can fix an old Microwave for his parents, again I smelt the cachaça, since it was stronger this time I thought that it was my sister drinking alone in her room. I hung-up the phone and went to my sister's room, she was asleep and I saw no cups or bottles, no way she will be drinking.

I went back to the living room and saw that our dust bin was flipped opened. I thought it was Henrique wanting the left-over of the crab. He was hiding on top of our cat tower as if he was afraid of me yelling at him (same as usual cats when they did some naughty- naughty).

I did not yell or get mad, I was still wondering where the smell came from. I cleaned up the mess and took a shower, during my shower time I smelt the cachaça again, as if someone drunk came in the bath room. Of course there was nobody.

The next day, after I ride my sister to her work place, I went to meet up with my friend to fix an old microwave for his parents. That afternoon I was rushed to the hospital due to an electric-shock.

Sorry it took long but this was weeks later. When my sister came home and smelt the cachaça, "Bêbado babaca!" (drunken ass*ole! Sorry for the language) She yelled as she walked in the living room, I looked at her puzzled and remembered about the cachaça smell that I smelt, I asked her if she smelt it too. She was surprised to see me not having any drinks at all. She told me that someone must have been drinking in our house and told me to call the flat owner. I told her that I have been smelling the smell before I went to the hospital.

I did not cared much since I thought my neighbor was a heavy drinker, as long as he did not do anything affecting our life I am OK with it. My sister yelled from her room that her closet was in a mess she asked me if Henrique has been messing up in her closet. Henrique with that puzzled emotion, and I knew that Henrique would never go into my sister's room since it is always very messy.

I joked that it might be the drunken man then I suddenly heard a mysterious cough, I thought somebody else was with my sister and asked her if she has brought home her boy friend (no, she is single). She rushed out with her very undone room wear with half of her make-up washed.

"Eu vi um fantasma?" (Did you see a ghost?) I joked again. I realize that my sister was shaking as if someone put some ice in her shirt. I rushed in thought that if really someone else is at home. I checked every room in our house and saw nobody. I asked my sister what happened and she told me that she thought someone was behind her.

I called the flat owner and told him the issue; he seemed not surprised at all. He told me that he needed some time and that he will be calling us back.

Months later, which was today, I received a call from the flat owner, he told me to meet him in a restaurant during lunch time, and so I did.

"Seu vizinho tem algumas notícias tristes" (your neighbor have some sad news) he started. He told me that the grandfather of our neighbor was found overdose com álcool (drank too much alcohol overdosed?). The police found 8 empty bottles of cachaça in his own home. Our neighbor was called by the police and went to the city where his grandfather lived.

For now the smell had stopped and we are having normal life probably because I went to the shaman or maybe because the spirit has finally rest in peace with my neighbor's help?

Sorry it is long, but I found it eerie because really for now we have not smelt the cachaça smell anymore, and no more strange things had happened. I don't know what to say about it and so I thought I need to share this to you all. Thanks for reading.

Love from São Paulo


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roylynx (guest)
7 years ago (2017-02-01)
Hey guys! I don't know if anyone is still interested in this story, we got bonus or a really short part 2.

My neighbor rang our door saying that they were catching a very strong smell of alcohol and thought that we are painting the house or something. We were not. We shared the story of us smelling the cachaça. Our neighbor doesn't seem to know that spirit (cachaça) and he realize that it sounded familiar, he went off then (spooked?). So... The smell was not from our neighbor, one problem solved.

This time we did not smell the cachaça though, but I was wondering if he kept his grandfather's belongings with him now, because you know those smell could be from the belongings.

Oh yes, we have not re-new our home yet but is planning to on March or some days after I visit my father.

roylynx (guest)
7 years ago (2016-12-29)
Rookdygin; Well, we drink occasionally at home but both me and my sister don't drink cachaça, my sister love sweets so most of the time weak cocktails or fruity beers. Our building is made of concrete we do own some wooden furniture but we like bamboo more, and yes, bamboo do expend too like wood, so if there will be any possibility that someone had spilt cachaça on some of our furniture, maybe.

Thanks again for the ideas yes I don't really believe that the neighbor's grandfather had come to us, there is no reason for that at all? We (I meant me and my neighbor), never talked to each other at all, maybe just hello and good evening LOL

Anyhow, it is getting better now, after the rainy season we might need to re-new our home there are full of Henrique's "trade-marks" LOL

Hopefully after that we will never smell the cachaça again.

rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-28)
I understand completely.

Another thing... You mention the smells you 'catch' from your neighbors... Well smells can get 'captured in wood, especially if its untreated... Wood will absorb smells and then when conditions are right the smell will be released... Say a hot humid night when the wood expands due to the warmth and moisture in the air. Cigar/Pipe smoke can be smelled on walls and in the case of wooden floors I can imagine the smell of a strong drink, that was spilled and allowed to soak in rather than cleaned up quickly, may be released.

