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I Bought A Haunted House


We just bought a house at the end of March and we have been having some odd things happening. A couple days after we moved in my kids windows were open the next morning after we know we shut them before bed. The screens were still in place and the back gate leading to their windows was still latched.

My middle son who is 14 started hearing noises in hall at night. A little girl counting, she counted to eight and stopped and someone walking in the hall.

I have a pocket door for my bathroom in my room, I went in my room to use the bathroom to my knowledge no one was home. My husband had left for work early that morning, my oldest was at a friends and I had just gotten back from taking the other two to school. The door was shut and I could see the light was on from the cracks. I tried to slide it open but it was locked, I knocked and asked if someone was in there, no response. Then I panicked a little thinking my older son had come home and something happened like he slipped and hit his head. I called his name, no response. So I went to get a flat object to turn the lock. I opened the door and nobody was there. This experience bothered me because I used the bathroom right before I went out the door and I know I didn't shut the door and I definitely did not lock it from the outside.

The next experience was getting up for work, 4:45am, my bedroom door is straight down from my youngest son's room, and I could see this black foggy mass passing in front of his toy drawers. It's one of those rubbermaid plastic drawers you get from walmart. It was about three feet in height and no form at all, and it moved super slow. I just stood there and watched it go through and it either disappeared as it went into the wall or it went through to the other room. I look for it all the time now but haven't seen it since.

The next event I am having a lot of trouble wrapping my brain around. I was laying on my bed paying Bills, I had my phone, the bills, and a pen. I was on the phone with the automated system and realized I needed the checkbook. The checkbook was in the file cabinet on the other side of the room. I got up off the bed with only my phone in my hand and walked across the room. I was almost to the cabinet when the pen that I left on the bed hit me in the back of the head. I turned and looked at the pen that had fallen at my feet and asked out loud, "Did you just hit me with a pen? That's not cool!" I measured it, the pen flew about 12 to 13 feet. It didn't hurt but it was a solid hit. I don't understand this at all, it boggles my mind!

The next thing may be a live human person. I was making my coffee in the kitchen at 5am. I use only the light under the microwave because the main kitchen light is too bright before coffee. Coffee is done and I am shaking my creamer bottle and I look out the kitchen window to see a man in my driveway a few feet away looking at me. I couldn't make out facial features but it was still dark, he was very small and kind of felt more like 12 year old size and all in black. We both stood there for a few seconds staring at each other, he didn't move a muscle. Then I decided I should catch him. I bolted for the door coffee creamer still in hand and ran out, nothing nowhere, not a sound of running feet either. I told my husband about the man and we decided to get a ring doorbell for a little more security. I am going to assume he was not a ghost because it's the live ones you really have to watch out for, but there is something about the encounter that just doesn't feel right, I don't know if it was the way he looked, his size, I'm just not sure.

The last event my son told me about this morning. He was laying in bed last night, and his closet door which was open about two feet closed. It is the type that slide. He told me, on a previous occasion it opened and then closed about the same distance. I checked the doors and they don't slide super easy so I don't believe it to be gravity, wind currents, or anything like that, I had to use some pressure to make them move.

So we have lived here about a month and a half and I am wondering what's going on, we did have a little girls disembodied voice at the other house, she said hello and mom to me, but I don't know if it's the same girl that was counting, and maybe she followed us. I don't feel threatened at all, but I would like to know who is here.

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MusingsGrace (1 stories) (7 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-11)
I love my kitties, and totally understand that sentiment. The reason I value them so intensely is partly that as a child they protected me from malevolent spirits, and I think there is some message in there, though what message I can't be sure. Was kiba protecting y'all and needed to be gotten out of the way? Was it just kiba's time? It's not possible for me to say. What happened to that third cat? Has he/she come back? Your gut telling you it was unsafe is also an important instinct. I think the fact that your 2/3 cats were initially so upset by the house is telling; cats are territorial, so why didn't they take that territory? Why didn't they pee all over it? I know that's gross, but it is relevant as that's part of how they claim territory, so why didn't they claim the new house?

