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This is kind of like my other story because it was at my school again and it was another night walk. It's not horrifyingly scary but oh well. I hope you enjoy it.

Okay so my friends and I are the officers of the Japanese club so for one social, we decided to hold a night walk at school. Every year, a teacher named Mr. Hasegawa tells stories of ghosts that lurk amongst the school. He believes stories are meant to be told out of respect and not for fear. In one of his stories, he actually mentioned the little boy that I wrote about in my other story.

Anyway, the story begins with Mr. Hasegawa leading our club members around the school and telling stories about this building or that classroom. My friend Jess left the group to go use the bathroom. When she came back, she looked absolutely mortified. She said when she was in there, she heard footsteps and water dripping coming from inside. I held her hand and told her it was all right and I ended up carrying her on my back for like half of the tour. She seemed pretty spooked. She said things like it felt like someone was watching us but I tried to comfort her saying I would beat down anyone who tried to harm my friends. She seemed pretty content.

When we got to Mene Square (it's a patch of grass with lunch tables outside of the Cafeteria), I sat her to the side while everyone listened to Mr. Has tell his stories. My friend came over, pretending to be scared. I didn't feel anything that night until we reached Mene Square. From inside the dark cafeteria, it really did feel like someone was watching us. I pushed it aside because I can be quite a paranoid nut sometimes.

Anyway, some of the kids deviated from the story telling and started walking toward the cafeteria looking inside of the windows. My friend Kevin who was sitting on the other side of me took out his phone and made a small video of the cafeteria's entrance. When I saw it, it felt like a big potato fell into my stomach. By one of the doors, there was this chunky black shadow and a few seconds later, it swiftly vanished like it was running. I watched it again and again to make sure I wasn't being crazy. Someone yelled out, "What's that!" Jess and I both screamed. I hadn't realized that I was afraid until someone told me I was crying. I did feel kind of silly but the feeling vanished when I saw that Jess wasn't by me anymore. She was on the floor doubled over and hysterical. She kept telling me she didn't feel good there and after that, the tour ended.

Jess calmed down after awhile but you could tell she was pretty spooked. The rest of the night was fun I still remember that gross feeling in my stomach when I saw that video. Even though I hadn't really paid attention the entire night, I remember Mr. Has telling us about this cafeteria lady who wouldn't move on because she missed the kids. It didn't look like a cafeteria lady to me.

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poi4you (4 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-23)
the cafeteria is built on the former site of a leina a ka uhane, leaping off place for spirits entering into the netherworld. My senior year there something quite unusual happened. Went to school one morning, and the place was buzzing with cops and all the cafeteria workers were standing outside all a-buzz. Apparently, overnight, "someone" spread the entire floor of the cafeteria with a white powdery substance. And in the powder you could see large footprints, about a foot-and a half in length. I saw these footprints for myself so I know this story is true. That same year before this happened, we were building a replica of a traditional hawaiian hale in the back of the cafeteria which was believed to have been the catalyst for the what had happened. The project was quickly ended, the home site destroyed, and the area was fenced off so no one could go. I could tell you some stories from personal experience that would curl your toes, but they are stories that I cannot post here because of cultural prohibitions. Who knows, maybe someday I'll be able to tell you in person.

Oh,by the way, I am a 1976 grad.
DLQNTMonkey (2 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-18)
Tonith just because the person relating this experience is a young adult or teenager, doesn't mean that you can brush this off as imagination or hormones. A LOT of weird things happen in Hawaii Ne that you would never be able to comprehend much less have the wisdom to understand. Kokua the keiki, for they have a better chance at going to Heaven than you and I both. Mahalo nui loa Nyieu, you're tale was very interesting. I'd like to here other experiences of yours, when you have the time. ((\000/)) Shakaz, Munkie
Tonith (1136 posts)
16 years ago (2008-12-01)
Oh the power of suggestion and teens with way too many hormones and vivid imaginations. That aside, it's still very possible you encountered something on that phone camera. From what I have read seems like Hawaii has it's share of folklore. How much is substantial is the question. Of course that could be said for any nationally known haunted place. In my own opinion I would think most of it is residual haunting without any kind of intelligence but that isn't to say intelligent spirits don't exist. Some think the dimension they exist in and ours are existing side by side. Some there, like here are able to tap into both sides. We all know there is more to this life than the five senses.

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