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When my husband moved in with us after we married. We experienced an entity that we were told was a woman who scratches males. He would wake up to long scratches on his back or in weird spots on his body. Other events would happen like running water when nobody was in that room, or someone running up and down the basement steps. Other family members heard these things as well. Since we rented we decided to move. The day we moved out we saw a shadow figure in the top floor window staring at us. Because of my past experiences and my husband's relating to ghosts and spirits, we would cleanse each place we moved to and say blessings as well we are Catholics, so holy water and rosaries were always a given. These events stopped but it seemed like every place we lived at, had some sort of entity never bad, but always present.

We now decided to venture into witchcraft and learning about spells and protection and candles blessed as well crystals. There are mixed opinions about everything, but we do what works for us. As we dive into learning about herbs and magick, we have salt protection, witches balls, etc and so far things are better. The air within our home feels safe and lighter. But one day recently my husband saw a shadow figure in the kitchen a couple of times in one day. He didn't tell me until I noticed him constantly staring past me. I jumped up reaching for holy water and demanded to know what it was. I do not know why but I smudged with sage, black salt, lit candles with crystals in them, threw protection oil and water in the spot he saw it plus everywhere, and opened a door trailing my spell and smudge smoke out with me. I walked around the entire home and continued my ritual and since then everything is fine. So, why does this keep happening to us?

We know that water and mirrors are portals for spirits, negative thoughts, anger, and sometimes antiques carry spirits that cling. We know that watching demonic shows etc lots of ways to have something attach itself to you but can I get a break? Yes, we fear the unknown and I'm not dabbling in witchcraft that is harmful. I'm learning and with an experienced Witch who has credibility.

Yet, I feel like everywhere around us is haunted and free-roaming spirits seem to cling to us. I do not buy antiques anymore, I do not have mirrors or water features in my home. The mirror in the bathroom has protection on it and I must mention my many Cats do not see anything. They were helpful in the past from other events that happened, but so far this place is safe.

We are careful about what we watch and think and know we must be positive if we are to ask for positive intentions and outcomes.

I would like to hear your opinions about why you think we continue to have an experience, and I forgot to add we are Empaths. We are quite sensitive to emotions and people and their pain. Might this be the reason?

Be well and stay safe during this tribulation. Thank you for your thoughts.

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AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-04)
There is nothing wrong with handling paranormal situations in any of the ways you have mentioned - the key to any method is the strength of your belief in it. Keep studying and learning, have faith in yourself and your own efficacy and all will be well.

In terms of the entities that you can't seem to be rid of, I believe the universe knows it's own balance between all things including what we deem as the "normal" and the "paranormal" so not all entities can be banished... Neither are they any more inherently good or bad than any person - they simply are and will be. So unless it seems "off" or negative, I figure one might as well leave it be.

You do seem to be quite alarmed by the spirit world - it seems like something you want to push away from you. Perhaps those feelings could stand a bit of reflection (I don't mean that you necessarily have to share those reasons and emotions with us - privately is fine). Holding onto fears and anxieties builds up negativity in ourselves so perhaps if you can unlock those feelings, you will be able to clear the air once and for all.
Alina5 (3 stories) (136 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-01)
Hello Katie 212,

Well, I will agree with Silverthane61 on this matter, it is quite a blessing as well as a curse to have this 'special ability'.

I will say rather than trying to cleanse each and every entity witnessed, it is better to have a good understanding of their nature. Some spirits can be malevolent like the scartching one you've described above. They need to be distanced.

However, many households have such entities which are bounded to it for ages and are least affected by any tenants. They exist in the same household but in their own dimensions.

Other spirits roam around the house and generally don't mean a harm unless you bother them. So, it's better to understand the nature of the one you're dealing with. It'll ease you regarding "how shall we deal with this".

Forced removal of certain entities causing no harm can drive them hostile towards you. So I don't believe it is the proper method to deal with such things.

Regardlessly, you're entitled to do what suits you the best as we still maybe are unaware of the true state of affairs.

silverthane61 (4 stories) (344 posts)
4 years ago (2020-05-01)
I believe that people blessed (or cursed) with extra-sensory gifts tend to attract paranormal energies. Anything that scratches or uses fear to empower itself I personally believe is a dark entity - not a human spirit. However, you seem to be attracting both entities and human spirits. Of course, it could also be a big coincidence - it is possible. Have spirits followed either of you before you met or when you were kids? If not, then hopefully it is a coincidence that you just picked homes with energies attached to them. I would not throw away the possibility, though, that you might attract them. If so, continue to do what you do - it seems to work for you.

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