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My name is Vaibhav and I am from Sikkim. This is a real experience of mine with the supernatural.

In Sikkim there is a place called Pakyong, where a catholic school is located. I studied there for five years staying at school hostel. Our hostel was a three storeyed horizontal building.

The first year I was at fourth standard and the year was 2007. There I lived with my new friends in my dormitory. Our dormitory had bunker beds and each of us were given cupboards. We had caretakers who had a room right next to ours. There were two passages to enter our dormitory and one passage had big toilet in the middle with many taps and another dormitory for the seniors was on the other side of the passage.

One night around 8:30 pm I was in bed in our dormitory and most of us kids were asleep except me. There was a faded light coming from the toilet in our dormitory. I was just staring at that light thinking. Suddenly an apparition of old person came walking little higher from the toilet passage looking straight at front and disappeared in an instant in the dim light. I was frightened and then covered my face quickly with my blanket.

Days passed and soon I heard that our school was build on top of a Muslim graveyard, killed by the British, and also about people burning each other there years back.

The years passed soon. It was in the fourth year of my stay that something happened again. I passed to seventh standard and was shifted on the seniors dormitory but toilet was the same.

Again it happened at night. I had to pee. So I woke one of my friend to go to toilet. We started going to the toilet with me walking at front. As I entered the toilet, the first tap opened itself fully. I pushed my friend and ran back to my bed along with my friend running behind me.

Days passed after that incident and soon I heard stories that happened in the hostel compound like steward hearing footsteps inside the building and finding out there was no one when checking out; a student, little senior than me, who a year before my joining had paranoia after seeing a woman in white carrying a baby at my seventh standard dormitory at night. Then in 2011 a Bengali and a Nepali student said they saw something move very fast through window corridors on the first floor dormitory while we were at night.

I left that school after 2011. Recently I heard a kid being possessed or something. Maybe it was last year.

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Ambrotos (6 posts)
4 years ago (2019-03-12)
I want to ask one question here. Some of the spirits they just appear and disappear and don't harm anyone. What if we try to communicate when they show up?😜😜😜
Bhava (1 stories) (1 posts)
4 years ago (2018-11-29)
Shiva Nama
Am Tham
Nasi Masi

The place lies in Pakyong,Sikkim,India.I would always be with a friend while staying there. I was scared to be alone even at daytime. Because I forgot this incident about when our junior studyhall was in another block like about 100 meters from hostel block. It was primary block. Our study hall was just below terrace floor and terrace used to be always locked. From evening onwards there would be jumping, running sound in terrace and our warden and us would ignore it. One evening bulb fell off the ceiling because of the thumping and our warden screamed. Still we continued our work as though nothing happened and the shattered bulb was swept from the floor. Only now as I look back I realize that our warden hid something from us. She did once told us to be careful as evil spirits were roaming around there.

Shiva Nama
Am Tham
Nasi Masi
Meghana23 (3 stories) (32 posts)
4 years ago (2018-11-28)
It's really scary... If I am in your place... I may cry and come from there 😭

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