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Starved To Death


This story happens the year of 2011 at my mother's apartment. My parents broke up since I was 8, my brother and I grew up on my father's side of the family since then. My Father died the year of 2009 and so no place to go, I and my brother moved to my mom and her new family.

So here's the story goes. As I and my brother moved in, we (my new family) needs to move on a bigger house. So we found this apartment with 3 bedrooms and totally cheap then we moved in. I actually have strange feelings about the place because I always felt someone is looking or watching us. Anyways this establishment has 3 floors, 3 unit each floor, 1 main stairs without fire exits. We live in the 1st-floor 2nd unit of the building. Caretaker of the building lives at the 1st-floor 1st unit, the 3rd unit left just days before we moved in and tenant on our unit just left a week before we move. Some of their things left behind like monoblock chairs and an old and small dining table.

The first month of the stay is quite ok, I'm not in the house most of the time because I'm a working student. But when times I'm at the house, I always have this feeling of hungry or thirsty and sometimes my body is so weak that I only wanted to lay down and sleep (I'm not tired because of my job and school). Feels like my body's so heavy. But I don't discuss it with my Mom - we're not actually close.

Then a month later (Semestral break), I'm in the living room watching TV when I felt someone is looking at me outside the window/hallway of the building. So I checked! No one. But it gives me chills. Then I asked my mom if she's also experiencing the same as I do but she just nods like she was also scared but didn't want me to see. Then I started asking her about the place and some weird things that makes me uncomfortable about the place. Then She shares with me about the story told to her by the last tenant who occupied our unit (old tenant moved just 2 blocks away). Old tenant also experienced the same thing as we do, they also sometimes heard a woman crying in the middle of the night or saw a silhouette of a person walking in the hallway. At first, they thought crying came in another unit but when they asked other tenants, it was shocking because they also heard the same thing and thought it came to them (so everyone hears this woman crying). My Mom told me she asked the caretaker about this and the caretaker told her the story of the place. Said about a few years ago, the owner of the apartment left her mother in one unit of the apartment to die. Yes! To die. The mother is mentally ill, chained and starved to death. Dunno why or if true but the scariest part is that they left it on OUR UNIT!. Yes! On the unit that we rent! No doubt once you enter the unit, you could already feel a negative vibe.

So we left and moved to a house for rent across the street. Just a week later new tenant (a single mother and a teenager) occupied the place. And just 2 days of stay, they left the unit in a rush. And when I say "rush" it was really a rush (middle of the night 2 AM). What happened that alarmed almost everybody in the neighborhood is that the Teen was crying and screaming, turns out when she was about to sleep and lay on her bed, and said an old woman was laying beside her with chains on her hands, crying.

Came up that most of the neighbors were aware of the ghost in the place. And with all luck, the sighting didn't happen to us.

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claypray (1 stories) (1 posts)
4 years ago (2017-12-02)
[at] lady-glow: Hi! The Story was 6 years ago and I already left the neighbourhood. And Yes I agree. It was really very disturbing and sad. Whole Neighbourhood knows this story. I also hope for legal consequences but I don't actually know the side story of the Daughter.

[at] sheetal: Sorry I failed to get the whole side of the Daughter who left her Mother starved to death. Some stories said the Mother also refuses to eat. Mentally ill I guess.

[at] Majarlika012: Dunno the whole story but I also heard that the Mother was Mentally ill and maybe it also hurting people. Anyways, you're right. We can't let that happen esp to our parents/family. But not all people are the same. Really sad.
majarlika012 (12 stories) (122 posts)
4 years ago (2017-11-23)
Hi claypray, I find your story sad. Sad for the old woman. What kind of a son (assuming that the owner is a guy) the owner is leaving his mother in that unit. I hope he never get good sleep at night. I have a mentally ill brother (having cerebral palsy) and I never thought of leaving him. Our family, in fact, give my brother our full attention and love. Also, this can give us a lesson. Let us HONOR our parents no matter what. Our parents are not perfect. But, God gave this 1st command with a promise, to HONOR our parents.

This is such a heartbreaking story for me.
sheetal (6 stories) (771 posts)
4 years ago (2017-11-23)
This is so sad, my heart simply broke after reading about her. They were heartless people and do not deserve to be called human. Very sad, I hope her soul will get salvation soon.
lady-glow (13 stories) (2880 posts)
4 years ago (2017-11-20)
Welcome to YGS.

Clayplay: I find your story very disturbing and sad. It seems like the spirit of the old woman's trying to reach for help. Did you have a chance to corroborate if the story told by the caretaker really happened?

Do you still live in that neighborhood? It would be nice if someone decided to help the spirit to cross over.

If true, I hope the daughter of the dead lady had to face the legal consequences for her heartless acts.

Thanks for sharing.

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