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I had a few strange occurrences happen in a flat I stayed in for a few months, in Inverness, Scotland.

It's important to note that if one of them happened I would have not thought anything of it.

The first incident I was in bed and I heard someone come in the flat and then people talking and what sounded like background noise from the TV. Then they stopped talking and left. I assumed it was my flatmate and his girlfriend (who usually stayed at hers) but the next time I saw him he assured me it wasn't them. I must have asked him 10 times as I thought it could only have been him.

One night I woke up and I was lying on top of the covers (when I had gone to bed under my bed covers) and I was lying on my front across-ways the bed (which I have never done). It felt like someone was holding me down by my arms and when I said to get off I 'felt' something retreat to the corner of the room. I know this sounds very typical of sleep paralysis and I am not saying it isn't. But I've had sleep paralysis once or twice since before and its been a more generic experience not like this in the manner which I woke. When I checked the room there was no one there.

Subsequent nights I would sense someone in the room and even feel someone sitting on the end of the bed but it didn't feel threatening. I remember feeling strangely warmed or reassured by it when I would have thought I would be terrified.

Then came the messages. I got a text message one evening at 9.30 on a Friday night. It was a picture message and it was from my sister's phone number except it wasn't a picture per se. It was two large words made up of pixels reading: GUESS WHO?

Thinking my sister was just partaking of an alcoholic beverage on a Friday night and being funny I just ignored. I then got the same message the next day around lunchtime so I rang my sister and she confusingly explained she hadn't sent the two messages. The following Friday night at 9.30 again, I got the GUESS WHO? Message again.

I had to move out soon after as I was moving to another city to work. I did have a very vivid scary dream the first night I stayed in the new location of something pursuing me and I was woken by what felt like someone poking me with a finger, but again I didn't think too much of that. A medium I told the story to advised I had lost an item of jewellery (I lost a watch in the flat!) And she (as in the spirit) didn't like me burning candles. Which I don't normally do or have since, the flat had some candle holders on the wall. And she wanted to tell me something. But I take all of that as a pinch of salt. Nothing has happened since in any other places I've stayed in and I'm not sure what to make of it.

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