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It was the middle of February of 2013. My best friend's mom had passed away in her own bedroom, in her own bed.

It wasn't but 2 months later I needed a place to stay so I rented the now spare room of my friend's house. After staying over 9 months, my friend had come home with what they call a "selfie stick". I had never used one so out of curiosity I mounted my phone to it and held it up and snapped a picture of myself.

Reviewing it kind of gave me chills and put tears in my eyes to see the silhouette of what resembled my friend's mom next to me leaning her head on my head as though she was including herself in the photo. Without saying a word I showed my friend my first selfie picture.

Immediately she broke down in tears and called out " mom!". "Its my mom in the picture right next to you!" It was something that gave the word "ghost" a new meaning to me. I never believed in such things until Momma proved it to be real!

It's amazing because the figures featured resemble the deceased to the way she really looked! After that I had never encountered any more out of the usual sightings or indications that her spirit still had its presence. Momma took a close liking to me and had her own name for me. "Girl". Great person and loved by so many. Everybody I shared the photo with definitely say that there is no doubt in their minds that that is a real ghost that took part in the photo. There were questions of, "is that lingering smoke of some sort?" And by all means there was no smoke in the room. The camera lens was clean and there weren't any shadows that were casting in such a way to look just the way Momma looked when she passed.

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Sasanaa (1 stories) (5 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-25)
Hi DSSM1975,
Your experience really touched my heart. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us.
May momma's soul be at peace!
All the best for you.
MrsRamsay (guest)
4 years ago (2020-07-22)
What a great story and it validates something I've thought since 2013 or earlier as well! (That's also the year my mom died).

I seem to get "visits" on special occasions too. Last Easter, got a photo of our entire, 20 person group having a celebration outside on the patio. I'd been thinking of my grandparents' patio and the photos from back in the 1960s, eating there on holidays. In my series of photos, there's a light streak (my son in law said it's lense flair, but it's definitely an anomaly, I'm a photographer) and in the light streak you can clearly see my grandpa's face!

At my daughter's wedding, after an incident where a champagne glass fell over once, then minutes later fell OFF a table (during makeup), my daughter's veil was lifted up during the outdoor ceremony (windless evening) and literally pulled off her head. In photos, I clearly see Mom's face in the veil and others above...

And just the other evening, on 4th of July, I was alone in my living room (while kids were outside lighting fireworks) and out of the corner of my eye when drinking my huge glass of water saw a mist. I breathed into the cup, thinking it might be just from the ice, but could not duplicate the mist. So I grabbed my phone and took a series of live shots. There is an orb, moving from the area to my left where I sensed the mist, and the orb moves up in the live shot photo when I hold my finger on it! That one is a first for me! But now I feel like I'm starting to sense when they're around! And, Mom LOVED holidays like July 4th. I'm SO glad you all were able to get this shot, and that your friend's Mom was able to pop in! Thank you for the great story. You affirm many of us, and now we don't feel quite so... Alone. (Not sure why, but my family, who sees these things when I show them, remains skeptics. I suppose it's just safer that way).
DSSM1975 (1 stories) (2 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-19)
Thank you for taking the time to read my life changing experience. I do still have the photo and am trying to get it up for the story. Please check back soon to view the picture.
Thanks again DSSM1975
lady-glow (16 stories) (3142 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-17)
Very touching experience. Like Lealeigh, I wonder if you could share the picture.

I see that you expect to get some help about your experience; personally, I think you were very lucky to witness a proof that a person's consciousness doesn't end with their passing and that there's a place for you at your friend's mother's hearth even if she isn't here in her physical body.

I'm a little reluctant to call "ghosts" to all the spirits of the departed, in my opinion, a ghost is more of a spirit with unfinished business that keep them stuck to this side of the veil.

I like to think that our loved ones have a chance to visit our plane out of love and by their own will and not because they are restless and haven't found peace after their passing.
But that's just my opinion.

Thanks for sharing your experience and welcome to YGS.
Lealeigh (5 stories) (512 posts)
4 years ago (2020-07-17)
Hello DSSM1975,

Your experience is very touching. Actually, it's sweet enough to make a person cry. Do you still have this photo? - You could hide or crop out your face maybe.

- Maria

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