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This incident happened when I was 19 years old and pregnant with my first child.

I never believed in superstitious beliefs during that period of my life, as I was still young and carefree! Like... Who would want to put a bulb of garlic in the bra while sleeping?

However, it was believed that a type of restless spirit called " Pontianak " will " steal " the baby fetus from the womb, and suck the blood of the expecting mother. It was also widely known in the Malay community or maybe in Asia, that a pregnant mother must not leave the home in the evening and night, because of the unseen.

Allow me to share with you all about my mother's experiences in this particular house.

She has her own place as my parents have been divorced since we were kids.

Add on to the fact with my previous post that I sort of dwelled into the occult without knowing much about Freyja of which one poster mentioned that Freyja is not the Fire Goddess. I was young and really dumb, so these things got stuck on me, I guess. I practiced my Magick everyday without realizing that I attracted other spirits as well.

So one night, I was in the mentioned house in Bishan, which is located in the Central part of Singapore. It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment. According to my mother, her house in haunted. There were a few times at night or in the wee hours of the morning, that she will feel uneasy even while she's sleeping, and wakes seeing a piece of white cloth that was stuck on the windowsill of her room, being blown in the wind, and only to witness it materializing into a figure of a lady in white, with long black hair, her back facing my mother's bed (and also my mother haha) and the legs dangling in a relaxed manner.

Picture this; you're sound asleep, then you start to feel so weird you just HAVE to get up to find the source. So you turn your head towards the window and suddenly, you see a piece of white cloth slowly turning into a figure of a lady's back. On.your.windowsill. Adding on to the fact that you live on the highest floor of the apartment block. (Remember this point as well.)


However, my mother's always been spiritual and she is a Muslim, but she believes in the unseen, and respects the fact that they do not like to be provoked. So being the brave soul that she is, she silently said a prayer and " mentally informed" the spirit not to disturb her, as she is working the next day. Haha!

Another incident was when my mother was asleep at night probably after midnight. She sensed that there was someone in the room with her, as she is a light sleeper. Upon waking up, she saw a male figure in white, bowing down in prayer on his prayer mat like how we Muslims do during our prayers. He was right near the doorway of her room that connects to the hall. She smiled, said a silent prayer and went back to sleep.

According to her, it could be the " guardian " of the house.

The next incident happened when she was again in her room. It was about 8 in the evening and she was watching a show on TV. All of a sudden, she started hearing heavy footsteps on the ROOFTOP. Remember that she stays on the highest floor, which is the 8th floor. Singapore is a country that has A LOT of rules and if you break them, you'll easily get fined. That's how it goes over here. So anyhow, my mom is an active member of the community club, so she would have been fully acknowledged if there will be some rooftop works so she can inform her neighbours. Also, it's actually a crazy timing for the authorities to allow workers to continue after nightfall. Generally, construction works after 7 will take place on roadsides or at construction sites itself with permits granted by the big guys. The footsteps continued for about 20 minutes and then silence.

Now here comes my part.

As mentioned, my mother is a superbly light sleeper, so you can't escape her if you want to sneak out of the house haha!

Moving on...

I was lying down on the queen sized bed with my mother on my right, and my ex to my left. I shall not include him in the story ok.:p

In Singapore, the HDB apartments (it stands for Housing Development Board and that's where we commonly reside in as it's the most affordable form of housing that we can afford. Not all, though. Still 'spensive!) are relatively small. My mother's room is called the master bedroom. The bathroom is more or less opposite the entrance of the room. So when you stand in the doorway of my mother's room, you will be facing the window, and to the right of the window will be the mentioned bathroom. My mother's bed is in the middle, by the wall. Hope that is clear enough for ya!:)

So there we were one night, just lying down, talking excitedly about the upcoming baby and all while watching the TV. I decided to sleep in my mother's room because I missed her a lot. My ex is just there because I was quite clingy during my first pregnancy. After an hour plus, my mother fell asleep first, followed by my ex. After a while, my eyes started to get heavy so I switched off the TV (which is placed in a cute lil' corner by the window), turned right to hug my mummy (middle child/spoiled brat/independent but needs her mother still) with whatever space that I can squeeze in with my bulging tummy. Adding on to the fact that I secretly placed the mentioned garlic bulbs under my pillow that mother has forced me to place in my bra before sleeping. I just don't find it logical.

Probably about a few hours later, it was MY TURN to feel really really uneasy. Remember that my mother's bed is in the middle of the bathroom and the entrance, and I slept facing the bathroom door.

