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Oh where do I begin. You might call me crazy but I feel like my dreams talk to me. Especially when it comes to death. It all started with my father.

June of 2009 I had a dream of a funeral home. My father was in a coffin dressed in the same clothes we buried him in. My sister and mother were crying hysterical and I was standing over his coffin and saw him breathing. I saw the cross that was in his coffin but the numbers were a blur. I remember telling them "he's not dead yet, he's still breathing". Behind me I heard a strange voice whisper 10 10 10. After that night I had anxiety attacks, I was terrified of what was to happen after all my dad had heart disease there was so much that could happen. A month later he had a cardiac arrest but survived for a few months and sadly passed away January 10, 2010 at 10 p.m.

Feb 2010 I saw my father in my dream standing in my kitchen with a tall man dressed in black. The thing about the tall man was he looked very familiar. Like a guy I knew. When he looked at me he looked so sad like he didn't want to be there. I didn't quite understand. March I saw him walk in my store and I wondered should I tell him I saw him in my dream. NAH. He would think I was crazy. I should have, cause a month later I heard he had a heart attack at the hospital and died.

The last one I don't remember when I saw it only it was before as always. I saw a grave in my basement with no name only a date. 5-24. That was my husbands birthday so I freaked out. Until I found out what that date meant. Sadly on May 24, 2016 my sister's Father in Law passed away.

Most of the time I hate going to sleep cause I am afraid of seeing these types of dreams. My mother told me that my grandfather kind of was the same way. Can I return this gift or whatever it is back? Why can't I dream of the winning lotto numbers.

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Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-13)
Greetings, Strangers.

Your dreams may well be genuine precognition, but the *manner* of precognition is so jumbled up in your narrative that I suspect you're well on your way to blocking them out already. Rook is right that there are ways to shut this down, but --as with many abilities, feelings, and beliefs-- sometimes it creates a different set of issues (repressed anger becoming sarcastic humor, etc.) for you to manage.

First, you should be made aware that dreaming of the future is not an unusual phenomenon. A surprisingly high number of people have had precognitive dreams, though the information in the dreams isn't always of particular significance (e.g.: "my cousin will call me tomorrow" but when she calls, it's just a friendly, catching-up chat). Sinister/foreboding precognitive dreams are less common, but they do allow the dreamer to change his/her behavior toward the person who is to be the victim of an accident, to suffer a loss, or to die. If the dream is a valid precognitive event, the dreamer cannot change what will happen; the future event *must* occur for the dream to have any significance.

Please note that your dreams share the characteristic that they apparently warn you of an impending death. However, as the numbers & information have to be interpreted or evaluated differently in each dream, this is a more random pattern that could be a combination of genuine precognition and of *petitio principii* (begging the question fallacy). Your dream about your father included the information "10 10 10." While I do wish to be sympathetic to your feelings (he was your father, and it's natural to have some emotional reactions to his death years after the event), there was no indication in your dream that this would occur in January; if the information had been arranged in an accurate description for you, it should have been "at 10pm on 01/10/10."

Your second dream had your father returning to show you the imminent death of a customer. Your decision *not* to tell him is understandable; what, exactly, could you have said to him? In this case, your father did not give you any specific information, such as the date and cause of death. Telling someone that he or she is going to die is *always* going to be an accurate statement. That person may have mere hours left, or another three decades, but --eventually-- he or she will stop.

Knowing that *someone* (potentially with a connection to your basement) was going to die on 5/24 was interesting, but it lacked the details to make it useful. Were you particularly close to your sister's father-in-law? (I like my brother's father-in-law; please don't mis-read that question as sarcasm!) Did he do any work in your basement (repair the furnace, rewire the circuit breakers)? If not, was there any reason for you to connect the date to sister's father-in-law? As he did die on 5/24, is there a reason that you only got two numbers instead of three? Your father wasn't present in this dream, so I cannot see a connection to help you predict who was going to die. Now, it could be that this third event is a simple matter of looking at the events that occurred on the date in question and finding the connection afterward. That process is called "begging the question" because you presume that the point to be made ("I have dreams that predict deaths") is valid by finding facts (the death of your sister's father-in-law) that support the initial claim ("he died on the date I had a dream about, so the dream must have predicted *his* death").

I'm not trying to undermine your description of the events, but I AM trying to provide an objective viewpoint for you to consider all of the facts. I have had multiple precognitive events in my life, many of them when I was a child. I knew that on Thursday nights I would dream/predict what movie was going to be played on the following Monday night. We would all spend time together as a family and watch the movie, which is the only reason this was important to me; knowing in advance what the movie would be (every week from about ages 4-to-6) gave me a sense of security, but it was not *important* information. As I grew up, I began to get far more specific details in sleep-state precognitive events, but the number of events diminished dramatically. I can now tell the difference between predictions and ordinary dreams, but I seldom have these experiences. What was the common factor for your dreams that led you to believe that each of the three was a precognitive event and not just an ordinary dream? I believe that your first two events were connected, but I'm having trouble seeing how the third one makes any sense. What distinguished this dream from ordinary dreaming, other than learning about your sister's father-in-law's death **afterward**?

My other query is about your statement, "My mother told me that my grandfather kind of was the same way." Would you please elaborate upon this? Did he predict relatives' deaths, also? Did he want to lose the ability to see the future?

Thanks for clearing up the details for me, here. I'm genuinely interested in your situation and would like to offer any helpful advice I can, but I would not be comfortable making any suggestions without the additional information. Something is nagging at the back of my mind, and I'd like to see where it leads...

rookdygin (24 stories) (4458 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-09)
"Why can't I dream of the winning lotto numbers."

There seems to be a UNIVERSAL LAW that states these type of Gifts CANNOT be used for PERSONAL GAIN (Yes you can 'make a living' contacting Spirits or doing readings for individuals as long as that is your sole means of support but no 'instant rich schemes').

As far as 'returning it' it's possible to 'close yourself off' from things like this... It takes some time a effort but it can be done...

First though, is dreaming of individuals 'passing' dates the only thing you are experiencing, or is there more?



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