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Let me tell you the real story.

As a child, I used to see ghosts every day at my house. It was natural to me. Nothing special, just black shadows walking around, showing themselves whenever they wanted to.

It started to change when I was a teenager.

At the age of 15, I faced a ghost for the first time...


It was a normal, casual day. I was doing makeup in the toilet with the door to the hallway fully open.

Suddenly I felt (maybe by intuition) to look to the left through the open door.

As quick as I looked, I turned back towards the mirror and then I realized what I saw. It was too late when I looked there again.


The ghost had a shape of a 17 years old boy. He looked like a concentrated shadow without contours (looked like he was fading on the edges) he stood still, looked at me for a reason that only he knew.

And I can't remember his eyes...

After this instance I couldn't feel fear, just surprise.


It was a boring evening. Without an idea what to do in my room, I went to the living room where my parents were having a conversation.

I sat on the sofa and listened to their funny talks.

Suddenly, like the last time, I looked at the hallway and looked back at my parents. When I realized what I saw, I started to jump happily on the sofa.

"I saw a ghost! I saw a ghost!" -I said to my parents while still jumping and clapping my hands.

My mom straight away asked "Seriously?! Tell me more!".

My dad as a hard-skinned guy just said "Yeah, yeah. Stop joking".

I told them that the ghost looked like 9 years old boy. Like his ghost friend, he looked like a concentrated shadow. He stood still and was just looking at me.

Why ghosts have human posture but don't have eyes?


At the age of 18, I had a boyfriend.

One day, at his house, he told me that sometimes when he sits on the computer he feels like something is staring at him but when he turns back, no one is there, just his cat sitting on the bed and looking through the open door at the space between his room and the hallway.

He was a bad person, so after saying that he went to smoke by himself, he didn't want me to come with him but to stay in the empty house.

So I stayed, laying down on his bed with the cat on my chest.

Suddenly I felt a huge fear. Clean fear so strong that it was hard to breathe. I opened my eyes and saw the cat looking at the same spot like he was doing in the story.

I closed my eyes and started to repeat to myself "It can't harm me. It can't harm me. It can't harm me..." and it simply let go. Cat put his head back on my chest and went to sleep.

Funny thing is that at the moment when I felt strong fear... I somehow knew that this feeling doesn't belong to me but something put this fear inside me. My consciousness was untouched. Thanks to that I was able to push it away.

I need to mention, that this type of ghosts never are going to be stronger than humans. What makes them weaker? Simple, we have a body that they don't have. If you are strong enough to push them away, they'll never hurt you.


It happened during the night of a sleepover at my exes house. I couldn't fall asleep by being destructed by his gaming. I tried so hard to fall asleep that I went into a trance. Something between a dream and reality. In deep darkness, I didn't feel my body but my consciousness was fully awake and aware of my existence.

Suddenly from the wall on my right side, something started to appear. White posture started to bend down towards my body.

In this moment I opened my eyes with one thought in my head: simple "wow"

The ghost disappeared unhappy about his loss. I didn't feed him so he didn't stay attached to me. He never showed himself again.


After what happened during that night I had to have a conversation with my exes mom.

She told me the story; some time ago, she was really into occultism. She was using tarot and crystal ball for meditation and producing the future.

She was in the kitchen when some white posture appeared in front of her and started to bend down towards her. She got scared so much that she threw away everything that had a connection with occultism and spirits.

But this thing stayed, hidden in the walls of the house and poisoning the entire family.


I was meditating in my room, trying to give my energy to a person who was in a hospital. I meditated so long, that I went into a trance, the same one as the last time. Few seconds, that's all that was needed to hear someone voice saying "I know what you feel".

And then I woke up full of questions, questions that no one ever answered.


My contact with ghosts began to be less and less.

My next experience happened 3 years after the first ghost.

I was in my bed, ready to sleep but somehow my consciousness put me into a trance just to send me a message "listen" from one of my ghost friends.

I woke up immediately questioning who should I listen to? Them? My family? Someone who I was meeting at that time or myself? My intuition?

Now I think, I listen to the right thing; my intuition always helped me to follow my path.


Everyone knows what it is, just a doll made of strings right? Yeah, it looked exactly like that, but smaller than I always imagined.

My partner's mom is very spiritual, shamanistic I could say.

This tiny, around 2cm tall doll made of the thread was hidden in her case for glasses, the case that she didn't use for months. She said, she felt that something strange was in her house for quite a long time, but she didn't know what exactly. She just waited for it to disappear. One of her sons found the doll and gave it to her.

She burned it on top of white salvia but the doll didn't burn even a bit, baring in mind that the doll was made out of thread!

I came to visit her that evening, she told me what happened and showed me the doll.

I have never felt this type of energy before. It was so strong that I felt it in all of my body. This energy was disgusting and dirty by the evil that was put on this little, handmade doll.

I looked at it for a second and I already knew that I don't want to feel this type of energy ever again.


After the situation with the voodoo doll, I stayed at my partner's house for a few days. One of the nights was very tiring for me.

I went to sleep but instead of a normal dream, I was forced by some evil spirit to come into a trans-state. It tried to possess my body, tried to come inside. I was rejecting this spirit all the time until I opened my eyes and was already morning...

The time in a trans-state passed very quickly but because of that I couldn't rest haha

The spirit didn't come back again.


I went to a local coffee shop for my favorite oat late. I was alone in the backroom enjoying one of Stephen King's books. After quite a long time my eyes got very heavy. As I still was alone I decided to sit comfortably and cuddle to one of the fluffy sweaters I was wearing that day.

Instead of a quick nap, I went into a trance for a few seconds to listen to one little girl sweet laugh full of enjoyment.

It was a very nice experience which I enjoy remembering.


It happened not too long time ago. My son and partner were already sleeping. I was in the bed in the room that we share as a bedroom. I was slowly falling asleep when a very negative creature appeared in my mind in front of my eyes. Its energy was colorfully emitting from its eyes and a huge smile (it looked like a very bad clown).

In a second when it appeared my son started to cry shouting at loud scared of the thing that appeared for a second to show itself.

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Jigoku6Shojo (1 stories) (1 posts)
1 year ago (2021-10-03)
Heya Travis! About the ghosts age- its the same when you see a person in real and you can simply guess his/her age. I wrote their "age" just to show how they looked. I didn't know their real age:)
TravisCannabis (54 posts)
1 year ago (2021-10-03)
Idk dude... How can you tell the age of a two-dimensional featureless shadow? 🤔
Rajine (14 stories) (565 posts)
1 year ago (2021-10-01)

You have had quite a bit of interesting and peculiar incidents over the years, I've also had my fair share of experiences with shadow people and it still remains a mystery to me up until now.

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