The whatever standing atop of kiba's death site almost seems like a taunt to me, and that is serious. The black masses themselves are concerning. What's more, all souls, kids or not, need to move on. In many religions, this life is thought of as the true death, and holding onto it unnecessarily is unhealthy. Helping a child to move on isn't hurting them, it's assisting them in a way they can't do themselves. The next life isn't something to be feared; I've been a lucid dreamer all my life and have experienced blindness, and I've seen how the next step looked to me and some others. It is not something to be feared (unless you're bad) and sending an innocent there isn't cruelty, it's kindness. To be at peace is a gift, and giving that gift to a child who has lost all close kin (assuming it's a more antiquated ghost) is love. It's what I'd want for any child of mine if they passed: I'd want them to have a helping hand and to move beyond this veil of tears.

If they don't accept that, then they are more likely using the ruse of an innocent to get something from you, and my tag team theory becomes more relevant. I appreciate you sharing kiba's experience as it gives more context to the situation; for me it causes an alarm. I meant to ask this yesterday, but have you seen the little girl or only heard her? What clothes was she wearing? I understand your husband is more of a skeptic, but given the level of activity it isn't my concern: these beings could be avoiding him on purpose to keep you there as long as possible.

If you extend the tag team theory to the members of your household and think of them in terms of biological analogies, i.e. Predator-prey, and assume normal behavioral patterns apply (i.e. Sociopathy, narcissism, empathy, apathy, etc) then analyze the situation as rationally as possible. What does poltergeist activity feed? Why and how does it play into your daily life? Why would it appear to you and one of your children but not the other people in your family? If the child is good and leaves, what else could happen? If the child refuses to move on, is there a rational/reasonable reason why they would do so? And on a serious note, that mass taunting you on a death site drew you out of your house in the dark and you knew it was potential danger and you seem quite rational and sane; how would that play out if it happened to other members of your family? Was it the same son who has experienced this event that discovered kiba? You don't have to answer those questions to me or anyone, just think about them and how/if they apply.

I understand this is traumatic; I know mega trauma, and have never lived without the paranormal and/or death entering the situation (not in a single house I've lived in, and it's been about 8 thus far). I know how icky this feels, and I know when you're in danger from things you can't see it feels a bit crazy, and it feels better to ignore than understand/engage (that can be a valid survival strategy but it doesn't seem to work here). The poltergeist activity/energy manifestation does worry me, especially with a middle schooler, and I'm glad you're looking into cleansings.

If you want to know more about the land (and you might need to to effectively cleanse) then look up the deeds, go to the local historical society: not everything is on Wikipedia or google. I'm sure your town kept some kind of records, and sites like keep those records, and can also be used when all googles fail. You can also look into census records: someone could've disappeared from the household and not have been reported as missing, especially if the parent was responsible (accident or abuse, both would've been hard to say for that individual). Records also get lost in fires and floods, so federal records can help fill in the blanks.

Last question: is it possible that kiba was being fed off of, and was too lethargic to get out of the way? Cats don't take humanoid forms generally, and that piece of the puzzle is a point of concern. Kiba could've been a warm up; what is next? I hope I'm wrong about that, really I do, but after watching my own cat battle a demon I've stopped ruling things out. Please note I ask questions not to get answers but to help you think rationally, and they're more like a prompt than something I need an answer to: to me these are questions you might need to answer before being able to fully deal with these situations in order to protect your family. My priority is your safety and the safety of your family, be they furry or humans, it's why my concern on this site isn't people making things up but people who genuinely need help.

