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Nagging Old Lady


This is my first paranormal experience and it happened in March 2019, I still can't believe this happened and spooks me out thinking about it. I never had any interest in paranormal science and didn't give it much thought as neither me, my family, or friends circle experienced any.

I worked in an air ticketing firm in Hyderabad which was in a bungalow that had various offices distributed across several rooms. Our firm is located in a huge bedroom on ground floor with 6 employees and a manager seated at the center, The workplace was very toxic and our manager, her name is Anjala, had senseless rules like not allowing us to eat food on desk, We were not allowed to talk to each other, we shouldn't use mobile, and one tiny mistake in work, will lead to hearing nasty words from her. One afternoon I didn't have much work, was a bit tired and laid my head down on desk to take a quick 10 minute power nap (believe me, this will refresh you a lot) and also I have that gift of falling asleep in seconds. The manager, upon noticing this, yelled at me furiously in front of everyone calling me a lazy slob and that I didn't have work ethics.

Long story short, a week later, I was as usual sleepy post my afternoon meal and since I didn't have the chance to lay on my desk, I thought of using restroom in the living room and also to splash water on my face. The restroom is quite huge and when I went there, I sat on commode and was doing my business when the idea dawned upon to me, I laid my head on lap while seated on commode and took a quick powernap. I chuckled over this gross idea and started doing it frequently.

One afternoon on 19 March, 2019. I as usual walked to loo and began my sleeping session on commode. The bathroom was unusually cold, and I thought someone might have kept their office door open and the AC must be creeping into the loo.

I woke up to some noise at the corner of bathroom, when I rose my head, I saw an old woman in grey saree giving me disgusted looks and muttering something in a very low voice, I started scolding her to leave the bathroom and that she shouldn't enter when someone is using it. Trust me, I didn't have the tiniest hint that she was inhuman, instead I assumed that I didn't lock the bathroom door properly and that she entered.

She continued her muttering and I got up, while adjusting my clothes, I said in my native language, 'Po, lekapothey owner ki complaint chestha' (Go! Or else ill complaint to owner about you). She immediately faded away leaving me in shock. I was shivering in distress and immediately fled the bathroom without even checking if I flushed.

I immediately informed the manager in trembling voice about the entity in bathroom and as usual she shouted at me for wasting her time with fibs, my colleagues were also laughing at me, and I was embarrassed. I convinced myself thinking that I must have dreamt in my power nap. I worked there for 2 more months until I got another good opportunity and kept using the bathroom but stopped my sleeping sessions. I never came across this entity again.

On the last day of my work, I offered sweet to the watchman of the bungalow and was bidding goodbye. I casually asked if he ever saw a ghostly old lady in grey saree. He gave me an astound look and said that it is bungalow owner's wife who slipped in bathroom and died in her 60's in the year 2002 post which this building is converted into office. He sometimes kept seeing her on the balcony or walking around the Bungalow at night but ignored the fact since she never harmed anyone. When I related my bathroom incident, he was utterly surprised as the entity never appear during the day. I think she probably got disgusted of my sleeping habit in the bathroom and appeared to nag me. But at least I am glad that I was not dreaming.

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MiaG (22 posts)
7 months ago (2023-08-01)
Hello Monty_Singh,

It says you'll participate but you haven't replied to members comments yet. Hopefully you're ok.

If you do come back to read the comments, maybe you can let us know how things are going. Did the old woman follow you to your next job?

Janicenf (1 posts)
8 months ago (2023-07-03)
Hi Monty,

Great story. I am a researcher for a paranormal podcast and would love to pitch this story. Any way I can reach you? I can be reached on jjlaba86 [at]
CrimsonTopaz (1 stories) (231 posts)
8 months ago (2023-06-27)
MontySingh, Yuk, yuk, yuk. Way too much information in your story. I kind of felt a bit queasy reading parts.
Regardless, I'll respond to your story for one reason only and that is to say, *Try and get sleep at home so you are energetic when you're at work*.
I don't know why the spirit of the old lady visited you, maybe to warn you that your boss was looking for you? Lol
Tweed (33 stories) (2475 posts)
8 months ago (2023-06-25)
haha Rajine, I was thinking the same about this manager!

Monty, I'm glad you're out of that place now. Those working conditions sound unbearable.
The angry lady in the bathroom maybe showed herself because she felt you were disrespecting the place where she passed away.
It's funny to get a power nap on the loo, I mean if you can do it why not. But I'm glad you're out of that place. Bad management and yeah, super toxic.

Thanks for sharing.
Rajine (14 stories) (713 posts)
8 months ago (2023-06-24)
Your manager needs to get a life or a partner, your manager sounds too wound up.

The old lady must have been a very strict, no nonsense type of woman when she was alive...

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