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The Boy In My Room


I once lived in an older house, approx 100 years old, that had been made into 2 apartments. I lived in the upper 2 floors. The 2nd floor was the main living area with a living room, a large kitchen, 1 full and 1 half bath and 2 bedrooms. There was a door between the main bedroom and living room that led to an attic room on the 3rd floor that had been converted into a large open room. The stairs bisected the room, to the right was my bedroom, to the left I had set up as a sitting room. The stairs leading up to the room were included in the room-my bedroom door was at the foot of the stairs. I had quite a few odd experiences in the time I lived there but this was one of the most memorable.

One night, I had gone up to my room to read before bedtime. I read for about an hour, then turned out the bedside lamp, snuggled in to sleep. At about the same time, I heard the door to my room open. The 3rd step from the bottom creaked when you stepped on it and I heard that too. I was lying on my left side which means the stairs were behind me. I had 2 roommates at the time. If I received a phone call after I went up to bed, 1 girl would ask the caller if they needed them to disturb me and if not, she would just take a message, the other girl would just come into my room. Both would come about halfway up the stairs, then whisper my name. If it was the first girl, I'd answer if I were awake, the second I wouldn't just because I didn't necessarily want to be bothered for a phone call that wasn't important. I laid there waiting for one of them to say my name but no one did. A little alarmed, I rolled over to see who had come into my room. At the top of the stairs there stood a young boy. He was facing forward, so facing the wall and I was looking at his right side. He had dark hair with a pageboy type haircut, a dark, short jacket (brown, I think), pants that ended just below his knee, light colored stockings with ankle boots. I was shocked and sat up on the side of the bed and asked out loud... How did you get in my room? He slowly turned his head and looked at me, then just... Twinkled out. The only thing I can compare it to was it was like a sparkler. He just twinkled then disappeared.

My mind was reeling and all I could think was to get downstairs to my roommates. I ran so fast down the stairs that I stumbled as I turned the doorknob and fell out the door into the living room floor. Both roomies were watching tv and I asked them how they did that. They asked what did we do, and I said... How did you get that boy in and out of my room like that? One went to get me a glass of water, the other had me sit down on the couch and I told them what had just happened. They denied that anyone had opened my door or gone up my stairs and told me I was just dreaming but I had not been asleep, so I know I wasn't dreaming.

I never saw the boy again but had many more experiences in that house. I had friends who thought I was nuts to stay there but it never felt threatening, I just felt like I was just sharing their space with them.

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Ceekat (3 stories) (11 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-12)
Thanks all for the comments. I did get the impression that he was from some time in the 1800s by the way he was dressed. Although his appearance in my room startled me at the time, I was never afraid to be in my room or to sleep up there. I never picked up on anything negative in that or any of the other experiences I had in that house, although I was startled another time or two. I did have friends who were nervous about coming over but only those of us who lived there ever had experiences, as far as I know.
I lived in that house for quite a few years before my landlord got engaged and decided to turn it back into one big home for he and his bride. They broke up in less than a year and the house was either sold or is being rented, either way, he doesn't live there anymore. Every time I pass by I want to stop and ask the current residents if they've experienced anything but I'm not sure that everyone is able to have experiences, plus I see young children in the yard so don't want to put ideas in anyone's head & scare them.
matrix899 (1 stories) (67 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-11)
Hi Ceekat,

Thanks for sharing your experience. The most remarkable part of your account is the fact that the ghost/apparition seemingly reacted to your question by slowly turning his head and "winking" out.

Your detailed description is quite interesting and gives one the impression that he is from a bygone time. It sounds like someone you would see in a movie about the 1800s. I feel certain that your detailed description can help someone put a date to his mode of dress.

I have read enough of these accounts to know that a ghost reacting to a living human is a rare occurrence.
Elrond (3 stories) (38 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-11)
Ceekat, Loved your story, especially that the boy turned toward you when you called out. Your apartment sounds like it was a great place. I have lived in old buildings since I left my parents' home in the suburbs many years ago. I can't bring myself to move to a more modern home.
Manafon1 (6 stories) (712 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-11)
Hi Ceekat--Your account of the apparition of a boy standing at the top of the stairs in your room was fantastic. It's such nicely detailed descriptions of apparitions, like yours, that makes this site so worthwhile.

I have read many very similar encounters with apparitions and even the way the little boy's apparition "twinkled out" is an often reported detail. The brevity of your encounter with the little boy is also a regularly reported aspect that is mentioned frequently in psychical literature. The two times I have seen an apparition, they were there one second and then gone the next. What makes your account of particular interest is that the boy seemed to hear your question, as he turned his head towards you after you asked how he got in your room. This suggests he was aware of his immediate surroundings.

You had a rare interaction with a full bodied apparition and, not surprisingly, it left a big impression on you. The details of what the boy looked like prove that! Although alarming when it happened, I hope you are now happy he appeared to you.

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