A warning: beings that are negative don't want to be cleansed, they don't want to leave, and no matter how necessary a cleansing if it's not done effectively can irritate a spirit, so if you struggle with it find someone with more experience. I mean, from a spirits perspective it's a pendulum that swung too quick, and it can be thought of as addictive behavior: an addict can struggle to be clean even if it's what they need. Just things to think about, no requirements to respond in one fashion or another. Do what's right for you and those you love.
Dennis191 (1 stories) (36 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-11)
No problems, just be aware that those things probably know all about you, or at least everything ever since you're there... And if, again I say IF it turns out there are bad ones there, then they will use any and all things they can in achieving their goals. And, just as a test, try leaving the place for a few days, see if they follow any of you... If they do, well... That's just telling that they want something from you. So, again, be careful when dealing with them.
trentinray (3 stories) (67 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-11)
MusingsGrace-I don't know the history of the land, we just moved in at the end of March and I couldn't find anything via Google. Something else did happen but it's painful. We moved with three cats, they are family. One of them, kiba, took to the house right away the other two were more freaked out and got out and disappeared. A couple days after the two disappeared Kiba was accidentally ran over in the driveway by my husbands work truck, I don't know why he didn't move, or maybe he panicked and tried to outrun the tires. Anyway my son found the body that morning, the first thing I did in my new backyard was bury a friend. The other 2 were still missing. I felt like the house was cursed at that point and even told my husband my feelings and of course a sense of doom but I had been through a lot of pain. There was already stuff going on in the house before this happened so I did have the thought, what if the spirits here have something to do with this? But then a few days later I was in the driveway talking to my team (loved ones, guardian angel, ect) asking for help, and Aciah my little girl kitty just walked around the corner, I couldn't even believe it, it was like she just appeared out of know where. Over time I decided that my feelings were only because of the trauma and that the spirits in the house were just kids messing around, but the man I saw out the window was standing where Kiba died, and I have asked myself why was he standing there, but maybe it's just a coincidence. Anyway I wasn't really looking to share all that but my point is I will be careful and do a cleansing or something just in case, I just don't want to send away any children, I love all children whether they are on this plan or another. Thank you for your time and advice I didn't think anyone was going to comment on my story, best wishes!
MusingsGrace (1 stories) (7 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-10)
So one thing that is important to note is that though some spirits that aren't nice, once attached they can make you feel comfortable, and even ok with it. There was a recent story shared on this site that demonstrated it well: it looks like a demon to those on the outside, but the writer, nylaca is comfortable and it appears to have succeeeded in its attachment. Some successful attachments cause pain in the attached, some feel comfort, and sometimes it's not a threat at all. If it is a little girl, she might need help moving on; counting could be her wanting to play hide n seek, and her calling for you could be her looking for comfort. Have you done research on the land? Sometimes children who die in abusive or unexpected circumstances look for comfort, that is why I asked about the land. It could have been a site for houses in the past, even if the house itself is newer.

What about the black mass? Have you seen that recently? If that is appearing at roughly 5 am, a time of twilight, when veils between worlds are often thought of as lowered, that is an important note, and maybe look for things happening at twilight hours at night as well as morning.

I'm really curious about the history of the land (do not give addresses, town names, or geographic indicators, but you can share the story of the land, as many stories have similar themes). Maybe the little girl keeps the house safe, or watches over it, and maybe there are other things outside, thought that's just a theory. The energy manifesting is still a concern for me, especially if your kids are entering adolescence, as poltergeist activity will feed off of their hormonal development, and have already approached your middle schooler.

