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Momma, Who Is That?


This one happened 7 years ago, give or take a year. We (my husband, two daughters 5, 3 years old, one son 1 year old and I) had some hard times and moved into a small 2 bedroom house. It was a small fixer-upper that had been empty a few years. During the week my husband worked all day and Sarah (5) was in school. I worked random days of the week as Lisa (3) and Bobby (1) were watched by grandma.

Well, I took my vacation time to unpack and clean the house. I always had the feeling of being watched as I cleaned, so much so that I really didn't want to be home alone ever. Of course I never said anything to anyone, the number one reason was so the kids wouldn't get scared.

One evening as I was washing dishes, my husband was watching TV and Bobby, Sarah and Lisa came out of their room scared. Lisa said, "There was a face, a face momma!" Sarah began saying there was a man with a white face at the window. My husband and I got angry, who is watching our kids? He ran out the back door and I watched out the front door. We wanted to find him. My husband circled the house and saw no one, neither did I. It wasn't dark yet, the sun was setting but if anyone had been there one of us would have seen him.

The next day as I put away clothes in our room I felt watched so strongly, I expected to turn around and see a man sitting in the corner with his legs crossed. I would look over my shoulder to check.

The night before I returned to work, Lisa had a bad dream and wanted to sleep in our room. I let her. As she was dozing off she asked me "Momma, who is that?" I asked her "Who baby? Who are you talking about?" but she feel asleep.

It was days, maybe even weeks later when I was bathing Sarah, that Sarah asked me, "Who is that, Momma? That man in the corner of your room. He just sits there with one leg over the other leg and he is grabbing his face hair." I was shocked! "When did you see him in my room?" I asked. "I wanted you to go to the bathroom with me last night and he was watching you and daddy sleep. I've seen him before at my window." I couldn't even think of what to tell her, I didn't know what to do. My heart sank.

My family is religious so I blessed the house but he didn't leave. The kids never saw him again and my feelings were no longer fight or flight. I still felt watched.

The girls told daddy of the man and of course daddy brushed it off. We lived there 2 months when the knocking on the front door started, BEFORE my husband would go to work at 5 am. My husband, all macho, would puff up and make threats standing outside, "When I catch you, I'm going to kick your butt! (not so nicely said) "

It wasn't long after that my husband had a dream. In the dream he was getting ready for work. When stood up after putting on his boots, there was a bearded man standing in front of him. The man said, "Kick my butt now (again not so nicely said) "

We moved in with my parents for a short time. My husband said so we could save up to get a bigger place. I know better.

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lildragoncat (3 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2014-12-01)
Glad you liked my story. I do think it was a former owner trying to see why we were in his house. When the feelings started when we first got in the house it did seem mean. I didn't tell anyone about my feelings my husband doesn't believe in ghost and would think I was crazy, and I didn't want to scare my girls. Thank you for reading my story.
BadJuuJuu (guest)
9 years ago (2014-11-04)
Well, he sounds a little annoying but not dangerous. If he anything he sounds like a former resident trying to make sense of who you were and what you were doing in the house.
Since you were uncomfortable, I'm glad that your family had the option of leaving the house.
LuckyPratyusha (2 posts)
9 years ago (2014-11-04)
ohhhh! You must be a brave one. But do you think that the ghost had tried to harm you?
Wish-Not (16 stories) (534 posts)
9 years ago (2014-11-04)
lildragoncat- WOW, that's some crazy stuff. Glad ya'll were able to get out. LOL for whatever reason.
Great story. Thanks for sharing.
elnoraemily (guest)
9 years ago (2014-11-04)
Is it possible that he was a grandparent/great-grandparent/family member? He did not seem to want any harm to come to anyone, he just seemed to like hanging around. The only time he seemed to show anger was when anger was shown to him.

Just a thought.

It's also possible it was a previous owner who just wanted to check in on the family living there now.

Or it could be a problem with the house itself- a wiring issue that caused high electric fields. High fields interfere with the electric signals in the brain and can cause hallucinations and feelings of fear/being watched. Though how the description stayed the same with each person could throw a wrench in that theory, unless the family had discussed it between themselves and the subconscious took hold.

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