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This paranormal experience I had happen in BiΓ±an City, Laguna. I was a 2nd year HS student that time and I am not yet aware that I have this kind of 'Gift'. Like I said on my previous story, I sometimes don't see them but when they're around I can definitely feel their presence. Perhaps, I can say I am 'gifted' in a different way.

I am with my ex girlfriend's house that time, together with her parents and 2 siblings and her lolo (Grandfather) the father of her father. Her lolo was old, doesn't walk or talk and there are time that his father needs to clean her lolo in short, bedridden. They have a band studio beside the garage, and her lolo sleeps outside the house near to the kitchen but it's covered though.

It was Thursday night when this happened. It was around 10p. M and we've just finished watching movies and decided to go to sleep because by morning we have to go school, when we get into our room, she's already sleeping, and I can't sleep. I keep on turning, tried different comfortable position to sleep but I failed, I accidentally woke her up and she decided to get water and I asked her to get the MP3. They don't have doors on their room just Hawaiian style blinds curtain.

When she took off from bed, I helped her to stand up and on her way to the kitchen and exiting to our room, I was behind her and when she cleared the blinds curtain, I literally saw that there's an elderly in front of her like facing the wall and my heart stops beating like milliseconds when I saw it. I kept my composure and didn't even move a thing. After that, I almost scream that time because I thought the 'thing' gets into the room as the curtains move again and thank god it's not the 'thing' it's just my ex girlfriend. (haha). I did not tell her what just I saw. I let it pass until morning.

The whole day I was so quiet about it then when we arrived at home, everyone was crying, as their lolo died. I was a bit worried to tell them that but I was just wondering if it's really a 'sundo'?

What do you think was that?

God bless to ya'll...

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kuwentoPH (4 posts)
4 years ago (2019-07-17)
Hi Spikiwee,

Thank you for sharing your story. I am wondering if you'll let me borrow it and read it in my youtube channel? Thank you.
Anubis_return (22 posts)
5 years ago (2018-04-14)
I think spikiwee69 is fine. Perhaps, we just need to be more imaginative.

Cool story though 😎
Zaruje (15 stories) (182 posts)
5 years ago (2018-04-13)
😭 😭 😭
Pinoy here.
There's nothing wrong with lady glow's comment so chill ka lang ka bayan hahaha
majarlika012 (12 stories) (122 posts)
5 years ago (2018-04-11)
Hi there! I actually wondered what "covered" means. And I still don't get it even after your explanation. I know what eskinita means but I guess we understand it differently from each other;) Just a clarification, you mean that your girlfriend's lolo was staying outside the house? They just made a room beside the house by putting a roof so it will be covered from rain and too much heat? Why would they put their lolo in such place? Don't they have a much decent room for lolo? On the otherhand, I also thought that maybe it was for lolo's convenience, am I right?

And to what [at] lady-glow wanted to ask, she just wanted to know if the "spirit" that you saw resembles a man or a woman. (Tingin mo ba matandang babae o matandang lalaki ung nakita mo) She did not ask if the "lolo" is a girl or a boy XD
MAMORU (2 posts)
5 years ago (2018-04-11)
So youre from binan city too, glad to hear your story bro,

Where you at studying that time anyway?,
And what year?
Just asking
You said you are 2nd year hs.
Spikiwee69 (2 stories) (6 posts)
5 years ago (2018-04-10)
Well, thank you for all the comments and all the opinions you have. Like I said, I am not really a good story teller πŸ˜†

Valkricry: Thank you for explaining things for me. I'm not really sure as to what I saw that night.

Lady-glow: Please don't get me wrong perhaps, I wasn't able to read your comments properly but anyway, I'm so happy you know the meaning of them ❀
I'm not really a good story teller.

To explain what covered means. They have an eskenita / lane on the left side of their house where you can do your laundry, atleast 4 people would fit in, before it was just an open roof on that spot but since their lolo was placed their, they build a roof on that eskenita so it will be rain proof. I hope I was able to make it clear for you guys. If still not, let's just disregard the covered THING. He fine.

Roylynx: πŸ˜•
valkricry (47 stories) (3234 posts) mod
5 years ago (2018-04-09)
Actually I wondered the same as lady-glow, here a ghost is a ghost/spirit but when something is scary in appearance we might refer to it as a 'thing', or if we no idea what we just heard/saw. I just assumed it was a cultural difference, or 'thing' was being used because Spiki wasn't sure what he saw back then. I don't see it as an issue, and neither did lady-glow, she was just curious about the usage.
I also wonder, like her, what was meant that the lolo slept outside the house, but it was covered? This I'm sure is a geographical thing, or perhaps a lack of description? Help me wrap my mind around it. Is it something like our car ports? There's a roof, but open on the sides.
roylynx (guest)
5 years ago (2018-04-09)
Be aware I stand on no one's side.

Spikiwee69, I think lady-glow have her point, as we all know that we all should respect each other right? Same to spirits, since they were once living, that's it really?

lady-glow (14 stories) (3041 posts)
5 years ago (2018-04-09)
Huh...what are you talking about? πŸ˜•

I'm aware that 'Lolo' means grandfather and 'Lola' stands for grandmother... Thanks for the explanation, though I didn't ask such a question.
Just read back my previous comment and you'll see what I'm really asking. 😊
Spikiwee69 (2 stories) (6 posts)
5 years ago (2018-04-08)
Hello RSAChick: I actually, have no idea who was that. All I know I saw a THING that night that's it.

Well, you are right about the SUNDO.

Thank you ❀
Spikiwee69 (2 stories) (6 posts)
5 years ago (2018-04-08)
Hi lady glow I meant no disrespect 'a thing' that doesn't anything. That is just substitute word from 'ghost/paranormal stuff/ etc... '

I don't see any problems with that. Are you a Filipino/Filipina? 'Lolo - Grandfather' haven't you read that on the story?

If not, try to read it back because definitely, I mentioned that on the story πŸ˜†
lady-glow (14 stories) (3041 posts)
5 years ago (2018-04-08)
"... Her lolo sleeps outside the house near to the kitchen but it's covered though."

Do you mean the old man was covered in blankets or that you couldn't see him from your girlfriend's bedroom?
Was the 'elderly' a man or a woman? If a man, do you think he had any resemblance to your girlfriend's Lolo?

Even if you weren't aware of your 'gift' at that time, did this person/spirit energy feel menacing in any way or did it feel more like a comforting presence.

Not meaning to be critical but, why do you keep on calling the spirit a 'thing'? Now that you are aware of your abilities should be easy to understand that ghosts are nothing else that people without a body and, as such, they deserve to be treated with respect. 😊

At least, if one day after my passing I came to visit my family, I hope they wouldn't call me 'the thing'! 😁 😁
RSAChick (115 posts)
5 years ago (2018-04-07)
I didn't know the meaning of the word Sundo, so that was going to be my 1st question. But a quick search revealed this:

Sundo" - or those who the grim reaper uses to fetch a person who is about to die. The Sundo can be anyone such as a spouse, siblings, parents, or a friend - anyone who has previously died and has a close relationship with the person.

Is that correct?

Spikiwee, do you think you saw their lolo or do you think it was another loved one that had died before that came to fetch him?

Maybe lolo's spirit came to check up on the family one last time before leaving this world.

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