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Hoping everyone is doing well through our Covid-19 tribulation. I wanted to share this experience with you while it is storming outside right now and a scary songbird is whistling outside my window, it seemed like the perfect time. Plus the bird is freaking me out.

We had a beach rental that had been in our family and my cousin and I would take turns sleeping in an upstairs bedroom that for some reason was quieter than the other bedrooms. It was a decent size rental and at least 12 of us. It was my turn to sleep in the bedroom for this trip and my experience took a creepy turn which led to a discovery. I went to bed and was awoken by my hand freezing. Lying on my side one of my hands felt ice cold. I felt like the air was thick and fear crept up inside me. I moved to a different position and tried to go back to sleep but it happened again to my back, like something cold was behind me.

I turned the light on and looked around the room. In the corner was a dresser and a white door and a latch on it. I knew the air unit attic access was behind that door, but something made me feel like there was more. I pushed the dresser aside and opened the latch. Opening the door I moved the foam board and looked into a black room, where the air unit system was. I figured I would investigate it in the morning with my cousin, and closed it back.

The following morning I pulled him and grabbed a flashlight, some flour and said we had to go look for something. Opening the door again we stepped inside the room and looked with the flashlight. It was a big space and we didn't see anything or anyone. I threw flour in the space all over everything to see if footprints were there. It was fine but we agreed to check tomorrow. That night I woke to a tapping behind the wall and it was on the right side of the area we looked at. The tapping kept up all night, so I didn't sleep. I got up and banged on the wall a few times and it stopped but started again.

The following morning we went back inside and the flour was untouched but this time we turned to look towards the right of us and found that the space had a small ramp upwards. Fear crept inside of me, what if someone was living up there and we were going to get killed? I was terrified. We both climbed up the ramp and came upon another huge room that was over the bedroom. It was weird in there, like insulation in an area had been removed and molded to make a bed. We found Girlie magazines and socks, but the thing was everything was extremely dusty and hadn't been touched in years.

There weren't any signs of anything new there at all. We quietly went to the kitchen and grabbed gloves and a trash bag and headed back to the room. We knew not to touch anything with bare hands, so we carefully removed these items in the bag and put them in another trash bag outside in the yard for trash pick-up. We went back to the room and said prayers and rosary, and later that day went back to smudge with sage after we bought some.

Our relatives had this rental for years and eventually stopped renting it due to old age and family members too busy with life to rent it again. But before that happened, I asked a neighbor about the house. She was out walking her dog and past me standing in front of the home, she told me there was a couple that lived there and had fights a lot. She also said a man got shot from an altercation in the house. Because it happened so long ago, I couldn't find it online looking up the history, I continued to feel the cold touches off and on and sometimes felt like someone was watching me.

I still slept in the room sometimes but when I did, I put duct tape on the air vent and blocked the latch door with the dresser. I spoke to the "Ghost" and told it I'm not going to hurt it but stop touching me. I didn't hear the tapping sound except sometimes and would bang on the wall and tell "IT" to knock it off. It seemed to listen to me. It was an experience that I had when I was around 17. Now that these relatives are much older they don't rent beach homes anymore. My cousin and I vowed not to tell them about it. It never bothered him.

Nothing else happened in the home and we stopped renting it decades ago. It was a beautiful home surrounded by both the ocean and the bay, a quieter piece of water. It was somewhere in the Outer Banks, NC.

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Alina5 (3 stories) (136 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-02)
I'm refraining from commenting since I realised the O/P had already deleted her account for reasons unknown. I believe she won't be able to participate in the discussion or most possibly answer the queries regarding her account. Hopefully, she receive certain insights she requires for this event and her previous narrative "Spirit that find us". Anyways, I hope things are going well for her.

God Bless!

silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-01)
I am amazed at people who have the backbone to face a haunt squarely and tell it to stop. I am equally amazed by how many times it works! Good for you! I admit that I do not think I would have the fortitude to face haunts even though I have stared death in the face on many occasions. You play it down in your narrative, but you appear to be very courageous.

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