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Her Grandma Coming To Visit?


My girl's grandma died early last year. They were very close. My girl is the type that gets anxiety and talks a lot of BS to keep her from going nuts. A couple times when we went out she mentioned she thought her grandma was watching over her when she got her job and she was going to come haunt me if I treated her wrong. Just foolish drunk talk right?

However, something recently happened in the house that I cannot explain. Her grandma never visited the apartment we share in life and never actually came to New York City. But I think her presence may have been felt.

One night last week I was super stressed out. My mind was in a million different places from a stressful week and my brain in general had been in a mess the last month for reasons I'd rather keep private. My girl and I had just concluded a particularly heated argument about whether we should continue to be together. Eventually she calmed down and went to bed as I stayed up watching shows on the computer, blood still boiling on the inside. The house was completely dark except for my computer screen.

As I glanced over at my girl laying down on the bed, for a breif second I thought I saw a mental outline of a person standing over her. I have had previous experiences where I saw white things I thought could have been faces or maybe something written on the mirror when I shower, but nothing to the same effect as this.

It all may have been imagined, but for some reason her grandma came to mind. I asked a random question about her grandma out loud to see if the sensation came back, but it did not.

The question from all this:

Do spirit/souls come by to look over their family members during times of stress and anxiety even in places they have never visited in life?

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Jubeele (26 stories) (897 posts)
6 years ago (2017-11-24)
Hi Sherm754, from what I've heard from others and through my own experience, if spirits or souls have a close enough connection to family members, and the need was strong, then distance is no barrier. Not even when it's some place that they've never been before.

However, I'm not quite sure if your experience was due to your girlfriend's grandma. After all, you did mention that she had a tendency to embellish (i.e. "BS"). Have you asked her if she felt anything that night? If her grandma was nearby at the time and they had been close, surely she would have sensed something, even if it was in a dream?

Hope that things are now alright between you and your girlfriend. Be well.
sherm784 (19 stories) (27 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-21)
Thank you for all your kind words and analysis, it is appreciated. Things have actually become a lot calmer around the house after this night. Definitely something to think about.
Melda (10 stories) (1363 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-21)
Sherm - If your girlfriend's grandma is watching over her, it doesn't matter where she lives (the girlfriend, that is).

In fact it might not even have been the grandma but something or somebody completely different. I would like to think that it was her grandma watching over her.

However, she didn't come to haunt you - I think your girlfriend's warning about her grandma haunting you was just she herself giving you her own personal warning to make sure you toe the line 😊

Regards, Melda
lady-glow (16 stories) (3158 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-20)
In my opinion, after a person dies, their love is nothing but pure energy unconfined by the restrictions of a physical body.

You better watch out, I don't think grandma'd let you mess up with your GF.;)
EmmalineTexas (10 stories) (163 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-20)
Sherm784 - Spirits aren't always tied to a place. Sometimes, they are a guardian angel to a person or people that they cared about. It's very possible that you did get a mental impression of her Grandmother. I live a thousand miles away from anywhere my parents lived and I sometimes feel their presence. I hope that you and your girl were able to work things out.

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