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I studied in a private school near our City Circle as a child. That private school was built on once-an-ancestral-house that was once a cemetery lot before. Now it's already a 2 sizes of a building side by side. Now at the time of my story it was once a one sized building. But my first ghost experience happened when I was still 3rd (or was it 4th?) grade.

As I was often bullied in class I was always left alone with my best friend at that we were just talking when suddenly my male classmates (this group who were though cute & popular are never nice; they're group are the ones who bullied me from 3rd grade-5th grade) came bursting out the door perspiring & scared (some look like they were ready to pee in their pants;*giggle*) shouting "MAY MULTO! MAY MULTO! MAY MULTO SA SCI LAB! (There's a ghost! There's a ghost! There's a ghost in the sci lab) "...Now our old science lab was located near the CR of the second floor at the end of the corridor near the modern stairs. It was at the part of the original staircase of that old ancestral house that was preserved so you can see the old floor & the beautiful staircase connecting 1st floor to 3rd floor inside. In front of that Sci lab that is separated by a gate wall, just a few inches apart (enough for kids like me to hide at the back) was a statue of St. Thereese of Luseiux, our school's patron (Ironically I was born in a Thereesian Hospital, baptized in a Thereesian church & finally have studied in a Thereesian School). And me at that time innocent (thanks for being outcast-ed by the batch) as I was, I can't help but to laugh at their face (Who wouldn't? High & mighty guys that acted as if they are invincible are scared?)...In the end, I can't help but ask what they saw from some of my classmates who aren't afraid to talk to me.

They told me that they saw a woman in a white dress crying at our Sci Lab sink. Some who also saw it a different time after them the girl was standing with her back turned somewhere at the corner. Different locations at different times, but always having her face covered & unseen...

So after an hour in class, naturally, I got curious. I can't remember what questions came to my head, but all I remember was me racing my hand asking if I can go out to the CR. I was allowed & so I went and of course I glanced at the CR but no one's there of course... For the sake, I peed then checked again. As I did one of my old classmates came out of the boy's room & said "Hinahanap mo siya no? Tumitig ka lang sa Sci lab ng 5 secundo tsaka mo siya makita... (Looking for her aren't you? Stare at the Sci lab for 5 seconds & you'll see her) "...He then left.

I started to do as he had told. I counted silently but before I reached 4 (Like I was ready to raise my 4th finger), she appeared. But what was strikingly odd was unlike my batch mates who had seen her (with her face always covered), she appeared to me ironically next to St. Thereese (in my peripheral view but still inside the Sci lab) as if she's staring at me. Yet her face, I can't make out as if she had no face. I stared for 2 counts before I turned my back & ran.

I told my mom about it & she told me that soul had probably once carried a heavy sin & had appeared to us asking prayers & she (the ghost) showed to me face-gate-to-face because since I was pure (before) thus was closer to God.

A year later they renovated that area & turned it into a teacher's area. Then 6 months later (weird), they turned it into a longer corridor with 2 classrooms.

The next experience I am about to tell you is not mine. Rather it's a classmate's experience when we were Grade 6. She was a part of the popular kids with a dream to become a model. At that time I was starting to shine as a smart kid & had just won a Pilipino Essay contest in our batch (But I didn't make it into the year levels; A 4th grade won).

So the incident happened in the area where the 2nd comfort room had once been located. It's just a short corridor right near a water fountain that is right next a huge gate. Outside the gate was our old parking lot. Everyday we always go there (Me & my 2 best-est friends; sometimes with my other best friends) to take care of our plants that were once our 1st trimestral (or was it 2nd?) project. We fell in love with at first our plants but later at the weed planted beside our plant (Heck it was a large seed! As kids we were hoping to make it grow into a tree...). So at the time of the incident we had just returned from visiting our Still-not-growing plant & our Now-weak-once-a-project Tomato plants. When after 5 minutes of listening to my classmates talk (I was reading my Reading book), her group came. And she was crying & shaking (more of the crying later shaking). My classmates tried to comfort her but she almost didn't stop until our teacher came in & comforted her. Our teacher asked what was wrong & her friends replied that she saw a ghost at the last stall (They were once 5 stalls there lined up together for each comfort room & a toilet bowl low enough for 1st graders to pee on). They pulled her out of there crying & the boys (the group of my old bullies) checked but saw nothing. As soon as she stopped the class resumed for 2 hours.

I can't help but notice shaking lightly & staring soullessly at the whiteboard. As soon as the class ended she shook as if possessed in her chair. Well I expected her to be really possessed but fortunately she wasn't. I can't remember what happened next. All I remember was that my classmates & her friends surrounded her confused & perplexed as I was. And our adviser was there too (To check our "diaries" that are our assignment list book, as usual) yet unlike some of us who are almost panicking (and me suggesting in a loud voice "Maybe she's getting possessed" earning me mean-full stares from her friends & some questionable ones from some of my classmates & friends).

All I remember the next day & 4 more days, she was absent. I tried asking about the details the day after the incident but I got it a week after. As soon as she opened the stall, a woman with red eyes, looking dead with her hair flying around (as if electrocuted) with feet not touching the ground in a black dress. My mom said that was an Aswang. Unfortunately for her she was face to face with that ghost.

So yeah, as soon as she returned (My classmates who had the experience), things were back to normal, except for one thing. Every time we are forced to use that comfort room, the coward ones never & would always avoid to pee there while some of the brave ones well do a double check on that stall but not one of us who had known or had heard about the incident would go alone into that comfort room In the end a year after we graduated the area was renovated to add a new building in our old parking area so our old school got wider. Sometimes I go there (Since my 2 brothers study there; one is still studying there) I reminiscent my old experience & my old life thinking it would be fun to study there again...

To be honest the first story I told you was my first personal paranormal experience. The rest of my paranormal experiences happened when I was asleep or unconscious. In total I have 3 personal paranormal experiences that I shall tell you in my following visits (or when I have the time to do so). But most of it, let's just say it's my mom who had the first hand encounter & experience... So tata! Until the next time!じゃ また!

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The_Banker (5 stories) (16 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-30)
I got confused reading the story because of too much side stories. Anyway, cool story! I too, have handful of stories when I was in my teen years, especially in our school way back in Elem and HS since our school is beside an old church and cemetery
KikiGirl (8 stories) (207 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-28)
MariaAthenaKYu, what an interesting story! I do not have much knowledge in Philippine folktales and folklore but I can tell you what I do know:
There are three types of "general" ghosts
*A person who passed away suddenly and does not realize he/she is dead ie. Died by stepping on a landmine, by guillotine or a sudden unexpected heart attack. They have not yet moved on. They have not yet processed their death and they appear lost and confused - Like a ghost who warns you not to go to the cemetery because someone is being buried. Later, you find out that the lady who told you not to go to the burial was the lady who was being buried! She had actually died and was talking to you as a ghost. There is a story like this somewhere on this site.
*A person who "clings" to their life and/or old routine after death for example. Ghosts that do the exact same routine daily. Every day, you will find a certain cupboard open or you hear the same footsteps at the same time every night.

The ghost you encountered could have died somewhere near the labs, and it was such that she still lingers there. Every now and again, with or without the ghost/s permission, we will get a peak into their world.

I hope to hear from you in the future!

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