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Max And His Goodbye


So this happened to my uncle and when he told me what had happened I was almost in shock.

My uncle is a small musician and was traveling for a tour they were doing last year (2018). The tour was going very well and they were having a good time until they got to Germany.

About 30 minutes before they were going to take the stage my uncle got a call. His good friend had just passed away. His name was Max. He didn't know what to do so he told the rest of the band, they were all upset due to them knowing him too.

They took the stage and went on with the show as if nothing had happened. While in between songs the crowd would get dead silent. You could hear a pin drop.

While it was silent a man put his hand up with and beer in it and said "Hey have a beer with me". Now Jim (the lead singer) usually never allows people to give him anything while on stage. Its a safety issue, but for some reason he said sure.

The guy pushed through the crowd and handed him a beer. Then as Jim grabbed the beer he asked "What's your name, man" the man replied "Max". At this moment the band just looked at each other wondering if this was real. Jim then raised the beer and said "To Max".

Max disappeared into the crowd, afterwards the band got together and realized it was their Max just saying I am ok I am in a better place. When my uncle told me about this he said he felt as if Max was with them. Max had dealt with his own demons though out the years, alcohol, drugs, etc.

To Max wherever you may be.

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whitesheet (7 posts)
5 years ago (2019-05-26)
mmm...i had an ex boyfriend... We remained good friends... He died in a car accident.
I was in england and he was living in the usa, so I couldn't go to the funeral, but, on the day, I was feeling a bit miserable about it and decided to snap myself out of it by playing some cheery music.
I switched on the machine to put on some music to find that a radio broadcast was coming through the speakers.
Someone just said..."he was 27 years old and died in a car accident"...then it went off.

It never picked up radio again... And hadnt done before

Ive written this off as a coincidence... But it makes you wonder.

My friend was, of course 27

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