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My Room With The Woman


As a kid in I grew up in two houses. One was with my mom and the other was with my dad. I always felt more at home with my dad because my mom's house had a bad energy. But while at my dads we had a spirit in our house and we called him The Little Guy. TLG was harmless but he would always catch someone off guard and it would scare them. So my step mom asked him to leave and he did, that was about 10 years ago. Now there is something evil in my house but it isn't just running around like TLG. It is out to harm me and so far it's done a pretty good job.

When I am in my room I get terrible nightmares that feel so real I try to force myself awake. I will wake up and it feels like someone has been strangling me. Now more recently I have been getting cuts on my face and neck. They aren't scratches they are cuts. It is as if someone took a razor blade and lightly ran it across my skin. Whatever it is it only wants me.

I sleep downstairs in the game room in order to get a good night sleep. It is the only place it can't seem to get in order to harm me. I have burned sage in my room 3 times the past month and in total probably 20 times. It comes back usually the next day, from what I can gather it is a woman and she is evil wanting to harm me. The way I was able to find this out was the cliché Ouija Board. There were 3 main spirits, one left immediately when spoken to, one was good, the other is evil. The good one was named Henry and after we talked to him he was pushed out, now we have the woman. I don't remember what she called herself but I know she wants me harmed.

This is an ongoing issue so I will hopefully be able to keep this site updated on any changes that may happen. Also as a warning don't look at the corners of your room in mirrors they find ways to get to you when you do.

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ClutchCain (3 stories) (3 posts)
5 years ago (2019-07-18)
Thank you for your response lady-glow. I know that we are not the first people to live in our home but we have been in the home for almost 20 years which is my whole life. There is land near my home that is Native American burial grounds that had been discovered when new homes were being built. They built over it and then got in a lot of trouble but that was almost 10 years ago and our house was built in the 60's.

We did have little things happen in between the 10 years TLG left. The fire alarms would chime whenever my dad went out of town. They would go off at 2 am. My bed would shake every once in a while. My dog would bark at the corner of the room and then run out barking. So there have been little things.

When OG was used it was with 2 of my former friends and we asked if anything was here to harm me. The reason was my things in the morning would be in new places like my watch would be moved from my desk to the dresser and it wasn't like I forgot to put them in there places. I did the same routine every night. In the beginning we were in the game room because I felt as if it was safe. We couldn't get anything from the OG. We decided to move to my room and we properly opened and closed the board while not using our real names. The room was dark and the questions were very simple and did not provoke anything until we asked what do you want to do. The board responded "Hang". The other ghosts we could tell were fight for control because it would start to make sense then it would start new sentences and words then it all stopped.

I remember her name its Michelle. She kept saying hang and wouldn't give us a date when she died and she only wanted to know when I would die. We got scared and said goodbye.

When my room was professionally cleansed it was done by a remote cleansing. The woman is a shaman and is able to come to homes upon request or can remotely do it by telling her everything you know about your place and the exact location. My family has a very large amount of trust in this woman and I do to because I know she has helped many people.

To be frank I am not going to let someone else stay in my room. Whatever it is I don't want it to harm someone else. I feel like it is attached to me. The only reason it doesn't go in the game room is because my dad. His memories and good energy is stored there I think. It doesn't like my dad so it stays away. Also I don't think it is scared of faith. I wear the Lords Prayer on my neck everyday 24/7. The cross doesn't affect it anymore. Its not religious its just evil.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3142 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-25)
Welcome to YGS.

In my opinion, your story is lacking more information in order to understand what is happening at your place.

What do you know about the history of the place an the land it is built on? Are you the first owners/tenants of the place or was someone else living there before you moved in?

Where there any more disturbances during the ten years between TLG's departure and the current activity?
Can you think of a reason that could have triggered/invited these three spirits to the house?

"I was able to find this out was the cliché Ouija Board... We talked to him"

Beside you, who is 'we'?
Was this the only time someone used the OB in the house? Was the session properly performed and closed?
How can you be sure that you communicated with three spirits and not only with one pretending to be the other two too?
Do you remember the questions asked to this woman during the OB session?

Would it be possible that you are scratching yourself during your sleep?
Is there something special in the game room that could be preventing you from having nightmares when you sleep there?

"I got my room professionally cleansed."

Could you elaborate more about the person/s performing the cleansing? Are they a team of paranormal investigators? Oftentimes these groups include some sort of psychic that would have been able to sense/communicate with the 'resident' spirit and know the reason preventing them from leaving this plane and why they are hurting you.

If sage and cleansing has worked, keep on doing it though, doing it with faith tends to work better.

Is there any activity during the days you aren't there? Has anyone else tried to sleep in your room? If so, did they experience anything?
ClutchCain (3 stories) (3 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-25)
Side note while I was waiting for this to be published I got my room professionally cleansed. My dad also put a cross in my room because I got more cuts. This time it was five all next to each other. They were bleeding slightly and not on my face or neck but on the side of my upper thigh almost butt. The cleansing seemed to partly work because nothing happened for about a week. (These cuts happened after the professional cleansed my room.) My dad also has sage my room and told whatever is to leave. So far his words towards it have helped. Also he doesn't believe in the paranormal at all so he must be startled since he went in to sage my room.

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