If the weird mass outside the house is trying to lure you away, that is just as concerning as potential poltergeist activity, if not more so. Who else would it try to lure away? Why did it want you outside? Could it have predicted your reaction? If something happened on the land, that could give some explanation of all these events; I've heard of stories of people being lured away for a variety of reasons, but it often relates to the history of the land itself. I'd still recommend arming yourself and your fam with prayers or ancestors to call upon that were always friendly and loving, just in case, that way if something goes wrong and either the little girl isn't what she seems or can't keep the darkness/poltergeists away you have a back up plan. Having salt or rosemary or other similar herbal remedies on hand can't hurt either, especially with children around. Having a medium or someone similar do a walk through (giving them as little info as possible beforehand, there are charlatans in every profession) might be a good way to get an independent review, ensuring the safety of your little ones. As you're the boots on the ground, you probably have the best feel of the situation. Best!
trentinray (3 stories) (67 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-10)
MusingsGrace and Dennis191-
Thank you for reading and commenting!
I understand that negative entities will disguise themselves as something trusting to knock your guard down but I am not sure that is the situation here, mostly because I don't feel scared at all, except for the guy I seen...
I don't think he was 12, he was just small like that, it was mostly scary the way he was just standing there staring at me, he had his head tilted to the side super creepy like, no, no gravel but I felt like I made it out the door in time to hear any running footsteps, but maybe he hid somewhere. I can't say for sure, just not something I've ever experienced.
Dennis191 (1 stories) (36 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-10)
Sounds creepy. I think this thing has some nasty intentions... Be careful, and please do not try to communicate with it... Seems to me it made it quiet clear it doesn't want to tell you much. The way I see it, you should get rid of it as soon as possible, in accordance with your beliefs. Shouldn't be too hard, given that almost all religions/beliefs/traditions etc have some way of doing that. Good luck.
MusingsGrace (1 stories) (7 posts)
5 years ago (2019-06-10)
It sounds to me like there is more than one entity hanging around your family. The little girl sounds like a trapped spirit, one who might be looking for comfort, like a mother or a friend. That being said, some entities can take the forms of innocence or what one would perceive as an innocent being to gain trust and grow into an attachment. Generally, attachment is not good.

What makes me concerned is the ability for a spirit to manifest its energy physically; locking doors, throwing things and black masses appearing tend to be on the darker side. The goal of the spirit is to intimidate you and feed from your fear. These spirits sound like they might've already been in the house; it could be multiple spirits using the same feeding ground as it were (you are prey, your energy is sustenance, they are predator), or one spirit that's super manipulative. Either way, it doesn't sound good.

My gut feeling, and that's all it is, is it's almost a tag team situation. The girl causes you to drop your guard; whether she is good or bad isn't the point to me, she allows you open yourself to other things (I'm leaning toward she's not so good, or maybe just lonely twisted into darkness, but I'm not there so I can't know). Then, the anty is upped: objects are manipulated, and one is might be a "joke" (I guess the locked bathroom could be a prankster but I'm not laughing and neither are you), the other is clearly malicious intent.

Then we get to the random 12 year old in your driveway, preceded by a black mass at a similar hour. First, how close are the other houses? What made you think it was or wasn't a person? What was your gut telling you? If it was a person, what would motivate a child to stand in your driveway at 5 am? Do you have any particularly joke prone middle schoolers living nearby? Is there an explanation for why you wouldn't hear them run? Is there gravel or a similarly textured surface that should've made noise, or the reverse, that wouldn't make noise? Could it be trying to draw you out of the house? Why? What's the history of your house or the land on top of or around it?

It sounds to me like the more scared you and your family are, the more you are engaged with. That being said, fear is tool for survival, and it doesn't come from nowhere. My advice (and that's all it is) is to attach yourself to whatever religious/spiritual you are most familiar, using it as a shield in the interim. There is a user on this site who goes by Rook (or something similar) who has a very solid sounding cleansing ritual. As it sounds like your experience in the paranormal is limited, if you can I'd bring in back up, i.e. Priest, rabbi, imam, demonolgist, psychic, healer, shaman, etc., whomever is the most available and the most affordable; I don't know your financial situation. Research herbal or natural protections as well as using symbology: Rosemary oil and salt circles are some of the most popular. You can also call upon your ancestors, especially one that is familiar and loving: they might be able to protect you.

So my advice summarized: build a spiritual shield, use a familiar prayer/mantra/spiritual practice, teach whatever it is to your children, try to use herbs/salt if needed, call on ancestors if you have someone you feel comfortable calling on, but most of all, get professional help. Engage in spiritual practices that are familiar, as they are the most instinctual in crisis. Remember that these entities won't leave or give up easily: you are currently a free meal, and most, human or otherwise, get peeved when they can't feed. You don't want a hangry spirit on your hands without assistance: please find someone quick before it escalates.

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