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Was I Forced By Something?


So there's a lot that can go into this story, but I want to keep it simple. At this time in my life, at age 14, I was living with my older brother and father. He and my step mom had just split up so we were staying in a temporary apartment in a private four story building that my grandparents also lived in (they got my dad the deal on the two bedroom.) My dad slept on the couch, and my brother and I had our own rooms and things weren't great but they were okay. The majority of the time I was home alone, as my dad worked double shifts and mostly night shifts while my brother was in grade eleven and was gone most nights (he could get away with it since my dad was absent.)

This meaning I spent most my time in my grandparents apartment as I really just didn't like ours. It was tiny, not much space at all, but it didn't feel right for me to be there alone. Later in the year it was revealed to me by a couple downstairs that so many tenants cycled in and out of that apartment for no particular reason. They moved in, and moved out a few months later with little to no reasoning and since their time in the apartment (about two years) it's probably had fifteen or twenty tenants. This didn't really bother me, I was fourteen and didn't give a shiat.

Until I had my first 'experience,' and what would be my last as my dad moved us hours away not a month later. This story had never been recounted to my dad or brother, or grandparents but only to close friends. They still don't know it happened, but I can never seem to stop remembering it.

I came home from school (I was in grade nine) and because I had no homework I decided to watch a little youtube on the brand new Xbox my dad had just bought. I watched until probably nine PM, thinking my brother would stop by to grab some food or at least some clothing for the night. I found myself constantly peering out the living room window which was a large bay window as the day got darker, waiting for him. He never showed up which was strange, as he always stopped in at least once to make sure I was home and grab whatever he wanted/needed.

I let it go and by this point meandered my way downstairs to my grandparents to see them but the door was locked. This is also NOT normal, they never locked their door. I knocked and there was no answer, so I wrongly assumed they were sleeping. Later the next day I found out they were home, they just didn't hear me knock and neither of them remember locking the door.

Whatever, I went back upstairs to find the TV and Xbox turned off. I didn't do this, I always forgot to turn lights and things off so it very obviously freaked me out. To recount, the not normal things happening so far are; my brother not returning home, my grandparents locking me out of their apartment, and the TV and Xbox being turned off when I hadn't done it. I grabbed myself a snack and took my ipad to my bedroom after turning off all the lights in the apartment and locking the doors (my dad would've killed me if our electric bill was over a certain amount that month.) I watched more youtube, ate, then settled in for bed as I had a test the next morning.

The night was weird, I kept tossing and turning and I couldn't seem to relax. It took being totally and completely exhausted for me to fall asleep and when I did it was a restless sleep. The next thing I knew I was awake, and halfway out my bedroom window four stories up. The screen had been popped out, and no one was around.

I was confused, and terrified and very carefully pulled myself back in. It took me some time to work up the nerve to put the screen back in and close the glass partition for the window. At first I was going to call my dad but I was also scared he might think I was trying to kill myself, as that year I'd quite literally just been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and the doctor told my dad that I was having suicidal thoughts.

I was, but I was also fourteen and surrounded by people constantly talking about suicide, and I also had very little friends in school due to my anxiety and inability to trust others. I never, and don't think I ever will truly want to kill myself. Nonetheless I decided not to tell anyone and instead stayed awake until the next morning when my dad came home at five AM. My brother came in just after him and I eventually convinced him to trade rooms with me as his didn't have a window. He chalked it up to me being a freak and we left it at that.

Needless to say this experience, though seemingly small, was one I knew to be supernatural in nature. It had to be, and my dad who is also rather in tune with these sort of things had us moving out not long after, literally HOURS away. Years later my brother told me it was because dad 'thought' the apartment was haunted and of course my brother who is a heavy disbeliever in everything thought this was a point to mock. I thought it was eerily ironic.

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silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
5 years ago (2019-08-21)
I am curious as to whether your father had an account of his own concerning the house. If he did, did he tell you about it? I have taken anti-anxiety medication for PTSD and it has caused me to do things at night in my sleep that I was not aware of - I hope this did not happen to you. All the best.

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