Still feeling uneasy, I slowly opened my eyes. What I saw was a little bit scary but I stayed calm because I had no idea how to react. Standing still and facing me, right in front of the bathroom door, was a figure of a lady decked out in an 80's Malay traditional wedding costume, together with the poofy hairstyle. You can google the images if you need a visual of it.

It felt surreal and I was doing my best to wake my mother up (remember that she is a light sleeper, right?) by shaking her shoulders vigorously but not to attract " its " attention. She did not wake up or move at ALL. The facial features of the figure were blurry. In fact, if I can recall, the features were dark and shady. Almost fuzzy. After a while, I sloooowly closed my eyes back and hugged my mother tightly. I was sweating like crazy and was too panicky to even say a little prayer for baby and I. Funny thing is, the figure was cradling something that looked like a tombstone. Black cloth or black tombstone. I couldn't be sure.

So while closing my eyes, the freakiest part was that I could see her in my mind's eye! That was kind of amazing, I feel. Just that the feeling that I got was sinister-ish.

This lady literally started floating by the side of the bed, and stopped right at the foot of the bed. By then, I was too scared to move. Held my breath and released it slowly as well.

And then, it happened.

She sat down on the foot of the bed. I am assuming that she sat down, because there was NO WAY I was going to check. If she was standing ON the foot of the bed, I think I'd be squeezing into my own womb and snuggle with my baby!

She stayed that way for a long time.

I wanted to pee right there on the bed by then and was willing to face my mother's wrath and use my pregnancy as an excuse, when a clear voice sounded in my head.

She was saying this in Malay: " I know that you have seen me. You do not have to close your eyes. Just open them. "

These words in direct translation, as clear as day in my mind.

Her tone sounded threatening, but I did not know what to do, so I think I fell asleep, because I felt emotionally and physically drained suddenly. Closed my eyes shut and next thing I know, it was daylight already.

I got up and remember feeling super tired. Sat down slowly while rubbing my tummy. I totally forgot about the whole " dream " because that was how it felt; like a dream. Plus the fact that I am forgetful by nature.

Until I heard my mother questioning me about my ankles.

There were elongated bruises around both my ankles and it was a little sore when I touch it. Like as if someone pinched you really hard kind of sore. My jaws dropped and that was when it hit me; She did it.

Explained to my mother about the whole incident and she shook her head slowly.

Thankfully, she was understanding that day.

On a side note, I got to know that I am a Caulbearer.

My mother mentioned that upon giving birth to me, the midwife had to pull me away in the mobile baby table thingy, as my mother was hysterical when she saw me in the waterbag. My dad explained to me as well years later, that my mother did not allow my dad to enter the labour suite as she thought I was dead in the amniotic sac.

Anyone have any idea in regards to Caulbearers?

Hope my story was alright!

Thanks, and until next time!

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Jubeele (24 stories) (872 posts)
4 years ago (2017-11-10)
Aisyah, Apa khabar? I grew up on tales of "hantu" and the beautiful but wicked "Pontianak" and other such ghostly legends. It was always the poor satay-seller that's the first to see her in the old Malay movies. Truth be told, I find them more frightening than Western tales. Maybe it's because I learned of them as a child when I was very sensitive to strange activities at home and around my Grandma's house in Cairnhill.

What a scarey encounter and how creepy to have those bruises around your ankles. Perhaps your pregnancy with all those hormonal changes heightened your sensitivity to the spirits and opened your awareness to the otherworld. That is also one of the reasons why women in the 3rd trimester are advised to stay home for their protection - don't they call it the "confinement" period? Did you get your mother to have the place cleansed and blessed after the incident? My Mum has her HDB flat regularly cleansed by burning frankincense and had a blessing done there too.

I've heard stories of how people "born behind the veil" are sensitives, healers, visionaries, poets and artists. Some famous people said to be caulbearers are: Liberace, Napoleon, Marie Laveau, Sigmund Freud, Lord Byron and Alexander the Great. So you're in good company!

I hope your children are all healthy and doing well. I miss Singapore, my family and friends there. I'm the middle child too but I was the rebel who went off to marry a "kwei-lo" in Australia. I hope to make it back next year. I miss the food too - right, now, I'm craving a plate of nasi lemak with crunchy ikan bilis, lots of sambal and a side of otak-otak, and for dessert I want a bowl of bubur cha-cha!

Thanks for sharing your experience.

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