Just a few possible alternative ideas.


roylynx (guest)
7 years ago (2016-12-28)
OCGirl; I thought so too reading so many stories and doing pretty much researches, I find that spirits do get confused or want attention in some form. Thanks for reminding!

Rooldygin; How glad am I to see you commenting! I can smell the neighbor randomly every time they cook or even during mornings when some of them is doing their business in the toilet lol
Well, the cachaça smell maybe quite recently like really 3 or 4 months ago? Around August time the when the weather became hot again. And yes, I had to say that when the police found his grandfather he has been dead for at least 3 or 4 weeks your explanation makes a lot of sense!
I wanted to ask more about this but, you know, it is something really sad happened to a person so it's really hard for me to do a further "research" like other cases. I hope you understand the situation.

Love from São Paulo
rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-28)
How long did you smell the aroma of this drink in your home?

I ask because in some cultures they believe there is a certain amount of time that needs to pass before the spirit of someone who has died can cross over from the physical world to the spirit world.

It varies from Country to Country, and not everyone believes this, but if this is part of the belief system of the individual that has passed then they may have 'hung around; until they thought they had a 'clear path' to cross over from the physical world to the spirit world. (hope that makes sense).


OCGirl (4 stories) (64 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-27)
So sad but very intriguing.

Maybe the grandfather was in your home because he was either confused or his grandson wasn't paying attention as in not catching on there was a spirit in his home.

Thanks for sharing
roylynx (guest)
7 years ago (2016-12-25)
RCRuskin; Oh I am sorry! I was at the middle of answering you LOL
Forget about the below comment.
Well, yes as lady-glow had commented, it is hard to tell if there is a spirit there, my sister hates air conditioners so her windows were opened as always. Just that sorry for that, was busy and still busy inside my mind LOL

roylynx (guest)
7 years ago (2016-12-25)
RCRuskin; Well, as lady-glow had stated, yes, it is hard to say if there is a spirit there or not. Open window yes her window is always opened since she do not like having the air conditioner on, and he feels that it is still too cool to switch it on. Perhaps next time I shall think a little harder LOL

Lady-glow; I understand the confusion; the flat owner (landlord?) was investigating the situation there were a couple of times that we see him wondering in the building.
Our neighbor has been away for a while and I think he was waiting for them to come back. Also, we are 2 busy people (I mean we always not at home whenever the flat owner visits, bad timings) so it is often hard for him to come into our house to do some investment.
Yes, we do have problems as you have stated because I think our "air hole" is connected. We live in a flat too big for a single person in average but too small for a family. There are 3 houses in each block, each house have one open kitchen with living space, 2 small bed rooms and a store room (or 3 bed rooms if you wish). It's a pretty good place but the "air hole" is problematic. I am used to it though.
We live at the third floor and only 2 houses are occupied, no, not because of haunting tales etc, we live in a good place. My sister moved in too because it was very close to her working place, now that she have changed her working place its 20 minutes by car.

Well, for the smell, cachaça have a very unique smell, I know it's kind of explainable that it might be the smell from the outside; very unexpectedly the death of my neighbor's grandfather is due to the same liquor so I was kind of surprised, well it's a popular drink especially for old people so it might just be an coincident.

Senhora, you sure know Brazil! LOL
Yes, usually June to mid-August time its winter, but it will not snow here. It was early this year to become hot, but there were still cool weather around mid-September, it's odd these days. Is it confusing if I describe hot nights as summer nights? Sorry about it.

Thanks again for reading and do let me know if there can be a solution LOL

Love from São Paulo
lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-24)
Hi, roylynx.

"I called the flat owner and told him the issue; he seemed not surprised at all. He told me that he needed some time and that he will be calling us back."

Do you mean the landlord was aware of the other tenant's grandfather's death and the surrounding circumstances at the time you called complaining about the smell in your house and before your meeting?
Did any other of the tenant/s report having an experience similar to yours?
Could you provide more details about the building? Is it possible that, like RCRuskin suggests, the smell came from the other apartment, perhaps from an AC vent, an open window, etc? Same possibilities for the coughing sound?
Are the walls well insulated? Just after we got married, my husband an I were renting the basement suite of a house and the landlord once said that the aroma of the Mexican food I used to prepare were mouthwatering. Do you think it possible for something like that to have happened in your case?
Would it be possible that your neighbor took into drinking for a short period around the time of his grandfather's death?

The truth is, it is hard to say if there's a ghost in your apartment or if the smell of alcohol could have a more natural explanation.

Thanks for sharing.

By the way, isn't winter in Sao Paulo from June to August?
RCRuskin (9 stories) (826 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-24)
A very sad tale. I remember reading a store, not sure if it was on this site, of some ghosts of deceased drug addicts hanging around with users/abusers, and the witnessed stating they saw the ghosts enter into the addicts at times. (Trying to get a hit or the feeling of a hit in the afterlife? The hells we make for ourselves.)

I'm wondering, since your neighbor drank, it might not have been a ghost, just the smell of liquor from his house, or was it a ghost of his grandfather checking in on his relative?

Feliz Natal

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