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My Sm Paper Bag And That Little Boy


I can't see them, sometimes but I can feel them. This is my first time writing my story on YGS by the way.

This happened 4years ago in my apartment.

I work in a BPO company and my shift starts at 8p.m. And ends at 5a.m. The company I worked for is located in Kalayaan Makati, Philippines. It was just a normal day, it's our payday. Me and my friend Benj stayed late and waited for the mall to open which is located in Ayala. So, we finally got into the mall, I bought shoes, cellphone, and some clothes. The paper bag of my clothes was a bit big so I've decided to put all my stuff in there so it would be more convenient for me to walk around.

Around 12p.m. We've decided to call it a day and separate our ways. I got home 2:45p.m alone, and so exhausted and was not able to even try my new phone. I put my stuff in my 'Mini Sala' (Mini Living Room) and go straight to my room and before I even know it I fell asleep and got awaken by 'someone' crumpling my SM paper bag. Literally, you'll feel that someone is with you. I did not pay attention on it as I know I was 'alone' that time and no scary stuff I can feel nor was thinking.

I got up with still my office attire and check what was that and found out that my stuff was still in my SM paper bag and the bag itself was still in figure.

'Ok? That was weird' then I went back to bed, perhaps 30mins or so that I realize that something was not right. That was around 4p. M it was a bit dark in my unit as my curtains were dark blue and it was shading my whole mini sala. I got goosebumps for no reason and decided to fold the curtains so there will be light.

While I was folding the curtains, I don't know but unconsciously, I look back to my room and saw that there was a little boy running going to my room, shadow of a little boy. I got stunned for at least 5mins then sat down and tried to contemplate on what I saw forgetting that I have shift at 8, I haven't taken my shower yet plus all my stuff was in my room where the boy went running. 'Like, seriously? Come on!' So, I was able to gather the guts I need to prepare myself just simply ignoring what happened and I forgot to take a bath but I brushed my teeth of course. Then decided to go home early.

The next day, I totally forgot what happened and finally tested the new phone I bought and move out after a month.

Hope you guys like my story. God bless and Stay Safe:-)

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Spikiwee69 (2 stories) (6 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-27)
I'm sorry. It should be 'Then decided to go to work early' I did not notice that. ❤

Well, I'm glad you ask. No. As a matter of fact, the last experience of this kind of paranormal experience was when I'm in baguio. But this, it was a little girl.

God bless!
lady-glow (14 stories) (3094 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-27)
"...I forgot to take a bath but I brushed my teeth of course. Then decided to go home early."
Huh... Where were you then? I thought all this had happened while you were at home. 🤔

Was this the only time you saw the little boy? Since you are a sensitive, did he try to communicate with you?

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