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Thing That Follows Me


Recently on November 1st 2021 at about 6am I woke up from a nightmare. I usually only have nightmares and I know that the thing that haunts me is around when I get woken up from a nightmare. Usually I feel like I am being strangled or my bed shakes. But this time I woke up in a cold sweat and saw this thing standing in the room. I had never seen it outside of my own home and during this time I was at my mom's, watching the house while she was out of town.

When I woke up it was standing there no sound and it didn't move at all. It was black, tall, slender as if it were stretched, and it didn't have an "outline". What I mean is it looked like it was dissipating one the edges of its body but not like it was actually dissipating. Almost as if the dark part of it slowly turned to fog or smoke.

I didn't know what to do so I stared at it for about 5 minutes. I knew it was at least that long because of the security hub on the ceiling. Every 30-45 seconds the hub has a blue ring that turns on faintly that illuminates a small area. The thing was right underneath it and would not get illuminated at all.

The dog never woke up and no one else was in the house. The scariest part is it was in full view. I had seen it before from time to time but only out of the corner of my eye or just a piece of it. Before this the most notable time was when I shined a flashlight in my room and when I pointed it at the ceiling corner it stayed pitch black. Now it is bold enough to stand there 6 feet from me.

I don't know what it is and I don't know how to get it to leave. I used sage in the room afterwards and then on myself. If anyone has any idea what this thing is I would love to know and if anyone has had a similar experience I would also love to know. Whatever this thing is it has been around me a long long time.

Also I asked my mom if she had ever seen anything like it and she said no. She is a very spiritual person and believes me but she has never experienced what I had.

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ClutchCain (3 stories) (3 posts)
2 years ago (2022-05-14)
In case anyone sees this. I just found out that the ring that turns on and off every 30 second or so only comes on when motion is detected. Don't know if that helps trying to figure out what it was.
Rajine (14 stories) (717 posts)
2 years ago (2021-11-18)
Hi ClutchCain

I'm not sure exactly what it is however I feel that just burning sage won't be sufficient, I feel that I feel that you should do a home cleansing ritual or maybe get someone who has experience in the spiritual field to do a walk over at your home, they might be able to give you a better understanding of what it is, also there's plenty of good home cleansing rituals on this site.

Also you might want to wear a protective crystal or something that provides a good energy for you.

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